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Pipeline thermal scans


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     Thermal infrared imagers are detector and lens combinations that give a visual representation of infrared energy emitted by all objects above 0  k.  In other words thermal imagers let you "see" heat.  Depending on the sophistication of your system,  thermography is capable of providing very detailed images of situations invisible to the naked eye.   (more information on how thermal infrared imagers work.) 


Aerial & ground based iR leak detection


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Thermal Infrared pipeline surveys not only provide data on possible leakage points but also on the status of the way leave, showing up any ground disturbance or building works over the pipeline.

surveys generally fall into two categories:

Low level surveys of the known course of a pipeline over open country. By carrying out a low level survey, extremely high resolution images may be produced which are invaluable to leakage engineers for defect identification and prioritization.

Higher level surveys of rural countryside where pipes lie but whose exact position is not known. These are usually flown at 2,000 feet, which gives a good balance between resolution and flying time (and therefore cost). The pipe or pipe bed is usually visible around 60% of the time depending on ground composition & cover.

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Although Infra-red equipment is a valuable diagnostic tool, it merely provides a ‘map’ of radiant energy. It cannot for example give a definitive answer to why a particular area is at a certain temperature or radiating at a certain emissivity, skilled interpretation can be a valuable source of advice in this area.

High resolution thermal imaging has proven to be a versatile technique for identifying pipeline (or reservoir) anomalies in rural areas in addition to identifying environmental effects such as discharge into watercourses.

The pipeline is flown in a series of tracks, the number of which depend on the pipeline route. Each of these is related by an on-screen time stamp to the real time video data.

This map is then marked with any thermal anomalies noted and used as the basis for discussions with pipeline management staff who are familiar with possible valid causes for many of the anomalies (such as pipe furniture for example).

This is often provided in parallel with a tabulated list of anomalies, their track number, time/date stamp, classification of priority (high. medium, low) and appropriate comment.

Feedback from pipeline teams indicates that the sensitivity is sufficient to detect damp patches smaller than those which would emanate from a weeping joint. Considerable man hours are expended in analyzing and tabulating the data.

Carrying out an aerial survey of rural trunk water distribution can bring numerous benefits, not only are there the immediate engineering benefits, but also the opportunity for positive PR coverage.


This technique is not limited to just water distribution

Leakage within district heating systems can also be identified as can leakage of many other pipeline contents



( More information on thermal infrared imagers)

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Category: Predictive Maintenance
Thermal infrared cameras for electrical / mechanical predictive and preventative maintenance.

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The newest addition to the NightSight family is the IR-225 compact thermal imager. This new unit shatters the $10k barrier to bring you quality thermal imaging at the greatest possible value. This is one ...
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The new IR PRO 400D thermal infrared imaging system will provide you with real time color thermal imaging and digital image storage. The unique PDA attachment provides touch screen controls of vital camera ...
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The IR 250 camera is a lightweight thermal imaging system that is ideal for surveillance, energy audits, condition monitoring, flat roof inspections and a wide variety of industrial applications. The ir ...
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The newest contender on the block the IR CAM TPM is one of the smallest and easy to use packages we have ever seen. You've heard the phrase before a million times but finally there is now a true "toolbox" ...
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The IR PRO is one of the most popular thermal imaging systems of all time. Real time color imaging, flip out LCD display and digital image storage complete this package. Limited quantities are still ...
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The Video Thermal 2000 is an affordable solution to Radiometric imaging applications. These units feature temperature measurement, high resolution color imaging, LCD display and analysis software. Contact ...
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 PD 300 PD 300  Catalog: CALL
The PtSi sensor in this radiometric infrared imaging system produces one of the finest images of all time. Accurate temperature measurement, vivid color paletes and digital image storage make this unit ...
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 IR-400 Series IR-400 Series  Catalog: CALL
The 400 series thermal imaging systems are known far and wide as the "workhorse of the industry". These robust imagers provide you with real time thermal video, accurate temperature measurement, onboard ...
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The 595 is one of the all time greatest handheld thermal imaging systems ever produced. Featuring high performance uncooled thermal imaging, full radiometric data, sharp color and the easiest to use control ...
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 Infracam Infracam  Catalog: CALL
The Thermal Infrarcam system is based on the ultra high resolution PtSi detector technology. This sensor is used in high end testing cameras as well as state of the art military imaging systems. There ...

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Infracam is a registered trademark of FLIR Systems, Inc.  Sierra Pacific Innovations is in no way related to, or affiliated with, FLIR Systems, Inc., nor is Sierra Pacific an authorized distributor of FLIR Systems, Inc.

 Nikon Thermal Nikon Thermal  Catalog: CALL
This is one of the highest resolution thermal camera systems ever designed. The Nikon name is world renowned for quality photographic equipment. The Nikon thermal imager is no exception. The features ...
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 ThermaSnap 520 ThermaSnap 520  Catalog: CALL
The ThermaSnap operates much like a digital camera and captures crisp thermal images with fully calibrated temperature measurement. This handheld, infrared imaging radiometer displays IR images in color ...
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 UltraCam UltraCam  Catalog: CALL
The UltraCam series of thermal infrared imaging cameras represents the pinnacle of infrared camera technology. Superior image quality, accurate temperature analysis, s-video output and computer interface ...
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 IR-210S IR-210S  Catalog: CALL
The IR-200 Series of thermal infrared imagers is one of the first truly portable handheld imagers ever made. We have a limited number of pre-owned models in stock. This is a very reliable portable imaging ...
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 THV 5xx THV 5xx  Catalog: CALL
The 550 is a great handheld radiometric thermal imaging system that features superb image quality, accurate temperature measurement, digital image storage and analysis / reporting software packages. This ...
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 Electric UAV Electric UAV  Catalog: CALL
The E2 electric powered UAV is a breakthrough in design and function. Capable of longer mission times and higher payload capacities than any other electric Micro-UAV available.
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 THV 6xx THV 6xx  Catalog: CALL
The THV 6xx series is the pinacle of the THV product line. This system is state of the art in every way. No other system can match it for accuracy, reliability and ease of use. We have a very limited ...
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The IRCAM EPM Package is a powerful thermal imaging solution that is rugged and one of the easiest cameras to use. We have a limited supply of these low cost full color temperature measurement systems ...
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 IR-350 IR-350  Catalog: CALL
The IR-350 is a rock solid low cost pan tilt thermal imaging system designed for continuous operation in a wide range of environmental conditions. The IR 350 has undergone an evolutionary change. Please ...
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 IR-5100 Thermal Package IR-5100 Thermal Package  Catalog: CALL
The IR 5100 thermal package represents a unique opportunity for our customers to get into a complete thermal imaging package at an incredible value. Unfortunately, supplies are very limited and once they ...
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A state of the art rugged, low cost, high resolution infrared camera, engineered for fast and accurate electrical and mechanical inspections. Competitively priced, this camera delivers high quality thermal ...
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