M5 EOIR long range Pan Tilt PTZ Surveillance FLIR, thermal imaging camera with Laser, LRF, HD telephoto zoom IR DAY/NIGHT VISION imager

PTZ Thermal Long Range Thermal Camera Pan Tilt System M5

Long range thermal imaging cameras

Long Range Thermal Imaging FLIR PTZ Pan Tilt Cameras

Long Range PTZ FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

M5 LRTI Long Range Thermal Imaging FLIR Day/Night vision Security Surveillance Camera System
The M5 is a long range day/night vision thermal /CCTV Visible surveillance camera with a heavy duty multi sensor imaging platform for hostile environments. It combines a high resolution thermal imager with ultra long range zoom CCTV camera for a truly complete 24/7/365 imaging system.
The M5 Multi Sensor pan tilt zoom (PTZ) Thermal imaging system is versatile, easy to install and operate. A Host of complimentary EOIR Optics can be added to the payload such as SWIR, BSTFA Color night vision, lasers, illuminators, GeoLocating and LRF (laser Rangefinders).

long range flir camera

Long Range Pan Tilt Thermal FLIR camera




The M7X is available for applications that require ultra LONG RANGE



long range thermal imaging flir camera

Low light level CMOS night vision sensors and cameras

This X-Long range thermal imager can withstand any weather, comes with wiper blades to take care of rain & handles any surveillance situation you can throw at it! Call us for Custom configuration options!

Multiple new advanced HD High Definition Sensors can be integrated onto the M5 PT Pan Tilt FLIR thermal imager. The X27 Osprey COLORVISION ™ BSTFA Broad Spectrum Thin Film array imager is the latest add-on Sensor into the M5 Gimbal.

The X27 is the worlds highest performing true color low light enhanced night vision sensor technology. The X27 is a Cutting edge broadband Visible/NIR/SWIR 1080P HD Sensor that can achieve outstanding Color Day like imagery in extreme low light levels, Below are sample videos of the systems Detection, Recognition, Targeting and Identification capabilities.

Long range cooled flir



 The M5-X PTZ Thermal imaging FLIR/CCTV Pan Tilt Zoom system is currently being utilized in multiple worldwide strategic
locations with custom connectivity and sensor configurations,
The unit is catered for mobile, fixed, marine and mast mounted applications.
Contact SPI with you custom requirements, We can find you a solution rapidly, efficiently and affordably.

Pan tilt Eoir flir

FLIR infrared image of a soldier at a shooting range with a thermal scope on his rifleThe M5 thermal surveillance camera PTZ is a true multi sensor imaging platform. Featuring a high resolution thermal imager with digital zoom and color thermal imaging mated to a high quality CCTV visual imaging camera with ultra long range zoom and auto focus. The sensors are mounted on a variable speed pan tilt base with 360 degree continuous rotation. The system responds to standard PELCO-D commands and can be programmed to auto scan and perform remote tours. No other system can provide the durability, feature set and affordable price of the M5 Thermal PTZ systems. The M5 Has been installed in many key facilities and works exceptionally well mast mounted with standard or telescoping masts. Border patrol Scope trucks have adapted the M5 thermal imaging nightvision system for immigration/frontier border patrol and homeland security.

The enemy is real. The night is dark. The job is critical. Get the right tool to get it done! The future is here now and its more affordable than you think. In today’s uncertain times of world conflict, it has become more important than ever for the good guys to own the night. Traditional pan tilt zoom thermal imaging platforms have long suffered from two majors drawbacks, price and size. For years these multi sensor pan tilt imaging systems have been mammoth contraptions sometimes standing over two feet tall and weighing in at 100 pounds plus. The support gear required to safely mount and position these units made them extremely unpractical for all but the most extreme of applications. In addition, these giants had price tags that could range from a minimum of $35,000 to as high as $750,000 further limiting there use to exotic applications. unfortunately, this set of circumstances meant that a great many agencies that truly need this capability had no hope of ever procuring this expensive and cumbersome technology. The M5 thermal pan tilt zoom system represents a breakthrough in innovative design philosophy that now makes thermal pan tilt zoom systems smaller, lighter and much less expensive. By utilizing COTS components and leveraging existing technologies the M5 can deliver comparable performance at a small fraction of the cost and size of traditional pan tilt systems. A wide range of options and industry standard control protocols further extend the M5’s capabilities. The choice is clear for any professional involved in night time operations- the M5 thermal surveillance camera is your tool of choice.

