Law Enforcement Thermal Imaging FLIR Cameras

Our law enforcement LE flir thermal imaging cameras are made specifically with police officers and first responders in mind, ensuring crisp infrared imaging even in the darkness of night, dense fog, foliage and smoke.  SPI Corp believes that the good guys should always have the tactical advantage over the crooks.  Our thermal imaging solutions provide the ultimate in thermal surveillance no matter what the mission, so you’ll never have to break cover to obtain evidence or catch criminals in the act.

Long range law enforcement LE flir thermal imaging camera

We have many thermal imaging camera models available to support your operation comfortably, including hand held thermal imagers perfect for LEOs on stakeout or firefighters in the heat of the moment saving valuable lives. We also have thermal scopes for more tactical-oriented situations for FBI and SWAT maneuvers, as well as full pan tilt zoom vehicle, boat or UAV drone mounted long range infrared cameras when mobile surveillance is mission critical.

Long range law enforcement LE flir thermal imaging camera

We also have many used and refurbished models of hand held thermal imaging cameras for any department on a tight budget, ensuring reliable life saving technology can be in the hands of every law enforcement officer and first responder who need them at an affordable cost.

Call us today at (702) 369-3966 to discuss what SPI Corp can do for your law enforcement agency, or email us at Don’t let the bad guys have the edge in the dark!


Handheld Law Enforcement Thermal Imaging Cameras

HTMI v2.0

The HTMI v2.0 mini FLIR scope is tiny, but don’t let the small package fool you.  This military standard thermal scope weighs about half of its competitor, the MTM, and outperforms the MTM at every turn.  Featuring two rail mounts, this little wonder is comfy in the palm of your hand and fits both head/helmet mounts & rifles without having to make any adjustments to the mounting system.  The unit has wireless Bluetooth capability, is waterproof and comes in 30 Hz & 60 Hz configurations with the FLIR Quark 2 core, so you know it’s one of the best mini FLIR scopes on the market today.

HTMI v2.0 Product Specifications

Resolution 336×284 or 640×512 available
Power Battery
Battery Type
1 CR123 Lithium 3V
FLIR Quark 2 core
Magnification Up to 8x digital zoom
Storage SD & USB out cable
Frame Rate 30 Hz or 60 Hz
Display 800×600 OLED

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This is our newest and best handheld long range thermal imaging solution for surveillance and security. The LRTS offers stunning high resolution thermal video and images, and an unbelievable 18x zoom for ultra long range accuracy with a HUGE 75mm lens. It also features both auto and manual gain control, so you will never have your surveillance footage washed out by a bright sky. Records real time 60hz thermal video & high resolution thermal images that can be stored locally on an internal SD card.  Comes with USB video out and an additional car charger for use in a vehicle.

LRTS-15 Surveillance Scope Specs

Resolution 110,592 pixels
Power AC & Car adapter
Battery Type
4 Li Ion, Rechargeable
Gain Control
Auto & Manual
Magnification 18x digital zoom
Storage SD & USB out cable
Frame Rate 60 hz
Display OLED

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X400 TacScope

The X400 TacScope offers a slick, ergonomic design that fits easily in the palm of your hand. At just under six inches, this handheld infrared camera produces high definition thermal video and images with a 4x zoom, 19mm lens offering human detection over 600 meters in total darkness, rain or fog. This rugged little thermal imaging camera weighs less than 1lb, and can be used up to 15 hours continuously, making it a must for any serious surveillance operations. Records real time 60hz video in black, white or red hot modes.

X400 TacScope Specs

Dimensions 5.2″ x 2.4″ x 2.6″
Weight 9 oz
Battery Type
Li-ion battery (rechargeable)
Interfaces USB, video out
Magnification 2x, 4x
Detection Range 380m +
Frame Rate 60 hz
Display 800 x 600 OLED

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More Handheld Thermal Imagers for Law Enforcement

We have many more handheld law enforcement thermal imaging cameras available to fit any mission profile. Click here to view our entire catalog.

Mounted Law Enforcement Thermal Imaging Cameras

M1D PTZ Cameras

Mount them on a UAV drone.  Mount them on a helo. Mount them on a marine vessel. These compact little infrared cameras truly go anywhere. They have a super-rugged and sealed housing with full pan tilt zoom function, a thermal camera core and an integrated CCTV camera for dedicated daylight observation. The M1D family of infrared cameras is highly customizable and come in several configurations.

The M1Ds come with magnetic mounts and hard mounts, and are available in wireless configurations for drop-depolyability to keep you well out of harm’s way on surveillance missions or in combat. Customize your law enforcement thermal imaging camera system today!

M1D PTZ Camera Specs

Dimensions 6″ X 4″ X 3.5″
Weight 2lbs
Power 12-28 VDC
Pan/Tilt 360° continuous / 180° +/-
Magnification 2x, 4x, 8x
Sensor Types
640×480  Thermal FLIR


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M5 PTZ Cameras

M5 law enforcement thermal imaging cameras offer the ultimate pan tilt zoom all-weather solution for any type of surveillance. These long range cameras have both thermal cores and a CCTV camera for the crispest security imaging possible.  Featuring an integrated wiper system, these infrared cameras will give you the best footage in rain, snow or sunshine. There are several options available to easily incorporate these cameras into any existing security system, or create your own custom thermal imaging system.

M5 Thermal ImagingCamera Specs

Dimensions 14.6″ x 13.5″ x 13.5″
Weight 13.2 lbs
Power 12VDC I≥2.5A
Ruggedness Continuous spray 48hours under PH of 6.5-7.2, All weather, sealed
Zoom 432 X zoom CCTV Optical & Digital
>1000 yards Thermal >2500 yards Visual

(Longer ranges available)

Average Work Time

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More Mountable Thermal Imaging Cameras for Law Enforcement

We have many more mountable law enforcement thermal imaging cameras available to fit any mission profile. Click here to view our entire catalog.