Thermal Scope & Infrared Camera Manuals & Downloads

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SPI Manuals & Datasheets
L3 LWTS Thermal Scope User Guide
L3 LWTS Thermal Scope Datasheet
M7 LWIR X-Long Range Thermal Imager for PTZ Surveillance brochure
M1-D Infrared PTZ Camera Datasheet
M1-D Infrared PTZ Camera Operator’s Manual
M5 Infrared PTZ Camera Datasheet
M5 Infrared PTZ Camera Manual
M5 Infrared PTZ Camera Options
T14-X Thermal Scope User Guide
T14-X Thermal Scope Datasheet
IR SPOTTER Thermal Imager Manual
IR SPOTTER Datasheet
FLIR T60 Trijicon ATWS Thermal Rifle Scope Datasheet
HTMI Thermal Scope Datasheet
X25 Thermal Scope Datasheet
X400 TacScope Datasheet
LRTS-15 Thermal Scope Datasheet
Palm IR 250 Infrared Camera Datasheet
Palm IR 250 User Manual
IR Analyzer User Manual
MIKRON TS-7302 Thermo Tracer Infrared Manual
PVS/7 Night Vision Goggles Datasheet
RAZ-IR MAX Infrared Camera User Manual
RAZ-IR MAX SL Datasheet
RAZ-IR NANO Infrared Camera User Manual
RAZ-IR Infrared Camera User Manual
Renegade-X Thermal Weapon Scope Datasheet
T-60 Thermal Rifle Scope Datasheet
T7 Thermal Goggles Datasheet
T7 Thermal Goggles Manual (in English)
T7 Thermal Goggles Manual (in Spanish)
Testo 875 & 881 Thermal Imager
Thermal-Eye X-50 User Manual
Watchmaster Pro Datasheet
X-26 Thermal Rifle Scope Datasheet
X-27 Thermal Rifle Scope Datasheet
X-150 Thermal Pocket Scope Datasheet
X-200 Thermal Scope Manual
SPI Downloads
RAZ-IR Windows 8 Driver Installation Instructions *READ THIS FIRST
RAZ-IR Pro SX Driver (M4 driver for Pro & NANO)
RAZ-IR Analyzer Software
RAZ-IR MAX HD Analyzer software
RAZ-IR 32 Bit Driver Software
RAZ-IR 64 Bit Driver Software

A silhouette of two soldiers with thermal rifle scopes