Long Range Thermal Imaging cameras,
PTZ EO/IR FLIR Surveillance Cameras for
Border Security, Patrol and protection


Long Range PTZ thermal FLIR imaging EOIR Pan Tilt PTZ LRF Cooled uncooled surveillance Security Gimbal camera



Flir PTZ long range thermal camera



Long range thermal camera



Long range thermal camera


Long range thermal camera


Vehicle mobile building PTZ fixed thermal imaging flir camera


Drone flir thermal EOIR gimbal for uav





Long range thermal FLIR camera

Long range cooled PTZ SPI M9 all weather thermal imaging FLIR system

Terrorists don’t care if it’s night, day, rainy or snowy when they attack. That’s why SPI Corp believes that neither should thermal imaging cameras when it comes to security and surveillance.

Long range thermal cameras

With threats coming in from all angles, via land, sea and air, homeland security relies on our PTZ/handheld thermal imaging cameras with full pan tilt zoom capability to get the job done in any conditions with no restrictions. Whether mounted on trucks, buildings or UAS & UAV drones, our long range thermal vision infrared imaging systems remain a reliable means of detecting human and various other threats from a safe distance away.

Our long range thermal imaging surveillance / Security night vision cameras work in total darkness and low light conditions, and out perform most night vision systems because they do not require any light to operate as many models of night vision systems do. Our infrared EOIR security cameras can also be integrated into existing border security systems to provide the ultimate in surveillance, 24/7/365.

SPI long range thermal imaging security systems come with a wide array of options including handheld, mountable, wireless & pan tilt zoom models, some of which also feature full color CCTV cameras for ultimate day time optics coupled with thermal vision. So whether you are a law enforcement officer looking to gain footage for evidentiary purposes, a border patrol agent on the tail of drug traffickers or just need to implement thermal imaging solutions into your existing security regimen, we have many affordable options to offer.

Long Range PTZ thermal FLIR imaging EOIR Pan Tilt PTZ LRF Cooled uncooled surveillance Security Gimbal camera

SPI Corp also engineers long range radar marine PTZ Flir thermal imaging cameras developed specifically for coastal & waterway surveillance applications. Our maritime infrared camera models come with rugged, sealed weatherized housing and are explicitly suited to maintain boat security, conduct search & seizures and even be utilized in water rescue operations.

There truly is no where to hide from SPI long range FLIR PTZ thermal imaging camera systems. Let us develop the best custom thermal imaging solution for you.

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M11 Ultra Long range High Definition High Reliability PTZ FLIR Border Patrol, protection, security and surveillance thermal imaging camera

border patrol thermal flir

If your mission requires high grade high reliability ultra long range high definition thermal infrared imaging Flir PTZ pan tilt technology for the most potent border patrol, security and surveillance applications with extreme long range CCTV zoom optics and laser target rangefinding, the M11 is the clear choice.

The new long range SPI HD multi sensor pan tilt unit M11 is a state-of-the-art high grade multi sensor pan tilt zoom unit that is built with the highest performing products and sensors available. The rugged pan tilt unit is a weapon grade pan tilt gyro stabilized gimbal turret, the multi sensors include long range cooled InSb Mwir FPA thermal imaging Flir detector with extreme long range CZ continuous zoom auto focus lens from 25mm – 1550mm, the daytime visible HD camera is comprised of the lowest light gathering ultra sensitive CMOS sensors with zoom lenses exceeding 3000mm. The unit has add in lrf laser range finders, ir infrared lasers, GPS, compass, and SWIR, NIR and LWIR options.


