M5 MRTI Medium Range Thermal Imaging Security Camera

The M5 MRTI medium /long detection range thermal PTZ multi sensor imaging platform combines a high resolution thermal imager with ultra long range zoom CCTV camera for a truly complete 24/7/365 imaging system.

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Long range MWIR thermal FLIR PTZ camera human detection PTZ THERMAL IMAGER



The M7X is available for applications that require ultra LONG RANGE


The M5 LWIR long range Thermal PTZ Pan tilt thermal infrared IR FLIR camera is an affordable low power, accurate and reliable thermal and cctv combo security and surveillance system,
The Camera has a plethora of imaging capabilities such as long range thermal FLIR imaging detection, long range cctv zoom imaging to 500X with low light CMOS sensor.
The unit can be hooked up either Analog or Digital, ONVIF, IP, Ethernet, Wireless on a multitude of platforms such as mobile vehicles, marine boats and vessels, trucks, masts, building, fixed and aerostats.

The long range M5 can be custom configured to suit your requirements with an array of thermal Germanium zoom lenses, CCTV cameras, Anti fog/haze/clutter ccd/HD 4K cmos cameras with filters and lasers, as well as a variety of exotic sensor  suites such as SWIR, BSTFA Color night vision, LRF Laser Range Finders, Ir laser pointer/illuminator and designators, gas finding and detection camera sensors and a host of Short Medium and Long wave detectors. Sensor mitigation and image enhancement + stabilization are a few capabilities of this PTZ  system.

Long range flir thermal imaging camera

The Pan Tilt Zoom gimbal is a rugged all weather system that is repeatable with zero backlash, 100% duty cycle system with many user selectable presets and tours, the movement is butter smooth and the entire system can be mastered by any new user within minutes. Installation is easy with plug and play modularity and industry standard component compatibility.


Our Pan Tilt Zoom gimbal rotating steerable positioner turret gimbal comes in ultra rugged all weather Weapons Grade with Multi Axis 4+2 Gyro Stabilization, The Wapons Grade PTZ Pan Tilt is an extremely rugged, reinforced sealed and hardened system. Currently the M5X, M7, M9 all have weapons grade pan tilt Gimbal option


Ptz flir eoir

Mwir thermal security camera thermal flir image


The M5 MRTI Thermal Imaging Security Camera PTZ is a medium range thermal imaging sensor suite. M5 pan tilt zoom (PTZ) MRTI comes with a high resolution thermal imaging camera and integrated CCTV long range zoom camera. The thermal imaging component of the M5 MRTI is ideally suited to a wide range of applications. The medium range thermal imager is our most popular configuration giving users the ideal balance between range and field of view for most common applications. The M5 MRTI can be used for vehicle/vessel operations as well as perimeter surveillance duty. The MRTI thermal sensor is equipped with advanced Digital Zoom technology and multiple color palettes for easy target discrimination. The CCTV component utilizes the latest in compact long range visual imaging technology. With a wide range 36x zoom the CCTV camera can give you wide angle or long range daytime imaging. Both sensors are mounted in a rugged all weather PTZ positioner base with continuous 360 degree rotation. The system responds to standard PELCO-D commands and can be programmed to auto scan and perform remote tours. No other system can provide the durability, feature set and affordable price of the M5 MRTI Thermal PTZ systems.

The M5 is a very robust heavy duty all weather system that is suited for vehicle mobile applications, emergency response vehicle / tactical vehicle mounted installs as well as mast, pole, marine, border, security, surveillance, building and fixed applications.