  • NEW OPTION– Ultra Low Light  Day/Night HD X26 HFIS imager optimized to 1100 NM for VIS/NIR SeeSpot 1064 (Link for the X26 Hyper Fidelity Intensified Sensor HFIS) / The X26 HFIS Camera is the Ultimate Day/Night HD imaging camera that offers unmatched performance in full daytime and very dark night time applications. The HFIS has Generation 3 Image Intensified image quality and sensitivity, without having the inherent problems of traditional image intensified systems, full sunlight and high energy scenes do not disturb the X26, with its super wide dynamic Range and ultra sensitive 1100 Nm detection capabilities. 

X26 HFIS Daytime imaging Scene Video / (Link for the X26 Hyper Fidelity Intensified Sensor HFIS)

X26 HFIS Video of Daytime and No Moon Night scenes / (Link for the X26 Hyper Fidelity Intensified Sensor HFIS)


Recent Thermal Camera Images from Washington, DC

thermal surveillance camera image of a protester in Washington, DC
thermal surveillance camera image of the Capitol building in Washington, DC
thermal surveillance camera image of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC
Black hot thermal surveillance camera image of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC
thermal surveillance camera image of the Washington Monument in Washington, DC

Reverse polarity thermal surveillance camera image of the Washington Monument in Washington, DC

The M5 is a very robust heavy duty all weather system that is suited for vehicle mobile applications, emergency response vehicle / tactical vehicle mounted installs as well as mast, pole, marine, border, security, surveillance, building and fixed applications. The system is fully universal with standard rs485 data controls, analog, digital, ip, ethernet, poe, GIG-E (gig ethernet) and standard outputs for ease of integration into any existing installs and new setups. Ideal for border, mobile, fixed, coastline and perimeter security applications, the M5 can be custom built with your choice of exotic digital sensors catered to meet any mission.

The low cost affordable M5 / M7 Family of thermal Infrared imaging FLIR PTZ GPS compass camera system are a Daytime EO Television long range telephoto and thermal Infrared FLIR imager Sensor combo platform. All weather housing and robust military grade sensors ensure long life and quality imaging performance, The systems are available in Short, medium, long and Ultra Extreme telephoto long range lens optical options. Precision Pan and tilt mechanism with programmable tours ensure rock steady movement with zero backlash. The systems can be Fixed mounted, mobile and marine installed in many custom applications. Email us with your needs, we will mfg the systems ready to plug and play into your infrastructure. The Systems can be integrated with LWIR uncooled Thermal IR detectors or MWIR cooled Thermal IR Engines.

The M5 thermal pan tilt zoom imaging platform is equally at home on fixed mount structures, vehicle operations and Marine vessel applications. Whatever you need the M5 delivers.

There are many PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom Imaging payloads available in the marketplace, The M5 FLIR Thermal Imaging Security/Surveillance camera stands out due to its affordable cost, robust imaging performance and high duty cycle. The M5 can be used on masts, mobile vehicles, marine boats, on buildings/facilities, and just about anywhere. The M5 LWIR camera has independent sensor channels which allows the user to select from different sensors with zero lag time and instant real time live imaging. Being fully universal, the M5 can be easily integrated into new networks or existing ones, standard protocols and output allow the user/installer to easily hook the M5 up without the need for any proprietary cables, connectors and data streams. Zero backlash pan tilt positioner make it rock steady when panning and tilting. Full camera and sensors controls are available for the user to get into the menu and alter the sensors performance based on the application.

