PTZ FLIR Long Range Pan Tilt Zoom Thermal IR imaging cameras

The Worlds BEST Long Range PTZ Thermal FLIR Imaging Multi Sensor CCTV zoom Pan Tilt IR Camera Systems

When you need the advantages of full stabilized pan tilt zoom (PTZ) flir (Forward Looking InfraRed) thermal imaging cameras, SPI Corp can custom design/engineer the perfect Dual sensor & Multi Sensor PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) FLIR thermal imaging system for you. If you require custom special design and integration at affordable pricing, SPI will cater to your mission requirements.

Long range thermal imaging cameras


longest range flirOur Gyro Stabilized short, medium and long range PTZ FLIR and PT Pan Tilt Flir infrared surveillance systems incorporate Dual & Multi-sensor daytime CCTV and HD thermal imaging Flir cameras to give you the ultimate in security performance at any time of day or night, in virtually any conditions. Our Military grade IP68+ MIL STD 810F system have incredible detection capabilities of over 55 Kilometers, Optional SWIR, Color Night Vision, Laser Range Finders, IR Infrared Laser Pointers, illuminators and designators are available to round out the perfect EOIR PTZ imaging system. We feature MWIR cooled and LWIR uncooled long range PTZ FLIR EO/IR thermal imaging cameras with fully user programmable interfaces (our units respond to standard COTS PELCO-D commands & any universal protocols) to incorporate pre-configured scan patterns into a daily regimen, as well as easy to use joystick controls for on the fly observations. The M5 / MX6 /M7 / M9 / M11 series of Pan Tilt Zoom PTZ thermal imaging FLIR camera / EOIR payload are available at affordable pricing. A Multitude of exotic sensors and are available such as LWIR, MWIR, SWIR, Intensified Cameras, NIR, CMOS, color night vision, GPS, COMPASS, LRF Laser Range Finders, IR Infrared Laser Pointers/illuminators/designators, as well as ultra long range zoom CCTV optics with lenses as high as 3000mm, Radar integration, mast, UAV, Airborne, Aerial, space, mobile and marine platforms are available with COTS and custom configurations for your exact application. We offer the absolute best gyro stabilized rugged PTZ FLIR turret steerable gimbals that will withstand any harsh environments. Contact us with your custom requirements, we offer the best long range flir ptz solutions.

pan tilt ptz flir thermal


FLIR PTZ Thermal imaging Pan Tilt Cameras

M5 LRTI PTZ Long Range Thermal FLIR Surveillance / Security Camera

FLIR PTZ thermal imaging long range multi sensor pan tilt MWIR camera system

M9-X Long Range Thermal IR Imaging PTZ FLIR Zoom Camera

Long Range Multi sensor pan tilt FLIR Thermal Imaging PTZ unit

M7 stabilized LWIR / MWIR Long Range pan tilt Thermal PTZ FLIR Imaging camera for Detection, Security & Surveillance


Heavy Duty All weather IP68 rugged border/port/runway/airport/coastal PTZ FLIR multi-Sensor Thermal Imaging security/Surveillance Cameras

M7 PTZ Thermal Imaging Cameras

The M7 PTZ thermal imaging cameras are serious extra long range systems for the most critical applications. These easily mountable, highly mobile infrared camera systems can put up with anything you throw their way, and are perfect for military, law enforcement & border/homeland security operations. The M7 Thermal FLIR Infrared Imaging Camera payloads are fully ruggedized and sealed military grade PTZ FLIR Pan Tilt Zoom platforms. The M7 PTZ FLIR comes in MWIR (Mid Wave Infrared) and LWIR (Long Wave Infrared) and packs telephoto zoom long range optical lenses with Continuous Optical Zoom all the way to achieve Effective 3000MM focal Length and with Human Detection Ranges that Exceed 20 Kilometers. Ethernet, Ip, VOIP, Fiber and custom connections are available, LRF Laser Range Finders and a host of IR Laser illuminator & Multi Sensors are also available for inclusion on to the M7 PTZ FLIR Camera, Contact SPI with your unique Custom applications. Long range LWIR and MWIR can be VERY Expensive, SPI will offer you the most rugged, affordable solution packing the highest quality sensors, IR illuminating lasers and optics with the highest performance possible!

