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Coyote Infrared laser / Illuminator

The Coyote is a sophisticated sightable Infrared laser system developed to allow a combination of both pin point aiming and broad beam target illumination. It can be handheld or mounted to a weapon for operation. The Coyote offers user selectable beam strengths from low to high power as well as pulsating beam imaging.

The Coyote when weapon mounted allows the user to boresight via selectable windage and elevation adjustments. picatinny top or side Mounting is achieved with a rail grabber, optional brackets are available. Cable switches are supplied that attach to the weapon for firing the lasers. When used in a handheld mode the Coyote is activated by depressing the fire button located on the top of the system, or Via remote pressure switch.

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Coyote Tactical Infrared Laser Aimer / Illuminator

The coyote is a rugged compact handheld or weapons mounted infrared device. The system provides infrared illumination and can also be used as a target designator / aimer / pointer.

Used with IR cameras and Night vision equipment, The Coyote offers infrared illumination ranges of up to 4 Km and Infrared pointing/aiming as far as 10 Km.

A pressure sensitive switch is available which assists when mounting to a firearm, standard picatinny weapon mounts w/ARMS #17 throw levers are also available.

  • IR Low (50mW), High (100mW) and pulse modes standard
  • Choice of battery compartments - (2) "AA" or (1) CR123
  • Designed for use on shoulder fired or crew-served weapons
  • .3 mrad windage & elevation click stop adjustments
  • Optional weapon mounts & remote firing switches
  • Canopy boots available for cockpit night pointing operations
  • Rugged machined aircraft aluminum (not plastic) construction
  • Waterproof to 66 feet and meet or exceed the strict laser safety specification requirements for use by the U.S. military


Invisible laser radiation - Avoid direct exposure to beam. 100mW at B30 nm - Class llb (Ansi class 3B) laser product.


Output Power from lens: Low: 45 ±5mW
High: 95 ±5mW
Pulse: 95 ±5mW peak @ 3-4 Hz
Beam Divergence: 0.26 mrad (.0149 °) - 86.6 mrad (4.96 °)
Beam Location Adjustment: 1 minute of angle/click (0.3 mrad/click)
Wavelength: 830 ±20nm
Useful Range: 10km as a pointer, 4km as an illuminator
Batteries: 2 alkaline AA
Battery Life: Over 20 hours continuous use
Construction: 6061-T6 anodized aircraft aluminum with stainless steel fasteners and o-ring seals.
Length: 8.5"
Laser Head Diameter: 1.8"
Battery Housing Diameter: 0.7"
Weight (with batteries): 8 oz.
Environment: Waterproof to 2 atmospheres (66 feet)
Case: Rugged Cordura® nylon holster
Optional Accessories: Mounting brackets, water tight case, beam expander, pressure activation switch

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