The M5 MRTI Thermal Imaging Security Camera Design

M5 medium range thermal imaging security camera microbolometer technology graphic HIGH RESOLUTION THERMAL
The M5 MRTI Thermal PTZ system with uncooled micro-bolometer thermal Focal Plane Array technology.
M5 medium range thermal imaging security camera zoom lens LONG RANGE ZOOM
The MRTI M5 Medium Range thermal imaging security camera has a long range 36x optical and 12x digital visual zoom camera for a total of 432x CCTV zoom.
M5 medium range thermal imaging security camera 360 degree rotation 360° CONTINUOUS ROTATION
Advanced “slip-ring” design lets the M5 MRTI rotate continuously in either direction to stay locked onto the target.
Color wheel range of the M5 medium range thermal imager ADVANCED THERMAL FEATURES
M5 MRTI incorporates next generation microbolometer technology with auto exposure, digital zoom and image colorization for rapid target discrimination.
The M5 thermal imaging security camera auto-rotator USER PROGRAMMED AUTO-TOUR
The M5 MRTI thermal imaging security camera is based on an intelligent PTZ platform that can be user programmed to follow pre set tours.
The M5 thermal imaging security camera wiper system INTEGRATED WIPER
M5 MRTI is an all weather solution. An integrated wiper keeps dirt and debris from clouding your image.
M5 medium range thermal surveillance camera mount EASY INSTALLATION
M5 thermal imager customizable graphic CUSTOMIZABLE
M5 configurations include long range thermal, VGA 640×480, network interface, mast mounted, slew to cue, drop deployable, marine, emergency response vehicle, tactical vehicle, surveillance truck, border, sea, coastline and more with add-ons such as NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LRF LASER RANGE FINDERS, SCMOS, LOW LIGHT CMOS, BSTFA, HFIS, LASER IR INFRARED ILLUMINATORS, POINTERS, DESIGNATORS, DAZZLER & SPOTLIGHT. tracking, fusion, image blending

Pan tilt Eoir flir

Advanced Multi Sensor Pan Tilt Zoom Thermal MRTI

The M5 medium range Thermal Imaging Security Camera mounted on a Hummer

The M5 medium range Thermal Imaging Security Camera mounted on a Hummer

The enemy is real. The night is dark. The job is critical. Get the right tool to get it done!

The future is here now and its more affordable than you think. In today’s uncertain times of world conflict, it has become more important than ever for the good guys to own the night. Traditional pan tilt zoom thermal imaging platforms have long suffered from two majors drawbacks, price and size. For years these multi sensor pan tilt imaging systems have been gigantic contraptions sometimes standing over two feet tall and weighing in at 100 pounds plus. The support gear required to safely mount and position these units made them extremely unpractical for all but the most extreme of applications. In addition, these behemoths had price tags that could range from a minimum of $35,000 to as high as $750,000 further limiting there use to exotic applications. unfortunately, this set of circumstances meant that a great many agencies that truly need this capability had no hope of ever procuring this expensive and cumbersome technology. The M5 thermal pan tilt zoom system represents a breakthrough in innovative design philosophy that now makes thermal pan tilt zoom systems smaller, lighter and much less expensive. By utilizing COTS components and leveraging existing technologies the M5 can deliver comparable performance at a small fraction of the cost and size of traditional pan tilt systems. A wide range of options and industry standard control protocols further extend the M5’s capabilities. The choice is clear for any professional involved in night time operations- the M5 is your tool of choice.

The M5 MRTI (Medium Range thermal imaging security camera) is designed to be an all around thermal PTZ solution. Ideally suited for the majority of applications the MRTI M5 can be used on buildings, towers, fence lines, fixed mount structures, vehicle operations and marine vessel applications. Whatever you need the M5 MRTI delivers.

Long range thermal imaging flir camera

M5 Medium Range Thermal Imaging Security Camera Details

High Resolution Thermal Imaging
The M5 MRTI Thermal PTZ multi-sensor unit contains an uncooled micro bolometer thermal camera engine with an FPA (Focal Plane Array) thermal resolution of 76,800 pixels at the imaging sensor. Many so called “low Cost” systems on the market contain wimpy 160×120 thermal pixel sensors. The M5 MRTI has 4 times the resolution of these systems yet in most cases costs the same amount. Everyone is looking to save money, but is resolution really the place to cut corners on a high performance imaging system? No way! For more demanding application the MRTI M5 can be fitted with High Definition thermal sensors featuring a huge 307,200 pixel thermal sensor array.