Long range flir
M5 LRTI Long Range Thermal Surveillance Camera Features

High Resolution Thermal Surveillance Camera

The M5 multi-sensor thermal surveillance camera system boasts the latest in uncooled microbolometer thermal sensors boasting a minimum thermal imaging sensor resolution of 76,800 pixels. This is four times the resolution of competing “low cost” thermal PTZ systems that have a bare minimum 160×120 pixel sensors. For the most demanding of situations the M5 can also be equipped with the latest in High Definition thermal sensors featuring an astounding 307,200 pixel thermal sensor resolution.

Details of the M5 thermal surveillance camera microbolometer

Integrated Wiper

The M5 has all the bells and whistles included as standard features. The CCTV camera can become obscured by rain, mud, snow or dirt and the integrated windshield wiper can be remotely activated on the M5 menu system to quickly and efficiently clean the lens. No matter what the conditions bring, the M5 strives to deliver.

A closeup of the M5 long range thermal surveillance camera wiper

Continuous Rotation

Threats and targets of interest come in all sizes and from every direction. They also move! Situational awareness requires that you have the ability to not only see these targets but track them wherever they go. Many high priced systems can only spin a maximum of 360 or even 380 degrees in rotation and then they have to spin all the way around the other direction to keep tracking a target. The M5 utilizes an advanced slip ring technology to give the M5 the advantage of being able to spin continuously in either direction. With the M5 you never have to take your eyes off the target due to technical limitations of your imaging system. The M5 has your back, and your front, and any other direction you want to point!

A closer look at M5 thermal surveillance camera rotation capabilities

Advanced Thermal Features

The M5 is loaded right out of the box with the thermal infrared imaging features that you need for a successful mission outcome. The M5 thermal pan tilt system does not overload the user with useless features and toys. Advanced thermal imaging features include the following. Auto image exposure so that the operator is not wasting time and attention on image adjustments. Thermal digital zoom helps the M5 to bring distant targets in for a closer look. The included full color thermal imaging helps the user discriminate targets in the scene. High resolution and high quality germanium optics further enhance the clarity and precision of the M5 Thermal Camera system.

Close view of the M5 long range thermal surveillance camera optics

User Programmed Auto-Tours

The M5 sensors are integrated into an intelligent pan tilt positioning platform that can be user configured to satisfy any criteria. With the M5 you can set up to 128 preset points and tell the M5 to scan between two points setting both speed and direction. You can also set up to 6 scanning paths with each path containing up to 16 pre-set points. With these options you can easily setup the M5 to automatically scan your target area while you watch for intruders. For example you could set the M5 to Pan/Tilt to the entrance gate, zoom in and hold for 5 seconds. Next the M5 would automatically Pan/Tilt to the perimeter fence, zoom out and hold for 8 seconds. Then on to the next point all automatically. To stop the scan all you have to do is grab the joystick for instant user control over ride. Simple, intelligent and powerful.

A view of the M5 long range thermal surveillance camera from the side

Long Range Zoom

The M5 thermal surveillance camera is a potent imaging system either day or night. All M5 multi sensor thermal pan tilt zoom systems come with an ultra crisp CCTV video component. The CCTV camera sub system boasts an incredible 36X optical and 12X digital zoom for a total video zoom of 432X! Long range imaging is no problem in day light or low light conditions. Thermal zoom and telephoto imaging can be customized for your application. The M5 thermal sensor can be coupled to a variety of precision engineered long range germanium optics and digital zoom configurations.

Closeup of the M5 long range thermal surveillance camera zoom lens

Easy Installation

The M5 multi sensor thermal pan tilt system was designed and manufactured to be easily integrated into a wide variety of platforms. The base of the lightweight M5 system is secured with a simple 4 bolt mounting pattern. Integrated bushings protect the M5 from shock and vibration. Wiring of the M5 is as simple as possible. All that is required is a power connection, serial connection (for control) and simple video connection. The M5 can easily be installed in guard towers, network video systems, wireless configurations, buildings, vehicles, vessels and almost any other location that you can think of.

