RAZ-IR NANO HT Infrared Camera
RAZ-IR NANO HT Infrared Camera screen viewRAZ-IR NANO HT Infrared Camera lens viewRAZ-IR NANO HT Infrared Camera handheld view

RAZ-IR NANO HT Industrial Thermal Camera

Finally an industrial thermal camera with high temperature calibration at an affordable price. The RAZ-IR NANO industrial thermal camera is the ultimate combination of durability and ease of use. Now comes with high temperature measurement function for the most demanding applications. Now you can afford a high temperature infrared camera with the RAZ-IR NANO HT.

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Product Description

The RAZ-IR NANO-HT high temperature industrial thermal cameras come loaded with the same features as the standard high end NANO thermal imagers. But with the HT you can now measure temperatures up to a whopping 1,200° C! That’s the same as measuring up to 2,192° F! That is HOT. Normally, this high temperature measurement is only found on high end ultra expensive thermal imagers.  The NANO is the first Low Cost Infrared Cameras with high performance temperature measurement features. You still get all the legendary NANO features like tactile touch screen displays, easy onscreen menus, thermal auto-focus, live thermal video recording (real time) and advanced thermal analysis software. The NANO infrared camera is one of the most advanced thermal imaging systems available today at any price and now with High Temp features it is impossible to beat. Now you can have the latest high temperature technology and still see a rapid return on your investment. The RAZ-IR NANO is here and now high temp thermal infrared imaging is within your grasp.

The RAZ-IR NANO-HT High Temperature Industrial Thermal Camera Kit includes:

RAZ-IR NANO HT industrial thermal camera kit

The complete RAZ-IR NANO HT industrial thermal camera kit

  • RAZ-IR NANO Professional High Temperature Thermal Imager (up to 1,200° C)
  • 2 Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Battery Charger and AC Cables
  • Soft Case and Heavy Duty Pelican Case
  • Leather Belt Case with Tripod Mount
  • Video Output cables
  • USB Computer Cables
  • 2 GB SD Memory Card and Card Reader
  • Advanced Analyzer Software
  • Lifetime Support, Full 2 Year Warranty

RAZ-IR NANO HT Industrial Thermal Camera Product Images

 Check out the RAZ-IR NANO HT industrial thermal camera remote
 RAZ-IR NANO HT industrial thermal camera flip design
 RAZ-IR NANO HT industrial thermal camera with screen up
 Put the RAZ-IR NANO HT industrial thermal camera in the palm of your hand

Packed With Premium Features

The RAZ-IR NANO HT Infrared Camera touchscreen


The modern touch screen with simple intuitive menu controls, makes navigation a breeze.

The RAZ-IR NANO HT Infrared Camera remote


Infrared remote control comes in handy in those tight spots or for demonstration purposes.

The RAZ-IR NANO HT Infrared Camera video


60Hz integrated digital real-time thermal video imaging offers endless possibilities.

The RAZ-IR NANO HT Infrared Camera picture in picture


Picture-in-picture overlay of thermal image and matching CMOS digital visual image.

The RAZ-IR NANO HT Infrared Camera lens in focus


Automatic thermal image focus makes it easy to capture the perfect image the first time.

The RAZ-IR NANO HT Infrared Camera flexibility


Modern flip up screen makes it easy to point and shoot images from any angle.

Feature Details


Touch Screen

The RAZ-IR NANO-HT industrial thermal camera is equipped with an ultra bright LCD with precision touch screen interface.  The touch screen on an infrared camera allows the operator a much greater degree of control over image analysis and menu functions.  In addition, it is a much more intuitive interface than traditional button and menu designs.  However, the Nano is all about choice.  Every function on the infrared camera is available from a variety of inputs including the razor sharp LCD touch screen, on screen menus and dedicated button controls on the camera.  The NANO-HT is ready to work however you want to work.

