M3 PTZ laser Pan Tilt Zoom security camera

M3 Pan Tilt Zoom Laser high grade PTZ security/surveillance camera system available in full High Definition HD or 4K resolution

The M3 Series of HD IP Long Range PTZ Cameras are specially designed for outdoor with smart PTZ features. With ultra sensitive CMOS sensors with various zoom ratio optical modules, images with the highest picture qualities are possible. With hardened casing and high precision engineering, these cameras can operate in the most extreme conditions including under high humidity and wet weather. The M3 Series of HD IP Long Range PTZ Cameras will provide quality and stability to set the industry’s standard for high performance HD IP PTZ cameras. The Unit is also available in Ultra High 4K resolution. The unit is ONVIF compatible, and the long range laser is tuned to offer the best night vision Ir infrared illumination.

Heavy duty construction with 100% duty cycle systems w/precision optics allow for human detection ranges of up to 1000 Meters

M3 PTZ Zoom Camera

M3 Pan Tilt Zoom Security camera~
M3 Laser telephoto Pan Tilt Zoom Border surveillance camera

High Definition Picture Quality:4K、3MP、1080P、720P

High Zoom Ratio Lens:20X、30X

High Speed Smooth Pan Tilt System:Horizontal 360 Degrees Continuous Rotation, Vertical 120 Degrees

Various Video Analytics : Motion Tracking, Object Left Behind, Traffic Violations, Auto Tracking, Counting, Illegal Line Crossing Various New Selection : Intelligent Active Laser Illumination, Auto Day Night Transition, Image Stabilizer, WDR Temperature Control System:

Operating Temperature -40 C to +60 C

High Definition Optical Glass Double Sided Coating External Coating for Water Resistance High Definition Optical Glass from Switzerland, complete with Double Sided Coating prevents water seepage and increases light penetration of up to an additional +5%. This latest optical glass is also dust and water moisture resistant. Using Water Proof Breathable Valve This allows Pressure Equalization internally and externally. This will not only protect the internal sensitive sensors and optical block but at the same time, reduce moisture build up inside the dome glass casing. Waterproof seal Waterproof Shaft and Oil Seal with special Stainless Steel structure will improve water resistance. This will allow cameras to achieve up to IP67 industrial standards. Using High Precision Bearings, we can ensure both smooth and high precision mechanical rotation of our speed domes. Stainless Steel High Precision Ball Bearing Assembly prolongs camera life as well as prevent corrosion. Uniquely designed Hardened Metal Alloy casing is suitable for extreme weather conditions. Tilt angle is up to +30 degrees and down angle is up to -90 degrees. This greatly increases the camera’s monitoring areas and overcomes the usual limited viewing angles of ordinary speed domes.