An M5 long range thermal surveillance camera mounted on the roof of a vehicle


The M5 is a COTS pan tilt thermal imaging system manufactured by SPI CORP. Standard models are generally in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Custom and semi-custom configurations are a specialty of SPI. By leveraging our M5 COTS solutions we can custom tailor a system to your exact needs. Anything is possible with the M5 system. Call a specialist today to discuss your unique application. From Mild to Wild we can get the job done.

A customization option of the M5 long range FLIR thermal surveillance camera system


The stabilized M5 MRTI is the easiest thermal pan tilt zoom system to install. Integrates simply with all security systems. FULLY UNIVERSAL AND COMPATIBLE WITH ANY NETWORK INTEGRATION SCENARIOS WITH WIRED, LOCAL, REMOTE, IP, STREAMING, ONVIF, POE POWER OVER ETHERNET, ANALOG, ETHERNET, SOLAR, FIBER, MICROWAVE INSTALLATIONS. Remote IP and digital ground control station and PTZ controllers are available to suit any mission requirement,

M5 PTZ Thermal Surveillance Images

M5 thermal PTZ drone surveillance image of a possible IED being placed in a road
M5 thermal image of people in a parking lot in color
M5 PTZ Infrared image of people in white hot, color
M5 PTZ white hot, monochrome thermal image of two people walking
M5 surveillance image of people by a building
Full color M5 Infrared image of people in an empty parking lot
Monochrome white hot FLIR M5 surveillance image of a man in the road
M5 thermal surveillance camera image of a man by a car

The M7X is available for applications that require ultra LONG TV/MWIR/LWIR Thermal FLIR RANGE IMAGING, **CLICK HERE** TO SEE THE M7X PTZ EOIR SYSTEM


Visual camera: Integrated CCTV Zoom camera / HD 3G SDI
Thermal imager: Uncooled microbolometer focal plane array with 10, 12 and 17 Um Micron detectors
Power supply: DC12V±10% Iin±2.5A / custom configurations available
Interface: RS485, RS232, ONVIF, Genetec, IP/Ethernet Dual/Tri sensor analog video output (NTSC/PAL). DC12V power supply
COTS fixed and zoom PTZ Thermal imaging lenses include 9mm, 19mm, 25mm, 35mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm, 75mm, 85mm, 100mm, 25-75mm, 25-100mm, 25-125mm, 25-150mm, 25-175mm, 25-200mm, 25-225mm, 25-250mm, 25-275mm, for longer ranges refer to M7, M9 and M11 Long Range thermal Pan tilt Zoom thermal imaging flir cameras.

Technical Capabilities
Capability: Short / Medium Range, Long Range user selectable Ge fixed and continuous zoom Thermal FLIR optics
Power consumption: ≤30W
weight: 12 lbs. – 25 lbs, dependent on thermal and CCTV Sensors and lenses
dimension: 17.25″x9.5″x9″ / 20″x12″x12″
Working time: ≥45000 hours

Environment indicators
Working Temperature: -10°F ~ +140°F
Storage Temperature: ~40°F ~ +185°F
MILSTD, IP66 / IP67 Purged/Sealed all weather payload, gimbal & pan tilt housing
Anti-vibration: 150m/s 2 11ms
Salt-fog Spray: continuously spray fog for 48 hours under PH6.5-7.2

CCTV Camera
Scanning method: Scanning / CMOS HD 1080P global shutter real time 60hz sensor
Zoom: 44 X optical power zoom (autofocus), 16 X digital zoom / NOW AVAILABLE with HD 1080p Camera,

OPTIONAL 500mm/750mm/1000mm/1500mm and 2000mm ultra extreme long range telephoto zoom lenses available, contact us for additional info on lens options
Imaging chip FPA : 1/” IT Exview HAD CCD
Valid pixel: 1024 (H) X768 (V) / optional HD 2-10 megapixel sensors
Focus: automatic, one push, manual, unlimited far
Focal length: f=1.3 / up to 2000 mm
Signal-to-noise: ≥50db
Video output: VBS:1.0Vp-p (simultaneous negative), Y/C output, PAL or NTSC
Lowest illumination: Passive Low Lux imager
Electronic shutter: 1/1~1/10,000s
Simultaneous system: Simultaneous inside or outside
White balance: Auto, ATW, indoor, Outdoor, One-push, Manual
Back light compensation: ON / OFF