RANGE PTZ THERMAL BORDER SECURITY CAMERA GIMBAL long range ptz thermal flir camera


Long range PTZ thermal imaging FLIR camera

MX5 long range Border patrol, thermal imaging flir PTZ Pan tilt camera for surveillance, FLIR scope truck, security detection applications

long range border patrol security surveillance flir ptz thermal imaging camera

Mx-5 ultra rugged PTZ flir pan tilt thermal imaging system

The MX5 long range marine / Border patrol, Scope truck UGV PTZ Dual FLIR Thermal Sensor High-performance camera with both thermal/optical video output Image control and quality are integral aspects of any PTZ camera, and the MX5 Border / UGV thermal flir PTZ delivers. A high-quality day/night camera EO core with 500X total Zoom, and a high-performance, uncooled thermal imaging core sit side-by-side within the housing. The MX5 Marine/ Border / UGV Thermal FLIR PTZ has two video outputs – one for the optical camera and one for the visual CCTV Camera, lasers are available as an option.

M9 Ultra Extreme Long Range PTZ FLIR thermal security camera for Border patrol, protection & Security.

Long range PTZ thermal imaging FLIR camera

M1D long range gyrostabilized PTZ Marine & UAV Thermal Surveillance Cameras

M1D PTZ Thermal Imaging Surveillance Cameras

The M1D Family of pan tilt zoom thermal security cameras give you the ultimate in 360 degree 24/7 situational awareness.  Fully equipped with thermal sensors, a laser pointer and CCTV camera, the M1D is a completely weatherized thermal imaging system that mounts just about anywhere, magnetically on vehicles or affixed to marine vessels & UAV drones via hard mounts.  The M1D thermal cameras feature ultra-rugged housing and  image stabilization with a compact size offering performance & convenience in one small, lightweight package.

These fierce little infrared cameras come in several configurations, including wireless models to offer supreme surveillance capability from a safe distance away in combat zones, border patrol missions or homeland security operations.

Long range M1D gyrostabilized Thermal Security Camera Specs

Dimensions 11″ X 6″ X 7.5″
Weight 4 LBS
Power 12-28 VDC
Pan/Tilt 360° continuous / 180° +/-
Magnification Continuous Optical zoom, 2x, 4x, 8x
Sensor Types
HD, 640×480, 320×240, 160×120 Thermal FLIR

Long range gyro-stabilized M5 Pan Tilt Zoom Thermal Surveillance Cameras

M5 Long Range Thermal Imaging Surveillance Cameras

The M5 Family of pan tilt zoom thermal security cameras are available in a variety of configurations to give you the best long range thermal surveillance possible.  These multi-sensor PTZ cameras are the hardest working, most rugged security cameras made today, making them the perfect thermal imaging solution for law enforcement and patrol or combat operations.  The M5 housing is made to take a beating in any weather or situation, featuring an integrated wiper system for the clearest thermal vision possible.

These long range thermal security cameras are suitable for fixed mounting on vehicles, buildings or marine vessels and can be integrated into your existing infrastructure.

M5 Long range stabilized SWAP EO/IR Thermal Security Camera Specs

Dimensions 14.6″ x 13.5″ x 13.5″
Weight 13.2 lbs
Power 12VDC I≥2.5A
Ruggedness Continuous spray 48hours under PH of 6.5-7.2, All weather, sealed
Zoom 500 X zoom CCTV Optical & Digital
>2000M+ Thermal >6200M Visual-system can be custom configured to accommodate long range optics
Average Work Time

M7 Long Range PTZ Thermal Imaging flir Eoir Camera Specifications

 Dimensions 14.6″ x 13.5″ x 13.5″
 Weight 26 lbs for M7 / 15 Lbs for M5 (dependent on Sensors)
 Connectivity 12 VDC /Digital/Analog/HD-SDI/RS485 customizable to customers specifications
 Pan/Tilt 360° continuous rotation / 180° +/-
Magnification Up to 600X HD CCTV zoom EOIR sensors are included / up to 20Km human detection in day or night/full true continuous zoom LWIR optics, also available in cooled MWIR THEMAL IMAGING DETECTORS
 Sensor Type  640×512 standard FLIR / optional 1024 x 768 detector, NOW AVAILABLE 1920×1280 HD LWIR sensor 10-15μm uncooled microbolometer, optional InSb, MCT, hot MCT
 Sensors Full color and b&w thermal FLIR imaging / HD Zoom b&w Color camera, Low light level Camera Channel, Laser Rangefinder with 20 KM Range, tracking, fusion, image blending