M7 PTZ Thermal Imaging flir Eoir Camera Specifications

Dimensions 14.6″ x 13.5″ x 13.5″
Weight 26 lbs for M7 / 15 Lbs for M5 (dependent on Sensors)
 Connectivity 12 VDC /Digital/Analog/HD-SDI/RS485 customizable to customers specifications
Pan/Tilt 360° continuous rotation / 180° +/-
Magnification Up to 600X HD CCTV zoom EOIR sensors are included / up to 10Km human detection in day or night/full true continuous zoom F/1.2 LWIR optics / 10Kilometer + Human detection with MWIR CZ F/4 to F/5.5 Lenses
Sensor Type 640×512 standard FLIR / optional 1024 x 768 detector, NOW AVAILABLE 1920×1280 HD LWIR sensor 10-15μm uncooled microbolometer, optional InSb, MCT, hot MCT
Sensors Full color and b&w thermal FLIR imaging / HD Zoom b&w Color camera, Low light level Camera Channel, Laser Rangefinder with 20 KM Range, tracking, fusion, image blending

The m7 Long Range PTZ Flir thermal camera is the worlds highest performing affordable pt pan tilt thermal camera. The unit features continuous wide to telephoto optical thermal zoom germanium lens that maintains its focus throughout the entire zoom cycle and has the capabilities of 20 kilometer (km) detection distance ranges. The included 500x tv reconnaissance camera offers crisp color/low light CCTV imaging with a high fidelity CMOS sensor EO PTZ FLIR Thermal imager. The unit is a great day/night imaging platform catered for driving, navigation aid, long range vehicle, mast mounted and ultra extreme long range marine applications.

M5 Family of PTZ Thermal Imaging Cameras

The M5 Family PTZ thermal imaging cameras are highly customizable infrared imaging solutions and are available in a wide variety of configurations. The cameras feature long range CCTV cameras integrated with high resolution thermal sensors, that combined, offer the best in thermal surveillance 24/7. The weatherized housing easily mounts to any surface with 4 heavy duty bolts, and shock protection is provided by integrated bushings. Our Optical Long Range thermal imaging Germanium (Ge) lenses precision made coated and hardened for years of service. Contact us today to discuss configuration options & pricing.

M5 PTZ flir Thermal Imaging Camera Specifications

Dimensions 14.6″ x 13.5″ x 13.5″
Weight 9 lbs
Power 12 VDC
Pan/Tilt 360° continuous rotation / 180° +/-
Magnification 2x, 4x, or 8x (depending on configuration) Up to 440X CCTV zoom
Human Detection 1000+ m Thermal, 2500+ m Visual, Custom longer ranges available
Thermal Imaging Full color and b&w thermal imaging Integrated wiper system, tracking, fusion, image blending


M9 Gyro Stabilized Ultra Rugged Extreme Long range PTZ FLIR Thermal ImagingCooled MWIR long range PTZ thermal FLIR camera mounted on pedestal
CCTV Camera with Laser Range Finder for Surveillance, security, detection and Tracking

The M9 Is the Pinnacle of rugged Gyro Stabilized Long range MWIR Cooled Mid Wave 3-5 Micron Telephoto zoom PTZ FLIR Imager system, If your application
Calls for the absolute most rugged, all weather Long Range Pan Tilt PTZ Thermal FLIR Imaging CCTV HD ZOOM Multi Sensor System, then the M9 is the Clear Choice.