Pan Tilt PTZ Gimbal Turret Positioner
Tilt speed: 0~60°/s
Pan speed: 0~80°/s
Pre-setting points: 128 Maximum
Scan speed: 0.5~30v/s / Zero backlash, 100% Duty Cycle, Titanium gears, Weapons Grade Qualified Available upon Request
Cruising function: 6 cruising paths
Track self-inspection: <40s

Thermal FLIR Imager
Sensor Technology: LWIR Uncooled infrared focal plane array microbolometer / MWIR Cooled – SWIR Short Wave Infrared – optional
Ge Germanium Thermal imaging lenses: Coated & hardened Athermalized Fixed & CZ Continuous optical zoom
Digital Zoom: 2X, 4X, 8x
Wave length: 7~14µm, tracking, fusion, image blending
Detection distance: 2000+ Meter (human detection range), 4000+ vehicle detection ranges / Longer Ranges available

Look up the SPI M7 for detection PTZ EOIR Ranges up to and exceeding 10 kilometers !



Minimum Object Distance: 5m
Field of view: 25 degrees to 1 degree FOV
Thermal control: Auto image exposure, multiple thermal color palettes for target discrimination, enhanced thermal imaging
signal processing, LLLTV, optional LRF, GPS, DMC, Laser Range Finder, IR Laser Pointer, Illuminator, Designator, Gas leak Sensing and Detection, color night vision BSTFA, SWIR

 Thermal imaging

A new tool for seeing in total darkness, and in extreme weather conditions, is thermal imaging. Thermal imaging is the use of a thermal imaging camera to “see” thermal energy emitted from an object. Thermal imaging cameras produce images of invisible infrared or “heat” radiation. Based on temperature differences between objects, thermal imaging produces a crisp image on which the smallest of details can be seen. They work both during daytime and nighttime.

Most FLIR IR infrared Systems thermal imaging cameras contain an uncooled Vanadium Oxide detector. Not only does this produce excellent quality thermal images, since it is not containing any moving parts, it needs virtually no maintenance. Thermal imaging technology requires no additional lighting or illumination and has no regular maintenance costs.

What the science behind a thermal imaging FLIR IR night vision PTZ pan tilt gimbal turret camera?

(a) Exterior Housing – Usually composed of an aluminum bell shaped cover, The housing can be of all shapes and sizes from plastic to military grade hardened coated all weather NBC Nuclear Biological Chemical compliant
(b) IR FPA LWIR/MWIR/SWIR/CMOS Camera module
This is where the image FLIR, MWIR, LWIR, SWIR, night vision, intensified, cmos, long wave, short wave, mid wave cooled and uncooled detector and sensors reside, CCD sensor, optical zoom germanium DFOV, TFOV, Fixed and CZ continuous zoom lenses, and the motors that control Zoom and Focus are located.
(c) PTZ Pan Tilt control board
The PTZ control board processes RS485 data that converts it into mechanical movements. Some are Pelco, Pelco Extended and are available in a wide array of protocols supporting VMS, GUI, ONVIF, IP, ETHERNET, FIBER, MICROWAVE, ANALOG, DIGITAL and WIRELESS
(d) PTZ motors – are the small motors that allow the thermal FLIR and CCTV HD camera to perform up, down, left and right functions. Marked by the arrows are two step motors; the one to the top controls up and down movements and the one at the bottom controls left and right movements, some systems have no motors and other methods of moving the cameras PTZ, some use brushless motors.

