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The XDVR waterproof full color Micro DVR shown with color thermal image
  • The XDVR waterproof full color Micro DVR shown with color thermal image
Product #43678

Waterproof DVR Micro Digital Video Recorder

The X-DVR-XP is the only extended performance all weather micro DVR that is 100% compatible with virtually all thermal infrared imaging systems.

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X-DVR-XP Waterproof Micro DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

There are many micro DVR devices on the market today. Most of these are half baked consumer targeted systems that have a slew of fancy bells and whistles. Almost all of these systems are of cheap construction and are very difficult to use for actually recording video. The worst part is that most of them do not work with thermal imagers. SPI is proud to introduce the first Micro Digital Video Recorder that is rugged, weatherproof and designed to work with virtually any thermal infrared camera system in existence. The X-DVR-XP is the answer to all your DVR problems. This mini DVR is a no nonsense workhorse for serious users. Very simple to use with easy to understand menus and stellar image recording quality. Very robust watertight design for use in all weather. Long battery life with hot swappable batteries. Direct connect Thermal Camera systems and Visual camera options. The X-DVR-XP is the hottest new digital recording device for thermal video to hit the market and its only available from SPI.

Compact and powerful micro mini DVR

so small the dvr fits in the palm of your hand So easy to use full color high resolution DVR


Micro DVR Captures full resolution real time thermal video in color or B/WThermal security man breaking into warehouse thermal imageiron bow thermal image of x27 thermal weapon sight and acog scope

Intelligent Design for Easy Operation

The DVR has waterproof connectors for rugged use


Fully integrated waterproof screw on connectors for Video input cable and included CCTV camera module.

sd card memory storage dvr


Easy to use and easy to maintain with readily available SD memory cards.

water resistant membrane buttons


Simple intuitive controls let you get right down to business. The XDVR-XP is a serious tool.

waterproof housing


Double gasket sealed waterproof housing for the micro DVR in all weather conditions.

CCTV Camera with microphone for covert recording.


Record LIVE CCTV video/audio with the included CCTV module and clip on microphone. 

input output ports


Water proof housing for USB, SD memory, battery, audio and video output.


Micro DVR technology for professionals

The future is here now and its more affordable than you think.  In todays modern world it is critical to document everything. It is no longer sufficient to just "say" that you saw something, people demand documentation of every event. The best form of back up is of course video. Nothing says "hey I feel like I was there" better than high resolution real time video recording. Video recording is not a new technology. Originally the only way to record video was onto magnetic tape like VHS or Betamax (remember beta?). Next came the advent of digital video recording and the tapes shrunk dramatically done to the HI-8 size and eventually to MINI-DV size tapes. While the video recorded on these technologies was digital the medium was still magnetic tape. Finally, we now have true Digital Video Recording and the DVR. With a true DVR device you record digital files onto digital memory cards. The XDVR-XP is a breakthrough device in that it is a MICRO DVR and the housing is of a waterproof design. This greatly expands the capabilities and applications of the digital video technology. Now you can document everything no matter what the weather or conditions. The XDVR is capable of recording any analog video stream that you connect to its waterproof video input connector. It can also record live video and audio with its included CCTV camera module. Once recorded the video can be downloaded to a computer, saved on a memory card, played back on the unit or played back on a TV with the video output interface. What really makes the XDVRXP stand out is that it is certified to be compatible with virtually any thermal camera on the market today. The choice is clear for any professional requiring live video documentation.





Micro DVR Prices on sale


The X DVR can record any type of analog video that you throw at it including thermal imaging. The versatile port configuration gives you choices.

All the ports you need are included. SD Memory Card Slot. Lithium ION battery compartment. USB to PC interface and charging socket. Headphone jack. Video output jack for display on TV.

Hot swap battery technology

The X DVR XP Complete Kit

The XDVR XP Kit comes with all the items pictured here, which include:

  • Weatherized Digital Video Recorder
  • Video input cable for recording real time thermal (from thermal camera sold seperately) and other analog video sources
  • CCTV camera module with clip on microphone for visual audio video recording
  • 3 Lithium Ion Hot Swapable batteries
  • Vehicle 12VDC battery charging interface
  • USB interface cable
  • Headphones
  • Video output cable
  • Kit case
  • CAMO belt pouch
  • Operators manual
  • Lens care screen cleaning kit
  • SD Memory card
  • Lifetime Support, full 1 year warranty
The full kit package of the XDV


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