CLICK HERE for additional info on the M9 PTZ FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera

DRS Watchmaster Pro PTZ Pan Tilt Thermal Imaging Cameras

DRS Watchmaster Pro PTZ thermal imaging cameras offer the absolute best performance in long range thermal perimeter security. These state of the art thermal imaging systems have long been used by the US Armed Forces & at high security facilities, are fully weatherized and up to any task. These super-duty FLIR cameras come in durable aluminum housing (fully pressurized, purged & sealed) and feature stainless steel hardware, making them lightweight, small and easy to install. We have a limited quantity of barely used systems (they come in original manufacturer’s packaging) that have never been installed in the field! Take advantage of this closeout pricing because once they are gone, they are GONE!

DRS Watchmaster ptz flir thermal camera Pro Specifications

Dimensions 16.5″ x 12.7″ x 8.1″
Weight <  15lbs (with dual cameras)
Power 10-30 VDC (with reverse polarity)
Pan/Tilt 360° continuous rotation / 90° +/-
Magnification 312x (optical 26x, digital 12x)
Thermal Sensor 30 hz frame rate, 640 x 480
Focus/Gain Motorized/auto & manual

CLICK HERE FOR THE NEW M2-D Mini Gimbal – A micro gimbal for UAV and vehicle use that only weighs 160 grams is an amazing thing all by itself. But a micro gimbal that weighs 160 grams, has both a FLIR thermal camera and a visual camera with optical zoom and is gyro stabilized now that is something that you would call impossible.  But its not.  It is real.  The unbelievable new M2-D micro stabilized gimbal features a 640×480 high resolution thermal camera with all the features (gain, level, polarity, color, digital zoom, etc).  Co located is a very nice visual camera with OPTICAL zoom. Thats right this is not a kludge digital zoom but a true optical zoom down to 4.5 degrees FOV.  Then of course there is a digital zoom kicker on top of that.  Normally a 4 degree FOV in a UAV or ground vehicle will produce a very shaky unusable image.  Thats why everyone fly’s with the consumer grade GoPro with its super wide angle lens.  When using wide angle optics it is very easy to get smooth relatively shake free images but it is also very hard to get usable imagery and detail from any altitude.  Try reading license plates with a GO PRO (maybe if your flying at 10′ AGL).  The M2-D has advanced gyro stabilization just like the super expensive FLIR balls that they fly on helicopters and military aircraft.  This degree of stabilization is way beyond the consumer Chinese stuff you see on the web.  With the Micro M2-D Gyro Stabilized EO/IR gimbal you can zoom in and read license plates from hundreds of feet AGL.  This becomes a very useful tool for a wide range of applications.  

Fully Customizable Color Palettes to Enhance Your Surveillance Imagery

PTZ HD flir thermal imaging cameras, MWIR FLIR PTZ, LWIR PTZ, Continuous Zoom PTZ thermal infrared IR Camera, Long range zoom FLIR camera, Long Distance PTZ thermal FLIR camera for human detections
people at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC as seen through our PTZ thermal imaging cameras
Aerial view of a man by a car as seen through our Long Range PTZ thermal imaging cameras
A possible IED placement as seen through our PTZ Long Range FLIR thermal imaging cameras
People walking up the street as seen through our PTZ thermal imaging cameras  

Ruggedized Mini EOIR/Laser FLIR PTZ Thermal Imaging
Meet the M1-D Family of PTZ thermal imaging cameras.  They are tough little customers, but don’t let their size fool you!  They come in a wide array of configurations, making them the most customizable, robust dual sensor / multi sensor thermal imaging FLIR infrared cameras SPI Corp offers to date.  No matter what the operation, we can engineer the perfect product for your mission for reliable performance, any time of day or night. Mount them on drones, cars, boats or buildings! They truly go anywhere! An optional encoder provides IP addressable integration and the units can be configured wirelessly. Contact us for details on configurations & pricing.  