The Long Range Pan Tilt M5 Thermal Imaging FLIR camera is installed in worldwide critical facility environments for;

  • Port Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Coastal Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Border Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Perimeter Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Shoreline Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Long Range Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Airport Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Runway Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Maritime Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Marine Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Critical Infrastructure Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Vehicle mounted Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Multi Sensor Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Dual Sensor Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Panoramic scanning Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Drone, UAV, UAS, SUAS Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Range Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Covert / Special operations tactical Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicle UGV Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • EO-IR Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • ISR Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR

Overview of long range SD and HD (high definition) LWIR and MWIR thermal imaging IR FLIR PTZ pan tilt cameras

Because everything generates heat, thermal imaging cameras can see as well at night as they can during the day. Cameras dependent on visible light are useless at night or in poor visibility without supplementary illumination from lamps, LEDs or lasers.
See clearly also in broad daylight and in total darkness night vision
SPI’s long range IR FLIR PTZ pan tilt thermal imaging cameras will not only protect borders and assets against intruders during the darkest of nights. The cameras are also perfectly suited for daytime surveillance. The long range infrared cooled and uncooled FLIR thermal imaging cameras will detect objects that remain invisible to the naked eye. For example, people hiding in the shadows or in the bushes will be detected. The cameras are also not blinded by glare from the sun.
Force Protection, Border Security and Surveillance The Ultra extreme NFOV long range FLIR thermal imaging night vision PTZ surveillance systems cover more territory and enable detection and classification better than any other sensor suite available. Networkable video and control make the long range FLIR thermal imaging systems the perfect border security imaging solution. The systems can be connected to a radar in a so called “slew to cue” configuration. If the radar detects an object, the camera turns in the correct direction so that you get a visual image from that blip on your radar screen.
Coastal Surveillance Some countries are bordered by thousands of kilometers of coastline. The long range ptz pan tilt zoom FLIR thermal imaging systems are the perfect tools to monitor what is happening along the coastline. They can be used to intercept illegal immigrants or to detect other threats coming from the sea. They are perfect for Vessel Traffic Monitoring and can work together with Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) and radars.
Perimeter Security Airports, air force bases, hydroelectric power plants, refineries, oil and gas pipelines and any other large infrastructure objects have perimeters that can be kilometers long. The ultra extreme FLIR thermal imaging systems provide the ultimate security solution. Detection ranges can exceed 50 kilometers KM
Quick and accurate Pan & Tilt unit The ultra compact, ultra precision IP68+ Pan & Tilt unit is designed for heavy duty service in extremely demanding environments, from hot desert to arctic conditions. This positioning unit includes slip-ring connections for the different signals (video, power and data), which allow for infinite horizontal rotation, and provide DC servo drives for the rotary movement in both axes. High precision gears provide fast accurate movement, free from backlash and extremely low hysteresis, through a continuous 360° rotation. The performance contributes to find targets faster, as well as to get a good and stable display of the sensors’ pictures even in very narrow fields of view. Incremental encoders allow for accurate geo-referencing of targets with precise read-out of the vertical and horizontal angles. Our PTZ pan tilt gimbals are the longest lasting most reliable positioning gimbals available. Enhanced electronic and active gyro stabilization ensures jitter free imagery at extreme long ranges and while operating the system on the move on mobile/windy harsh mast/pole/tripod hydraulic and retractable platforms.
Laser Range Finder LRF, SPI’s ultra extreme long range day/night vision MWIR midwave cooled and long-wave LWIR uncooled systems can be equipped with long range eye safe Laser Range Finder. Combined with the GPS system and the electromagnetic compass, it will allow you to exactly determine where a suspected object is located and how far it is away even at extreme standoff long ranges.
Easy to install learn and operate, Our long range thermal IR infrared imaging PTZ pan tilt gimbal systems are designed to be easily installed and operated from remote or local C2.

We can Customize your Pan Tilt Zoom Thermal, CCTV and other exotic sensor system to cater to your exact application,
We have facilities that can satisfy any requirement in a rapid response timeframe. We offer the worlds best weapons grade all weather hardened PTZ EOIR
imaging systems. Contact us for additional information and pricing or call 702-499-9551