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X27 Osprey Day/Night Ultra LLL True Color military Imaging system

The digital X27 ColorVision (R) reconnaissance LLL (Low Light Level) true Color night vision VIS-NIR sensor is a technological breakthrough in night vision technology.
High performance, low noise, high sensitivity & outstanding true LLL color imagery are just a few features offered by the system. The SWaP ColorVision sensor can be
integrated into night vision sights, scopes, monoculars, binoculars, drivers aid, UAV, UAS, unmanned and a wide array of defense, homeland security, border, ground,
mobile, marine, airborne, military, wildlife, documentary, specialty combat camera photography, Astro/aerial/airborne/space
remote imaging, aurora borealis, security and surveillance applications.

The System Detects battle infrared lasers / illuminators and can also see the JATC SeeSpot 1064 Designator IR laser in day and night.


  • Aid in Target Discrimination
  • Mobility
  • Combat identification
  • ID friend or foe
  • Situational awareness & force protection
  • Extreme low light Color HD visualization in daylight to starlight conditions

* Ultra low light Biometrics/Facial identification ID
* Driver Vision Enhancer DVE
* Target Acquisition
* Low light facial recognition * SA / FP / FCS
* Enemy DRI
* 1064 nm JTAC SeeSpot laser detection in DAY and NIGHT

The ability to see true color at night opens up a plethora of tactical advantages previously not available.



color night vision


Preliminary Technical Specifications:

-Sensor & Parameters: Maintenance free, no moving parts, Solid State non intensified BSTFA Extreme low light color FPA w/column amplification

   – Large Format, large pixel pitch architecture

   – Backside Illuminated for light utilization efficiency

   – Extremely High Dynamic Range & Gain

   – Auto Black Level Calibration

   – Auto Exposure w/excellent color fidelity

   – Excellent image uniformity

   – Auto hot pixel correction

-Day Night Mode: Auto Imaging/Auto Switching – instant

-Bright light/Blooming compensation: Automatic

-Photodetector Array Size: WUXGA

-Temperature Range: -30C to +80C

-Output: HD

-Output Type: HD-SDI / HDMI

-Wavelength: 390-1220 Um broadband Extreme High Sensitivity

-IR Response: Yes 

-Power: 12V

-Lens: 32 mm Standard (included) / 22mm, 37mm, 60mm, 88mm, 152mm ~ smaller and Larger mixed Aperture Focal Lengths in development

-Housing: Sealed / integrate able  into Sub Systems


Contact sysop@x20.org



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