The m7 PTZ Flir thermal camera is the worlds highest performing affordable pt pan tilt thermal camera. The unit features continuous wide to telephoto optical thermal zoom germanium lens that maintains its focus throughout the entire zoom cycle and has the capabilities of 20 kilometer (km) detection distance ranges. The included 500x tv reconnaissance camera offers crisp color/low light CCTV imaging with a high fidelity CMOS sensor EO camera. The unit is a great day/night imaging platform catered for driving, navigation aid, long range vehicle, mast mounted and marine applications.

More Long Range Thermal imaging security cameras

SPI Corp Thermal Surveillance Camera Catalog

We have many more pan tilt zoom thermal security systems available to fit any mission profile. We also have long range handheld thermal imaging systems & thermal imaging cameras for law enforcement. Click here to view our entire catalog.

Long range thermal imaging cameras

Protecting a country’s borders is vital to its national security. No matter what hour of the day, the job is an enormous undertaking that becomes even more challenging under the cover of darkness.

Long Range PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) FLIR Infrared (IR) thermal imaging cameras provide another set of eyes for border control professionals and help them meet the demands they face at night and in other low-light situations. IR cameras detect the invisible infrared energy that all people and objects emit, and can “see” better than the naked eye at night and in bad weather. Whether searching for a fugitive or performing a special surveillance operation or routine patrol, darkness can be the greatest obstacle to border control professionals.Long Range PTZ FLIR Infrared thermal imaging cameras equip border control personnel with a whole new way of looking at the world. In simplest terms, thermal imagers operate like the human eye, but they are much more powerful. Energy from the environment comes through a lens and is registered on a detector. In the case of the infrared thermal imager, that energy is heat rather than light. By measuring very small relative temperature differences, invisible heat patterns are converted by the thermal imager into clear, visible images that the human eye can see through a viewfinder or TV monitor.All objects that are not at absolute zero temperature (0 degrees K or -459.67 degrees F) emit various types of electromagnetic radiation including infrared. The hotter an object gets, the more infrared radiation is emitted as a result of the thermal agitation of its molecules and atoms. The spectral distribution or wavelength of this energy depends on the nature of object (i.e. its relative effectiveness as a radiator, called emissivity) and upon its temperature. Blacker colors and duller surfaces usually have a higher emissivity and radiate infrared energy more effectively. Lighter colors and shinier surfaces radiate less effectively. Because the energy being sensed is heat and not light, Long Range thermal imagers can be used in both daytime and nighttime operations to find people, avoid obstacles or detect fire hot spots. Due to their own levels of infrared heat energy, people are easily seen 24 hours a day. Thermal imagers are usually very sensitive and can detect temperature variations as small as 0.1 degrees centigrade, even in less than ideal environmental conditions. Since they are unaffected by the amount of light in a scene, they won’t “bloom” or shut down in direct light.

Protecting a country’s frontier, border and coastline is vital to its Homeland Security and protection. It can be very challenging to detect potential intruders or smugglers in total darkness or in diverse weather conditions. Thermal imaging cameras can help border surveillance and security agents to meet the demands they face at night and in other low-light situations. PTZ Thermal imaging FLIR cameras that are specifically designed for border patrol, protection, security and surveillance can be integrated in a border security project with radars and other sensors in a so called “slew-to-cue”, detect, recognize and identify modes. Border Protection systems need to scan wide areas and then zoom in to extreme long ranges and identify targets in real time, assessing whether the intruders are illegal immigrants or refugees, smugglers, terrorists or enemy forces. Securing borders requires round-the-clock, all weather, long distance, all terrain integrated border surveillance systems.  SPI thermal imaging night vision IR camera systems are a complete border security solution that can be mounted and operated on Border Wall (southern and northern), Border Fence, masts, vehicles, tripods, buildings & virtually anywhere

Border patrol security, surveillance & Defense Thermal imaging pan tilt and fixed cameras are widely used for Homeland Security. Thanks to their ability to detect human-sized targets several kilometers away, they are extremely suited for border as they create an invisible fence. SPI Family of long range border security  thermal imaging cameras can detect human-sized targets at a distances exceeding 25 kilometers. Not only land borders need to be protected. Thermal imaging cameras are the perfect tools for coastal surveillance as well. Small vessels can be detected at extremely long ranges.