Details of the M5 medium range thermal imager microbolometer


  • NEW OPTION– Ultra Low Light LONG RANGE Day/Night HD X26 HFIS imager optimized to 1100 NM for SeeSpot 1064 (Link for the X26 Hyper Fidelity Intensified Sensor HFIS) / The X26 HFIS Camera is the Ultimate Day/Night HD imaging camera that offers unmatched performance in full daytime and very dark night time applications. The HFIS has Generation 3 Image Intensified image quality and sensitivity, without having the inherent problems of traditional image intensified systems, full sunlight and high energy scenes do not disturb the X26, with its super wide dynamic Range and ultra sensitive 1100 Nm detection capabilities. 

X26 HFIS Daytime imaging Scene Video / (Link for the X26 Hyper Fidelity Intensified Sensor HFIS)

X26 HFIS Video of Daytime and No Moon Night scenes / (Link for the X26 Hyper Fidelity Intensified Sensor HFIS)

Long Range EOIR Zoom
Many systems on the market are have their focus primarily on day OR night applications. In these systems all the emphasis is placed on one technology and lip service is paid to the other. The M5 MRTI is a true 24/7 imaging solution. The advanced thermal technology is mated to an ultra crisp CCTV video component. The CCTV camera sub system has an incredible 36X optical and 12X digital zoom for a total video zoom of 432X! The M5 MRTI thermal imaging security camera is ideal for 24/7 operation in any weather. Thermal zoom and telephoto imaging can be customized for your application. The M5 thermal sensor can be coupled to a variety of precision engineered long range germanium optics and digital zoom configurations.
Closeup of the M5 medium range thermal camera zoom lens

Continuous 360° Rotation
The M5 Medium Range Thermal Imager (MRTI) system is an all purpose tool for complete situational awareness. Many pan tilt systems cut corners by offering 360 or even 380 degree rotation. These inferior products do not utilize advanced slip ring technology so when you get to the end of its rotation you have to spin all the way back around to follow a target. Threats come from every direction and they usually move! The M5 MRTI has an advanced slip ring inside so that you can turn the system continuously in any direction. When a threat passes the 360 degree mark the M5 just keeps on turning so you can follow the target no matter where they go. Don’t let hard stops limit your capabilities. Get the M5 today.

A closer look at M5 medium range thermal camera rotation capabilities

Advanced Thermal Features
The next generation microbolometer focal plane array sensor in the M5 MRTI thermal imaging security camera system is the latest in uncooled thermal infrared imaging technology available. Not only does the system provide razor sharp thermal imagery but the onboard Digital Signal Processing provides you with the latest in features including:

  • Thermal digital zoom technology
  • Auto exposure hands free imaging
  • Scene colorization for target discrimination
  • Auto gain control

Close view of the M5 medium range infrared camera optics

Programmable Auto Tours
The intelligent pan tilt positioning platform of the M5 MRTI can be user configured to satisfy any mission criteria. The user can preset up to 128 preset points and then instruct the MRTI to travel between those points while setting the speed and direction of movement. 6 preset paths can be set with up to 16 points per path. The auto scanning features of the M5 greatly reduce operator burden. As an example the system could be set to scan to the gate, zoom in, hold for 10 seconds, then automatically Pan/Tilt to the perimeter fence, zoom in and pause for 5 seconds and so on. To stop the scan all you have to do is grab the joystick for instant user control over ride. Simple, intelligent and powerful.

A view of the M5 medium range thermal imager from the side

Integrated Wiper
The M5 has all the bells and whistles included as standard features. The CCTV camera can become obscured by rain, mud, snow or dirt and the integrated windshield wiper can be remotely activated on the M5 menu system to quickly and efficiently clean the lens. Many systems cut costs by doing away with the wiper. You wouldn’t buy a car without a windshield wiper would you? Of course not. Your imaging system should have the same level of glass protection. No matter what the conditions bring, the M5 will deliver performance.
A closeup of the M5 medium range thermal camera wiper

Easy Installation
Designed to be easily installed using basic hand tools and electrical knowledge, the M5 MRTI is a joy for integrators and in house personnel. Utilizing a simple 4 bolt hole pattern the lightweight M5 MRTI can be mounted virtually anywhere. Integrated bushings protect the M5 from shock and vibration. Wiring is accomplished via the units single main system cable that houses the video feeds, serial control lines and DC power connections. The M5 can easily be installed in network video security systems, guard towers, wireless network configurations, buildings, land vehicles, marine vessels and almost any other location that you can think of.
An M5 medium range infrared camera mounted on the roof of a vehicle

