L6 PTZ Long Range Thermal FLIR Stabilized Camera

long range ptz thermal camera

The L6 Is a fully Integrated Long Range Multi-Sensor EOIR / Laser Imaging system That utilizes multiple cameras for detection, surveillance, security and monitoring applications.
Low Cost, High Performance and Ease of use are just a few key benefits of the L6 System, the unit utilizes a plug and play Interface with east hookup and easy operation.
The System offers bright as day imaging performance in the darkest of nights and is able to detect humans, vehicles, boats, vessels, missiles, rockets, aircrafts, unmanned vehicles, UAV’s, SUAS & Drones.

SPI EOIR long range thermal flir imaging ptz camera

SPI EOIR long range thermal flir imaging ptz camera


Military, law enforcement, scope truck, runway, airport, homeland security, maritime, marine, UAV detection, thermal detection, target tracking 


Thermal / IR Long Range Multi Sensor PTZ Instrumentation Camera System, Full Day/Night EOIR imaging capabilities with Laser augmentation

Up to 20 Kilometer Long Range Detection

Enhanced CCTV HD visible light CMOS Camera with Fog/Haze/Moisture/Clutter/Obscurant and dust Penetrating & Cutting Capabilities, Enhanced Image algorithms and filters designed to cut through clutter and provide a clear image in day or night

Long Range Continuous zoom, Auto Focus thermal infrared imaging FLIR camera

LWIR 8-13 / 7-14 / 8-12 Micron Band Missile Fly Data Collection Capabilities at .25 km to over 13 km Ranges.

SLT – Stealth Laser Technology Aids in pin pointing subtle and hard to see details in long range targets Over 2 Km, auto zoom and FOV adapting Diode

Ultra Sensitive thermal Infrared Imaging FLIR camera with 1/10 of a degree sensitivity picks up minute details and brings out hard to see targets at long ranges

Pin Point 100% In Sync alignment for accuracy

Pan Tilt Accuracy greater than +/- .1 Degree

Reliable, repeatable, long lasting Steerable Pan Tilt Positioner with optional Gyro Stabilization, 100 % Duty Cycle

Long Life, Maintenance free system

Surge & Lightning Protected

Low Power Consumption,

Full 360 degree Rotation, Robust jitter and vibration free system, user selectable pan/tilt speeds

PC-Windows Compatible Control Software, Compatible with PTZ Keyboards/Joysticks

Local/IP/Ethernet/Fiber/Microwave/ONVIF Connectivity

Anti Corrosion, Acid resistant, Sealed/all weather system


long range cooled IR camera

long range thermal camera


Technological Specifications:

Monitoring distance date


High Powered Diode

Optical axis calibration

2D optical axis auto-adjustment mechanism

Illumination angle

0.2° to 20°


Imaging sensor



30-1000mm or 30-2000mm F3.5 Coated hardened Auto Focus Lens

 Noise Reduction

 Yes, Auto Gain/Level/Contrast

Gyro stabilizer

 Available On Request

Thermal Camera Specification

Thermal detector

LWIR Uncooled 7-14 Micron 17 Um or 12 Um Detectors

Thermal camera

Continuous zoom F1.2
25mm-190mm Coated Germanium


Zoom/Polarity/Auto Gain Level/Threshold

Interface Specifications 

Video output interface

Fully Universal SD or HD

Communication interface

PELCO-D/P protocol

 Software  Included Software for customization of control and operation via Ethernet and other communications methods



All Weather/Sealed


-55°C~68°C, Humidity ≤95%RH ( Non-condensing ), 

Surge and lightning protection 

Power interface: 4500V, communication and video interface: 2500V

Protection class


long range thermal imaging camera



long range flir thermal camera

Low light level CMOS night vision sensors and cameras

Low light level CMOS night vision sensors and cameras