SPI has a broad experience with Homeland Security projects and markets a wide variety of long range thermal imaging cameras for this application. Multi-Sensor Systems are also available. We work with you our customer to design the perfect long range thermal imaging solution but the camera is a part of the package, the entire network is established for local or remote observation and controlling of the systems. SPI Works with end users, integrators and consultants to meet mission requirements. The Reliability of the gimbal along with the entire system have to be able to withstand extreme weather and harsh environments, our Gyrostabilized long range ptz flir thermal drone gimbal platforms are the absolute most ruggedized and reliable systems available today with 100% duty cycle, weapons grade shock resistant stabilizers and nitrogen purging.

Our long range flir PTZ thermal cameras are robust, All weather, heavy duty PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) positioners/Gimbals that rotate continuously 360 degrees and Pan/Tilt up and down allowing the user to guide and control the motors and position the long range flir cameras and associated sensors to the position of interest. The long range flir PTZ thermal Security cameras can be gyro-stabilized which reduces the shake and jitter from the imagery especially when zoomed in to maximum telephoto ranges. Our long range flir PTZ thermal Security cameras Have the ability of reaching out and detecting threats up to 50 kilometers. All of our flir PTZ thermal camera come with a complimentary long range zoom daytime EO CMOS low light camera Which make these systems a true complete day and night imaging system. Additional sensors can be added onto our long range flir PTZ thermal cameras such as SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) cameras, Laser rangefinders (LRF), tracking, radar with slew to cue capabilities, GPS, Compass, Laser dazzlers, microphones, spotlights, loudspeakers, laser infrared Illuminators, laser infrared pointers, and high speed cameras. We custom build our long range flir PTZ thermal camera and can incorporate most any add on option you can imagine into our gimbal platforms. Our thermal cameras offer the user crisp, clear image quality with outstanding detail, clarity and fidelity. Long range infrared cameras come in both Cooled MWIR and LWIR uncooled flavors in both HD (High Definition) and SD VGA (Standard definition) which is typically 640×480 or 640×512 Pixel resolution. We are now offering ultra sensitive HD 1080P long range PTZ flir thermal infrared imaging cameras.

Our long range thermal imaging flir camera systems are mounted in harsh environments and used for Border patrol and protection, coastline and shoreline installations, range, airports, forward Operation and observation bases (FOB), runways, critical infrastructures, high value asset protection and anywhere where long range 24/7 day and night vision imaging is critical to secure and protect a specific area. Our long range flir PTZ thermal cameras are easily mounted in multiple configurations like on roof mounted, car, Truck, mobile command vehicles, security vehicle and mobile applications. In marine vessels, our long range flir ptz thermal cameras Are mounted to boats, yachts and cruise ships. Other mounting provisions are portable trailers, telescoping masts, poles, tripods, pendant, buildings and fixed mounts. SPI uses the best, most reliable and longest lasting coolers in the midwave MWIR long range thermal camera systems which is a critical factor in the procurement of long range flir cameras. Having a reliable cooler ensures years of continuous maintenance free operation from the MWIR camera. We source the best Cooled Camera system made up of indium antimonide InSb, HOT MCT Mercury Cadmium Telluride and SLS types with micro pitches as small as 10 µm.