The M5 is a COTS pan tilt thermal imaging system manufactured by SPI CORP. Standard models are generally in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Custom and semi-custom configurations are a specialty of SPI. By leveraging our M5 COTS solutions we can custom tailor a system to your exact needs. Anything is possible with the M5 system. Call a specialist today to discuss your unique application. From Mild to Wild we can get the job done.
A customization option of the M5 medium range infrared camera system

M5 Thermal Imager Systems
The Mountable M5 Medium Range Thermal Camera System

The Mountable M5 Medium Range Thermal Camera System

The Complete M5 Medium Range Thermal Camera System

The Complete M5 Medium Range Thermal Camera System



Long range thermal imaging flir camera

M5 Medium Range Thermal Camera Product Specifications

Visual camera: Integrated CCTV Zoom camera / HD 3G SDI
Thermal imager: Uncooled microbolometer focal plane arrays
Power supply: DC12V±10% Iin±2.5A
Interface: RS485, Dual analog video output (NTSC). DC12V power supply / IP/ Ethernet / Slew to Cue / Slew to alarm and alert / Radar compatible

Technical Capabilities
Capability: Short / Medium Range, user selectable optics
Power consumption: ≤30W
weight: 12 lbs.
dimension: 17.25″x9.5″x9″
Working time: ≥60000 hours

Environment indicators
Working Temperature: -10°F ~ +140°F
Storage Temperature: ~40°F ~ +185°F
Anti-vibration: 150m/s 2 11ms
Salt-fog Spray: continuously spray fog for 48 hours under PH6.5-7.2

CCTV Camera
Scanning method: Scanning / CMOS global shutter real time 60hz sensor
Zoom: 500X available / NOW AVAILABLE with HD 1080p Camera

OPTIONAL 500mm/750mm/1000mm/1500mm and 2000mm ultra extreme long range telephoto zoom lenses available, contact us for additional info on lens options
Imaging chip: 1/” IT Exview HAD CCD
Valid pixel: 1024 (H) X768 (V)  / optional HD 2-10 megapixel sensors / Anti fog haze clutter
Focus:automatic, one push, manual, unlimited far
Focal length: f=1.3 / up to 2550 mm
Signal-to-noise: ≥50db
Video output: VBS:1.0Vp-p (simultaneous negative), Y/C output
Lowest illumination: 0.0.1Lx
Electronic shutter: 1/1~1/10,000s
Simultaneous system: Simultaneous inside or outside
White balance: Auto, ATW, indoor, Outdoor, One-push, Manual
Back light compensation: ON / OFF

Pan Tilt Positioner
Tilt speed: 0~60°/s
Pan speed: 0~80°/s
Pre-setting points: 128 Maximum
Scan speed: 0.5~30v/s
Cruising function: 6 cruising paths
Track self-inspection: <40s
Weapon Grade PTZ Pan Tilt EO/IR positioning turret gimbal available on request.

EOIR All weather weapon grade pan tilt zoom gimbal

SPI Multi Sensor EOIR Dual Weapon Grade Ultra Extreme Rugged PTZ Pan Tilt Gimbal

Long range thermal camera

Thermal Imager
Sensor Technology: LWIR Uncooled infrared focal plane array microbolometer
Digital Zoom: 2X, 4X
Wave length: 8~14µm
Detection distance: 2000+ Meter (human detection range),

Look up the SPI M7 for detection Ranges up to and exceeding 10 kilometer human detection!

Field of view: 25°x 23°  –  2°x 1°
Thermal control: Auto image exposure, multiple thermal color palettes for target discrimination, enhanced thermal imaging
signal processing, LLLTV, LRF

The M7X is available for applications that require ultra LONG TV/MWIR/LWIR Thermal FLIR RANGE IMAGING, **CLICK HERE** TO SEE THE M7X PTZ EOIR SYSTEM

* Specifications are for general guidance only. Specifications may change at any time without notice. Please contact an SPI applications engineer to discuss your unique application.