HD long range thermal imaging

Hand Held Flir Camera Talon-X Thermal Imaging

Talon x Hand Held Flir Camera Thermal Imaging

Hand Held FLIR Camera

The Talon X hand held flir camera is a small sized night vision thermal imaging camera with one hand operation device for use by paramilitary, law enforcement, military and special forces security personnel.

“Nothing can hide from the talon X Imager”

Long range thermal cameras

Long range thermal binocular

You can watch live thermal video, record video and take pictures with your cellphone through its WiFi connection. Never before has a hand held flir camera been able to do so much at such a great price.

HD long range thermal imaging

The tactical Talon X system is ideal for mid to long range tracking, detecting, and identifying humans vehicles and military assets in day, low light and pitch dark environments.


The Talon-X Hand Held Flir Camera has several Color Palettes available with hot spot target tracking.

Long range thermal cameras

A shortcut key operation allows for fast and easy operation.

Clip on thermal scopes

The system is a rugged high-performing thermal imaging system at an affordable price that you will not believe.

PT ptz flir

Hand held flir camera captures crew on a fishing boat in the Newport Harbor.

marine ptz flir thermal camera

Long range thermal biocular


Hand held advanced IR camera class

Detector : Uncooled FPA Detector
Display : 640×480
FOV : 20 x 15
Focal Length : 29mm
Sensitivity : 1/10 degree C
Frame Rate : 50Hz
Focus : Fixed
Electronic Zoom : 2x, 3x, 4x
Spectral Range : 8 – 14 µm
Image Transmission : Live via WiFi. View the image, record video, take pictures with cellphone
Hot Spot Tracking : Crosshair tracks Hottest Spot
Laser Indicate : Yes
Image Polarity : Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot


Eye Relief Adjustment : knob
Battery Type : Li-on, Rechargeable
Operation Time : 5 hours continuous
Charge Type : Charge with USB, also operates with USB Power Bank
External DC Input : 5VDC/2A (Micro USB)
Operating Temperature : -20°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature : -40°C to +60°C
IP Rating : IP67
Drop Resistance : 1m
Weight : <0.5Kg
Dimensions : <180 x 70 x 70 mm
Power : Yes
Video Output : PAL/NTSC
USB : Yes

Handheld flir

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