RAZ-IR NANO HT infrared camera touch screen

Thermal Video

60Hz intergrated digital High temperature thermal imaging in real-time expands your possibilities. Why would you settle for anything else? 7Hz, 9Hz, 20Hz are you joking? Life happens in real time and your thermal camera needs to capture those events as they happen. Ever wonder why your expensive thermal camera cannot record video as well as a cheap camcorder? So did we! REAL TIME IS THE KEY. With the NANO-HT industrial thermal camera, you can record High Temperature thermal video. You can also record thermal video directly to a PC via USB 2.0. Now you can easily record thermal video and deliver that extra something to in your analysis reports for your clients- giving you a true competitive advantage. NO MORE BLURRY IMAGES!

RAZ-IR NANO HT infrared camera video lens

Infrared Remote

The RAZ-IR NANO-HT industrial thermal camera has an integrated infrared remote control panel. This unique feature lets you use the NANO-HT infrared camera in a variety of applications that are difficult if not impossible with other cameras. You can easily control all the functions of the infrared camera from a safe distance completely wirelessly with the infrared remote control.

RAZ-IR NANO HT infrared camera remote

PIP Technology

The RAZ-IR NANO-HT gives you HIGH TEMP picture-in-picture fusion capability. With the NANO-HT you can now integrate the thermal image profile directly on top of the regular image. You can even adjust how much of the each image is visible. The NANO-HT is specially calibrated for precise fused registration of both types of images offering you unparalleled clarity. This advanced, thermal PIP technology gives you a while new way to look at problems and to find the best solution.

A look at the RAZ-IR NANO HT infrared camera PIP feature

Auto Focus

The standard in thermal optics is auto focus for your thermal imager. All the $50 digital cameras have auto focus so why is it that most infrared cameras don’t? We don’t know either but we do know that the RAZ-IR NANO-HT comes with a built in auto focus.  With the RAZ-IR NANO-HT you give up nothing and get everything.

RAZ-IR infrared camera side view

Flip Screen

The high temperature calibration infrared camera incorporates an articulated LCD viewing screen for imaging in the position most comfortable for you. The RAZ-IR NANO-HT gives you the choice to work the way you want.

RAZ-IR infrared camera flip screen detail

RAZ-IR NANO HT Infrared Camera Specifications


  • Detector Type: Microbolometer UFPA (uncooled focal play array) 25μm
Spectral Range: 8 – 14μm
Field of View: 20.6° × 15.5°
  • Thermal Sensitivity: ≤ 0.1℃ at 30℃
Temperature Range: -20℃ to 1,200℃ (2,192°F)
  • Accuracy: ±2℃ or ±2% of reading
  • Modes:  Auto hot & cold spot, auto alarm live/zoned image & video, 4 movable spots, 4 movables and changeable areas that display either max, min, or average as line profile, histogram & isotherm band in live/frozen/saved image
  • Emissivity Correction: Variable from 0.01 to 1.00, on screen correction available
  • Measurement Features: Automatic correction based on distance, relative humidity, atmospheric transmission & external optics


  • Digital Camera:Built-in CMOS sensor, 1600 × 1200 pixels, 224 true color
External Display: 2.47″ TFT LCD with high resolution
  • Frequency: 50Hz PAL / 60Hz NTSC, non-interlaced
  • Focus: Automatic and motorized (thermal and visual)
Electronic Zoom: 2X
  • Image Display: 256 level, 8 palettes (rainbow, iron, b&w, etc.)
  • Fusion: Visual and IR blended picture in picture
Optics Transmission Correction: Automatic, based on sensor signals
Video Output: PAL/NTS


  • Type: 2GB mini SD card & built-in flash memory
  • File Format: Standard JPEG with analysis records
  • Voice Annotation: Up to 60 seconds
  • Live Video Recording: Up to 30 minutes
  • Live Video Measurement: Automatic max & min temperature
  • Live Video Storage: mini SD card, built-in flash memory, or direct to PC


  • Type: 110/220V AC adaptor, 50/60 Hz, AA alkaline or lithium rechargeable batteries
Operating Time: Over 4 hours continuous operation
Charging System: AC adapter, in-camera, or external battery charger


  • Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 60℃
  • Storage Temperature: -20℃ to 60℃
  • Humidity Operation and Storage: 10% to 95%, non-condensing
  • Encapsulation: IP54 IEC 529 housing
  • Operational Shock: 25G, IEC 68-2-29
Operational Vibration: 2G, IEC 68-2-6


  • Man-Machine Communication: Touch screen, button, W/T wheel & infrared remote control
Interface: USB 2.0, real-time image (thermal & visual), measurement, and voice annotation transfer to PC, RS- 232 communication, PC camera control
  • Size: 154mm x 69mm x 45mm
Weight: .35kg (including batteries)
Options: 30mm lens, laser target illuminator, infrared remote control, sun shield, silicone protecting jacket, tripo

RAZ-IR HT NANO Industrial Thermal Camera Software

The RAZ-IR NANO utilizes radiometric temperature measurement, so in addition to seeing what is hot and cold, it also records the temperature of any particular point in a scene. Simply line up the crosshairs on the spot that you want to analyze, and the NANO does the rest– in real time. Take your measurements and move the crosshairs to your next area of interest. The RAZ-IR NANO allows emissivity, ambient temperature, object distance, and humidity adjustments for temperature calibration and even greater data accuracy.

Once a problem area is identified, the push of just one button saves the image. Later, download all saved images into the Analyzer software (included with every NANO camera) and explore a whole world of analysis options. Every pixel within every image is fully calibrated and contains radiometric temperature data. The Analyzer software has complex temperature measurement functions like multiple spot, bounding box, min/max/average, histogram, and delta T that provides content for comprehensive and professional looking thermographic reports.

Download the RAZ-IR Infrared Camera Software Here

A look at the RAZ-IR NANO HT Infrared Camera Software

A look at the RAZ-IR NANO HT Infrared Camera Software

Advanced Product Features

  • Voice annotation lets you record voice comments in the field and attach them to a thermal and visual image. Now you can keep all your notes organized for later report generation.
  • This model is a new addition to the product family. This means you get the most up to date technology, securing your investment for years to come.
  • Industry standard consumer JPEG image storage format. No proprietary software needed to view and transfer thermal images to your PC.
  • Fusion Technology overlays the thermal image onto the corresponding 2 megapixel CMOS visible image for sensor fusion. Control the amount of blend to best highlight the target area.
  • The world wide choice of thermography professionals. Now shipping to destinations around the world. Our export team can assist you with international shipments.
A thermal image of transformers  taken with the RAZ-IR Infrared Camera

A thermal image of transformers taken with the RAZ-IR Infrared Camera

A thermal image of a hand taken with the RAZ-IR Infrared Camera

A thermal image of a hand taken with the RAZ-IR Infrared Camera

A thermal image of a forklift taken with the RAZ-IR Infrared Camera

A thermal image of a forklift taken with the RAZ-IR Infrared Camera

A thermal image of a horse

A thermal image of a horse taken by the RAZ-IR HT NANO Infrared Camera

A thermal image of a microchip taken with the RAZ-IR Infrared Camera

A thermal image of a microchip taken with the RAZ-IR Infrared Camera


The RAZ-IR Nano-HT infrared cameras are available with the same lens options as the standard NANO. The long range telephoto lens lets you analyze High Temperature scenes from a safe distance for careful analysis. The wide angle lens gives you room to maneuver in tight places. The NANO-HT covers all your options.




A closeup of the infrared lens

A small view of the infrared lens

Touch Screen Interface

Closeup of the RAZ-IR NANO HT industrial thermal camera touch screen

The tactile touch screen technology on the RAZ-IR NANO-HT puts high temperature infrared analysis capabilities right at your fingertips, old fashioned button technology is just that, OLD. Not only can you draw standard boxes and circles for high temp measurement, the NANO touch pen lets you trace any irregular outline on the LCD for analysis. This smart design makes it easy to get the best high temperature accurate measurements.

RAZ-IR NANO HT infrared camera tagline


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