M5 Thermal Security Camera Family


PTZ Thermal Long Range Thermal Camera Pan Tilt System M5

SPI Corp knows security is serious business, period. So we’ve developed the M5 thermal security camera with nothing but the most serious components to get the job done. Whether you are on covert security operations, border patrol, nuclear power facility security or pulling surveillance missions by land or sea, these fully weatherized, rugged full pan tilt zoom infrared cameras will surpass your expectations.

The M5 long range infrared cameras can be integrated into your existing security system for dependable performance any time of day or night, giving you the detection power you need to identify threats or obtain evidence even in complete darkness.  The system is available in several configurations, including small, medium or long range lenses, and has several thermal sensors available to suit your mission profile.  The unit weighs in at just under 14lbs, but don’t let the size fool you, this infrared security system packs a huge punch!

The Ultimate in Thermal Security

M5 Thermal Security Camera

M5 thermal security cameraThe M5 Thermal Security Camera from SPI Corp is our most robust infrared surveillance camera specially developed for extremely demanding long range security, surveillance, border, coastal, wildland fire detection and mop-up and spontaneous combustion applications.  This multi-sensor thermal imaging system is built for fixed mounting on buildings, marine vessels or vehicles and is tough enough to withstand any weather conditions you can throw at it.  The unit features a long range thermal sensor & CCTV camera combination for full pan tilt zoom long range surveillance, 24/7, day or night.  These uniquely ruggedized thermal security cameras are capable of 432x zoom (ultra long range 36x optical + 12x digital  = 432X total CCTV) with side by side and PIP thermal & digital imaging in several color palettes, including: black hot, white hot, sepia, iron, rainbow and red hot.

Long range law enforcement LE flir thermal imaging camera

The M5 thermal security camera features continuous rotation and an integrated wiper system, so no matter if there’s rain, snow, mud or fog you’ll still be able to maintain perimeter security and acquire your targets. It’s also fully programmable to predefined positions, making it a truly versatile long range thermal imaging camera system.

Vehicle, Vessel & Building Mountable

M5 MRTI thermal security camera pan down view

The M5 family of long range pan tilt zoom PTZ flir thermal imaging security cameras is a completely customizable, heavy duty long range infrared surveillance solution. Contact us today about customizing your own PTZ security system.


M5 Thermal Security Camera Specifications

  • 360 degree continuous pan tilt zoom
  • 170 degree tilt
  • Up to 432x visual digital zoom with auto focus (depending on configuration)
  • 12 VDC power
  • Multiple color palettes
  • Multiple user-selectable auto focus
  • Rugged, weatherized housing
  • Integrated wiper system


M5 Product Images

M5 Thermal Security Camera Color Palettes

The M5 has six color palettes to give you the ultimate in thermal infrared imaging.  Click the images for the full 640 x 480 resolution thermal security images.

  • M5 thermal security camera black hot

    Black Hot

  • M5 thermal security camera red hot

    Red Hot

  • M5 thermal security camera white hot

    White Hot

  • M5 thermal security camera sepia


  • M5 thermal security camera iron


  • M5 thermal security camera rainbow


SPI Corp can customize the M5 family of thermal security cameras to suit your needs, no matter what the mission.  Call us at (702) 369-3966 , or email us at info@uav1.com to see what we can do for you!