M1-D PTZ thermal imaging cameras

M1-D PTZ Thermal Imaging Cameras

The M1-D is a small, lightweight, yet heavy duty full pan tilt zoom infrared camera that packs a wallop! Magnetic & hard mounts make this little thermal camera so versatile, it’s able to be mounted on UAV/UAS drones, vehicles, buildings, or anywhere else you want to stick it.  The weatherized case ensures operability in any conditions, and the integrated laser pointer and CCTV camera provide accurate target acquisition, 24/7.

M1-D PTZ FLIR Thermal Imaging Eoir Uav/UAS/drone/unmanned Camera Product Specifications

Dimensions 6″ x 4″ x 3.5″
Weight 2.5 lbs
Power 12-28 VDC
Pan/Tilt 360° continuous rotation / 180° +/-
Magnification 2x, 4x, 8x zoom
Sensor Types 640 x 480, 320 x 240, 160 x 120 FLIR thermal sensors
Thermal Imaging Full color and b&w thermal imaging
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M1-D Marine PTZ Thermal Imaging Cameras

The M1-D Marine PTZ thermal imaging cameras are specifically suited for use in applications on maritime vessels.  Mounts easily, magnetically and with bolts.  Optional image stabilization mounts provide extra imaging support in fast moving conditions, search & seizure, boat security & man overboard rescue operations.

M1-D Marine PTZ thermal imaging cameras



The M7X is available for applications that require extreme Eoir ultra LONG TV/MWIR/LWIR Thermal FLIR RANGE IMAGING,


L5 Long Range PTZ FLIR CCTV Anti Fog/haze/obscurant 1000mm and 2000 mm zoom lens Camera Systems

long range hd cctv zoom ptz camera with 1000mm and 2000mm zoom lens


L6 PTZ FLIR Long Range Thermal FLIR HD LASER GYRO Stabilized instrumentation Camera with uav/drone/missile tracking & anti fog/haze/clutter penetration features

Low light level CMOS night vision sensors and cameras

long range ptz thermal camera

The L6 Is a fully Integrated Long Range Multi-Sensor EOIR / Laser PTZ FLIR Thermal camera Imaging system That utilizes multiple cameras for detection, surveillance, security and monitoring applications.
Low Cost, High Performance, Ease of use are just a few key benefits of the L6 System, the unit utilizes a plug and play Interface with east hookup and easy operation.
The System offers bright as day PTZ FLIR Thermal camera imaging performance in the darkest of nights and is able to detect humans, vehicles, boats, vessels, missiles, rockets, aircrafts, unmanned vehicles, UAV’s, SUAS & Drones.

SPI Offers the highest performing uncooled thermal PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Thermal FLIR imaging camera system with human detection ranges up to 10 Kilometers and Vehicle / Vessel / Aircraft detection Ranges of 20 Kilometers. Our long life reliable ICDA cooled PT MWIR Thermal imaging multi sensor gimbals have Ultra long range detection capabilities exceeding 55 Km. Our thermal Imagers incorporate the finest EOIR optics with fixed and continuous zoom lenses in out thermal FLIR channels as well as optical magnification telephoto zoom in out HD High Definition EOIR sensors. Additional options include Laser Rangefinders and Ultra Low light sensors. EASY INSTALLATION The M5 MRTI PTZ Flir  is the easiest thermal pan tilt zoom system to install. Integrates simply with all security systems. FULLY UNIVERSAL AND COMPATIBLE WITH ANY NETWORK INTEGRATION SCENARIOS WITH WIRED, GPS, LOCAL, REMOTE, IP, STREAMING, ONVIF, POE POWER OVER ETHERNET, ANALOG, ETHERNET, SOLAR, FIBER, MICROWAVE INSTALLATIONS. M5 thermal imager customizable graphic CUSTOMIZABLE M5 configurations include long range thermal, VGA 640×480, network interface, mast mounted, slew to cue, drop deployable, marine, emergency response vehicle, tactical vehicle, surveillance truck, border, sea, coastline and more with add-ons such as NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LRF LASER RANGE FINDERS, SCMOS, LOW LIGHT CMOS, BSTFA, HFIS, LASER IR INFRARED ILLUMINATORS, POINTERS, DESIGNATORS, DAZZLER & SPOTLIGHT. Our ruggedized, all-weather, heavy duty housing is fit to mount on buildings, booms, vehicles, UAV/UAS and maritime vessels, and will withstand inclement conditions such as rain, fog, smoke & complete darkness. And for how light these units are, you’ll definitely be surprised at their versatility, ease of use and price. Whether you are using them for long range observation or short range security scans, you’ll get the ultimate in high resolution full color or black & white thermal imaging for your surveillance missions for the best possible 360° situational awareness available.

