5 million ISO color low light CMOS night vision Hd 4K security camera

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5 million ISO color camera

x27 color low light night vision 5 million iso security cmos sensor camera

CMOS HD 4K color low light night vision security camera

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The X27 is the worlds most sensitive highest performing color low light CMOS camera.  This revolutionary new high performance solid-state true real time night vision imaging system offers bright as day, low noise imagery in the darkest of scenes, even as dark as starlit moonless nights.

Traditional image intensified low light technologies work well, but have their drawbacks. Image intensified i2 tube night vision is the best performing low light technology available…it’s drawbacks are, susceptibility to damage & technology cannot be used in the daytime.

To achieve ultra low light imaging in color has been a challenge throughout the years the X27 offers extreme ultra low light performance in a wide spectral range of 390 nm to 1200 nanometers, the system can be used day or night and can detect infrared lasers.

CMOS Low-light-color-night-vision-camera-cmos-sensor

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Preliminary Technical Specifications:

-Sensor & Parameters: Maintenance free, no moving parts, Solid State non intensified BSTFA Extreme low light color FPA w/column amplification

– Large Format, large pixel pitch architecture w/5,000,000 equivalent ISO

– Backside Illuminated for light utilization efficiency

– Extreme low SNR – High Dynamic Range, Photoconductive & photoresponse gain

– Very high ISO w/Extremely Low read Noise

– Auto Black Level Calibration

– Auto Exposure w/excellent color fidelity

– Excellent image uniformity

– Auto hot pixel correction

-Frame Rate: 60 FPS / optional 120 FPS

-Day Night Mode: Auto Imaging/Auto Switching

-Bright light/Blooming compensation: Automatic

-Photodetector Array Size: 10 Megapixel / HD 4320 x 2432

-Temperature Range: -30C to +80C

-Output: HD

-Output Type: HD-SDI / HDMI

-Wavelength: 390-1200 Um broadband Extreme High Sensitivity

-IR Response: Yes

-Power: 12V

-Lens: 52mm / Optional 22mm, 37mm, 88mm, 155mm, 205mm/ smaller and Larger mixed Aperture Focal Length Available

-Housing: Sealed / All weather

-Image Stabilization: Optional 4 stage