Controlling movement across national borders presents numerous political, economic and technical challenges. While primary responsibility for Long Range FLIR thermal imaging/CCTV EOIR PTZ border control rests with the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada (PSEPC), the respective defense departments have both key roles and significant materiel resources with which to support national security objectives. Given the size and in many cases remoteness of North American borders, technical solutions for long range PTZ FLIR thermal imaging/HD CCTV Sensors and pan tilt zoom extreme distance gimbals are necessary to act as multipliers to limited manpower within government enforcement agencies. The FLIR thermal imaging night vision and HD TV Visible PTZ GIMBALS AND TURRET products and technologies to tackle this effort reside not only in the private sector, but in capabilities either under development or already in use by the military. Civil agencies can benefit from leveraging these capabilities if hurdles such as cost, training, interoperability and security can be overcome.The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is implementing several initiatives toward securing the border, including the Secure Border Initiative (SBI) and the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI). SBI takes a systematic approach to border security by integrating and unifying border security systems, and developing and coordinating programs and policies to secure the border and efficiently enforce customs and immigration laws. The goal of WHTI is to strengthen border security and facilitate entry into the United States for U.S. citizens and legitimate foreign visitors.The potential for danger at borders all over the world is a very real concern as of late with regard to the high risk of terrorism and drug/human trafficking. In areas such as the Southern US border there has been a sharp increase in the number of armed drug and immigrant smugglers that require heightened levels of surveillance. Actionable intelligence needs to be provided to patrols in the field. But technologies providing information to the Border Patrol personnel need to address a very specific set of challenges: Long Range FLIR Thermal imaging Pan Tilt Zoom PTZ Surveillance equipment must be able to endure consistent exposure to harsh environments in remote locations. In addition, Detection and Tracking technologies have to face highly cluttered environments, at times filled with tumbleweeds and a wide range of animals, the geography itself can also present its own intricacies as line of sight is not always available as rugged hills can be part of the landscape’s fabric. Challenges specific to border surveillance include: Wide-area perimeter surveillance of at times rural and mountainous regions with wildlife clutter Survey and automatic detection of a wide range of different threats, including hardly detectable ones such as: UAVs, RHIBs, crawlers, swimmers etc. Equipment must be able to withstand harsh environments in remote locations Provide actionable, real-time intelligence to allow for immediate action by patrols in the field Long Range Flir drone PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom thermal imaging cameras and radar BORDER SURVEILLANCE/SECURITY PLATFORMS Securing national borders has become increasingly difficult. Global deployments call for a wide range of mission capabilities requiring flexible, high-performance multi-sensor systems, installed and operated from a variety of platforms. The most effective intrusion detection systems use multiple technologies to increase the probability of early detection with low false alarm rates under a range of atmospheric and lighting conditions. Closed circuit television (CCTV), infrared image cameras, surveillance UAVs, long range radar and laser radar (LIDAR) are often deployed in appropriate combinations. Short, medium, long and ultra long range FLIR Thermal imaging camera platforms integrate a wide variety of sensors – including such systems as tautwire perimeter detection, vibration intrusion detection, electromagnetic intrusion detection, electrostatic field disturbance, electro-optical observation, and even microwave field disturbance detectors. • Perimeter fences – deploy a variety of electronic surveillance technologies for intrusion detection and warning. These ground-based systems are primarily short-range, up to around 500 meters. • Observation towers extend Long Range FLIR Thermal Imager camera surveillance capabilities many tens of kilometers further from a border installation, and provide a platform for ground-based medium-range surveillance. • Mobile surface observation platforms, such as land vehicles as well as maritime vessels, patrol frontier regions and coastal waters, extending the reach of medium-range /  and long range Mobile Surveillance system sensors. • Thermal imaging EOIR FLIR Observation aerostats, stationary platforms, generally tethered PTZ FLIR THERMAL IMAGING balloons, allow for extended day/night vision EO-IR C5ISR observation over wider areas, extending the reach of long range Thermal FLIR Imaging surveillance sensors beyond what can be seen from an observation tower. Gyro Stabilizing the platform is recommended for extreme long ranges in order. To obtain high resolution images from the sensors.

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