TAC-CAM Stabilized MultiSensor Camera system

SPI’s new Lightweight Vehicle Stabilized Camera TAC-CAM provides unsurpassed gyroscopic stabilization in a small, lightweight package designed for mounting on any platform (Pan and Tilt, tower, etc.) or vehicle.

Long range FLIR thermal infrared imaging camera with continuous zoom telephoto optical PTZ detection

TAC-CAM is ideal for remote observations where long-range distance & high resolution is required. Multi axis gyro stabilization for vehicles and boats is essential to keep key imagery stable while maneuvering at fast speeds on or off road.





  • Platform or vehicle-mounted gyroscopically stabilized camera. Two internal color visible cameras are shown, but can be replaced with any camera (visible, NIR, LLLTV, CMOS, LWIR, SCMOS, X26, X27, thermal, SWIR, etc.).
  • Gyro stabilization achieves 0.35mR at 10 Hz and above while since providing low frequency scanning capability.
  • Handles large amplitude vibration throughout entire frequency range.
  • Lightweight package less than 2 lbs
  • Powered and controlled externallyTAC-Cam_EOIR_MULTI_SENSOR_GROUND_LAND_STABILIZED_CAMERA
    The Tac-Cam Can Be custom configured for most all ground/land/mobile/marine applications. The TAC-CAM offers Ultra Precision, rock steady stabilization, Contact SPI for additional information.