PTZ FLIR thermal imaging Infrared camera systems are positionable FLIR (thermal imaging infrared cameras) that come integrated in a housing called a payload, the steerable PTZ FLIR system allows the user to move the camera to any desired position for target tracking locating and surveilling. Most all dual sensor and multi sensor PTZ FLIR systems come with a thermal imaging camera with either electronic digital telephoto zoom and or optical continuous zoom telephoto functions. To compliment the PTZ FLIR, a daytime long range (generally 500x zoom) CCTV cmos camera is incorporated with the system to allow for detailed daytime EO (Electro Optical) imaging. Additional sensors can be integrated into the complete PTZ flir camera payload system such as SWIR, X27 Color low light cmos BSI high ISO 4k HD night vision, NIR low light sensors (X26), LRF Laser Range Finder, DMC Digital Magnetic Compass, Geo location, GPS, as well as radars for slue to cue positioning.

SLUE to CUE Radar Thermal Imaging PTZ FLIR camera assistance is compete camera sensor suite coupled with a radar. The Radar continuously scans the entire scene and when it picks up any activity of interest, it performs a slue to cue radar function and moves the camera to the target area and now starts tracking that object of interest, The PTZ FLIR camera interacts together with the SLUE to CUE radar and will alert the user of the action initialed while tracking that object in real time. Systems are mil-std810 and are ideal for ISR, c4isr, istar, star, Force Protection, Perimeter Direction, mss, mobile surveillance systems, Emergency Vehicle Situational Awareness, UGV Navigational Aid, border/coastal/frontier long range security and surveillance, Port & Ship Safety and Security, long range Remote Surveillance, long range mast or fixed pan tilt ptz scope trucks, Municipal and Utility Surveillance, ugv and autonomous vehicle navigation multi spectral/sensor system suite, and a host of unique custom long range imaging applications.

Our newly designed PTZ Flir thermal imaging cameras Incorporate cutting edge new advanced IDCA long life coolers with SLS, NBN, HOT MCT, and INSB detectors for longer range, longer life and greater detection capabilities, these new PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom FLIR thermal imaging cameras will have smaller continuous zoom hardened coated germanium lenses, smaller micro pitch sensors for long standoff ranges in border, shoreline, coastal and military security and surveillance. Contact us for your specific needs, we can supply complete multi sensor pan tilt zoom PTZ gimbals or long ranger MWIR and LWIR thermal imaging standalone FLIR cameras.

Custom Build design EOIR Multi Sensor PTZ long range imaging systems by SPI

SPI Custom Build & design EOIR Multi Sensor PTZ long range imaging systems.

Our Short Medium and Long Range PTZ FLIR thermal imaging Pan Tilt cameras are suitable for

  • Port Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Coastal Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Border Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Perimeter Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Shoreline Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Long Range Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Airport Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Runway Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Maritime Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Marine Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Critical Infrastructure Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Vehicle mounted Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Multi Sensor Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Dual Sensor Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Panoramic scanning Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Drone, UAV, UAS, SUAS Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Range Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Covert / Special operations tactical Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicle UGV Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • EO-IR Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • ISR Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR

Email us for custom PTZ FLIR camera integration for your exact mission needs

Call Mike at (702) 499-9551 for additional information or email

Drone Uav flir thermal camera gimbal ball

Long Range PTZ thermal camera