Long range Thermal imaging panoramic scanner

XT360 Panoramic Thermal FLIR IR imaging scanner

XT360 Panoramic Thermal Infrared Imaging FLIR Scanner

XT360 Panoramic HD Thermal FLIR IR Scanner

The long range / long distance XT360 Infrared Thermal FLIR Imaging System provides a full 360° panoramic video with 30 megapixel resolution, and is easily configured for a wide variety of maritime and land platforms. The touch screen Graphic User Interface (GUI) has multiple display modes and can be adapted to best suit the application and operator preference. An integral part of autonomous systems, the XT360 panoramic scanning Infrared Imaging System provides the only covert option for nighttime long range situational awareness, navigation, and combat Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) & C4ISR

Clip on thermal imaging scopes



The XT360 panoramic thermal imaging FLIR scanning systems is equivalent to 24 individual HD FLIR FPA Thermal IR cameras, which saves user fatigue, time and money


Maritime – Force Protection, Navigation and Combat ISR
Commercial Merchant Vessels – Security / Anti-Piracy
Land – Force Protection, Situational Awareness
Border Surveillance – 360° Cueing
Oil Platforms – 360° Security
Critical site force protection – 360 troop security / enemy detection

• One rotating 1,280 x 1,024 HD 15 μm IR camera
• 30 Mp full panoramic resolution
• Cooled Midwave Infrared (MWIR)
• 100% Passive • Compact and rugged modular configuration
• image enhancement processing FLIR thermal image correction – provides the sharpest/cleanest HD Thermal FLIR Imagery with HD MWIR FPA
• High sensor reliability
• Merges combat proven scanning technology of the AN/AAR-44 MWS with the Militry fielded HD Infrared Sensor

• Equivalent to 24 individual HD FLIR Thermal IR cameras, saves user fatigue, time and money
• Force multiplier – Enhanced force protection and situational awareness
• MWIR enables Best Range and Resolution of any 360 Infrared System with InSb (ultra sensitive Indium Antimonide 3-5 Um HD Photodetector)
• Ideal Nighttime Sensor for Navigation and Discrete ISR Operations
• Mobile variant can be easily transported, set-up, and operated by single user
• Enables the user to discriminate the target from background and clutter at longer ranges
• Superior range performance as compared to Distributed Aperture Systems (DAS)
• Higher operational availability, reduced maintenance, and lower life-cycle costs

Long range thermal camera



Sensor Type MWIR InSb reticulated

Sensor Size 1,280 x 1,024 pixels, 15 μm pitch

Panoramic Resolution 30,720 x 1,024 pixels

Spectral Band 3.4 to 5.2 μm with CO2 notch

Field of Regard (Single) 17° (Horizontal) x 13° (Vertical)

Field of Regard 360° (Horizontal) x 38° (Vertical) (Panoramic Scan)

Field of Regard (with 360° (Horizontal) x 38° (Vertical) Elevation Control)

Digital Data Output 14-bit Digital Data from Sensor

Rotation/Image Update 2.5 Hz Panoramic Update Rate

Cool-Down Time 7 mins.

Power Source +24 VDC and +28 VDC

Current at Steady State < 10 Amps

Sensor Weight * < 50 lb.

Size * 14” diameter x 18” (H)

Operating Temp ** -32°C to +55°C

Long range law enforcement LE flir thermal imaging camera



Improved Situational Awareness • Combat multiplier through reduced manpower • Maintains situational awareness through simultaneous observation of the full 360° surrounding the sensor • Provides panoramic infrared imagery to detect all types of maritime and land targets • Allows users to discriminate between contacts and tag accordingly: friendly, neutral, hostile and unknown • Panoramic alert capability can be used to interface with other cueing sensors installed on vessels and towers for longer range recognition and identification Low Cost/Infrastructure (Single Sensor System – Small Size, Weight and Power (SWaP)) • Reduces the sustainment costs of fielding systems • Mobile variant can be easily transported, setup and operated by single user • System setup requires no special tools and can be operational within minutes Reconfigurable Architecture • Sensor type (visible, CCD, SCMOS, BSTFA, HFIS, NIR, MWIR, LWIR, SWIR) is easily changeable to meet application requirements • Sensor resolution is configurable based on required detection ranges • Panoramic update rate is easily configured based on required update rates Ease of Use • Provides multiple GUI displays to meet different user needs • Records and stores panoramic video into a removable disk drive for post-incident analysis, enabling an automated intelligence tool The System Also Provides: • Built-In-Test (BIT) • Onboard temperature and humidity sensors Optional PED Upgrade: Autonomous Surveillance • Provides the ability to search for, acquire and evaluate objective areas using the panoramic video, automatically detecting hostiles and hazards that could compromise safety and security • Provides wide area search capability with autonomous target recognition capability • Autonomous find, fix, track and target of multiple targets of interest concurrently.

Drone flir thermal camera

PTS360 LWIR panoramic thermal imaging scanner available in SD or HD format

Panoramic 36 degree thermal imaging camera

Panoramic thermal imaging camera
Long range laser rangefinder thermal imaging flir PTZ binocular

Now also available is our SD or HD IR 2 km M1DXLR
zenith thermal imaging panoramic scanning
slew to cue system,

Thermal imaging panoramic scanner

M1D-XLR/ZENITH Panoramic thermal scanner Day or Night / Fair or Bad Weather System:

Thermal Cameras have long since demonstrated their ability to penetrate dust storms, fog, smoke and complete darkness. No lights, emitters or other devices are required. This camera sees the same image day or night without assistance or support.

Powerful Onboard Video Analytics:

Simple, easy to use analytics allow the user to quickly identify intrusions over the entire 360° FOV.

Completely Undetectable:

M1D-XLR/ZENITH Panoramic thermal scanner is a completely passive system, rendering it invisible and impossible to detect plus it provides thermal visual images.

Fully Self Contained Surveillance Solution:

M1D-XLR/ZENITH Panoramic thermal scanner operates as a fully self contained unit providing it’s own power, communications, connectivity, analytics and alert monitoring. You can literally take it anywhere.

Highly Flexible Alert Platform:

Once an alert has been identified by the analytics, M1D-XLR/ZENITH Panoramic thermal scanner has the ability to send these event notifications along with coordinates and JPEG images to a dispatch service or other alert management tool. Vary the alert notifications by time of day, day of week, person, alert category, group, etc. Send only what you want to whom you want, when you want it.

Cost Effective:

M1D-XLR/ZENITH Panoramic thermal scanner unique ability to multiply the power and capability of a single thermal sensor to do the work of up to 20 separate sensors allows it to provide cost effective 360 degree thermal coverage to any site.

Rugged and Reliable:

All components, including the rotating assembly, are completely protected from the elements inside a sealed enclosure. That means no rotating seals to fail, no more sandblasted lenses and no more fogged out images.

Lightweight and Portable:

M1D-XLR/ZENITH Panoramic thermal scanner tips the scales at less than four pounds. When combined with it’s optional portable aluminum tower, M1D-XLR/ZENITH Panoramic thermal scanner can be easily towed to any site with a conventional ATV and deployed 30 feet in the air in minutes. No supporting infrastructure required – this combination is completely self contained.


M1D-XLR/ZENITH Panoramic thermal scanner has the ability to pinpoint any alert on a map and to send those coordinates to the user as part of the event notification. This makes M1D-XLR/ZENITH Panoramic thermal scanner the ideal platform for tracking objects and can be used in conjunction with other camera systems to provide slew to cue data.

Thermal imaging panoramic scanner specifications