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A thermal scope technician

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Welcome to the SPI CORP LONG RANG FLIR THERMAL IMAGING GIMBAL PTZ LIVE VIDEO Customer Service support Portal. To have a live demonstration of our products please follow these simple directions.

VIDEO CHAT is available from 2:00pm to 4:00pm PST.

To start a new live video demonstration please do one of the following. The most rapid response is via telephone.
1. Call 702-369-3966 and ask for a Video Demo.
2. Click on Live Chat Support and request a Video Demo.
3. Send us an EMAIL to schedule a Video Demo.







Contact SPI for affordable, low cost professional assistance with any of the following:

-Thermal FLIR and multi sensor Rifle Scopes (including used low cost models)
-sensor blending and image fusion up to 10 channels
-long range laser cameras, HD CMOS & thermal imaging detectors cores & cameras
-long range HD visible and thermal superzoom telephoto continuous zoom optics
-mwir ultra extreme long range thermal Flir thermal infrared imaging cameras
-lwir long range continuous zoom uncooled thermal Flir infrared imaging cameras
-cmos night vision cameras and sensors
-Image fusion, Sensor fusion Image blending
-Image stabilization, gyro/mems/motors for payloads, turrets, balls & Gimbals

-llltv cameras and sensors, lenses/optics from visible, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR to VLWIR
-color low light level night vision sensors and camera modules, cores and engines
-Infrared Cameras (scientific, military, R&D and maintenance models)
-Thermal Imager Systems (law enforcement and military thermal imaging models)
-Thermal Pan Tilt Zoom (thermal PTZ) Multi-Sensor Systems (custom and COTS solutions)
-Night Vision (image intensified products)
-Night Vision (EMCCD, iccd, i2 products)
-ebaps isie-11 cameras
-electronic digital image intensifiers
-tubeless image intensifiers
-tube image intensifiers
-custom head mounted, hands free goggles, weapon sights, Dve, mobile,marine and airborne platforms
-Digital night vision goggles DNVG
-color night vision goggles
-Scmos and CMOS custom sensor integration and customization
-ingrated lasers visible and infrared from visible to SWIR
–SWIR ingaas cameras and sensors
-image stabilization, custom gimbals, payloads, turrets from 2 to 5 axis
-drone, Uav, Uav, UAS, suas cameras, STUAS UAV detectors, sensors and imagers
-Systems Integration, custom electro optics / optronics
-Custom Design and Manufacturing
-Kitting Assemblies and Contract Logistics
-Digital UXGA Low Light Level
-4K imaging
-Ultra Long Range zoom continuous, DFOV, TFOV optics and Lenses
-HD Microdisplay OLED, HMD, Headmounted optics
-Night vision systems/goggles/weapon sights/rifle mounted scopes/Clip on-Inline sights/Binoculars/cameras/lasers/sensors

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PBIED Person-Borne IED P-FCB Protection Functional Capabilities Board PIR passive infrared (type of switch) RC regional command RC remote control RC-East Regional Command-East, Afghanistan RC-South Regional Command-South Afghanistan RCIED Radio-controlled IED RCOS Route Clearance Optics Suite RF radio frequency RFI request for information RFS request for support RDT&E Research Development Testing and Evaluation S&T Science and Technology SDA Social Dynamic Analysis Services U.S. Military Services SIC/CPC Strategic Influence and Cultural Political Cell SIED Suicide IED SIGINT Signals Intelligence SIMS Systems Integration and Modeling and Simulation SIPR Secret Internet Protocol Router SOCOM U.S. Special Operations Command SPARK Self Protection Adaptive Roller Kit SVBIED Suicide Vehicle-Borne IED SVIED Suicide Vest IED T3 Transitions, transfers, and terminations TEDAC Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center TRID Technology Requirements and Integration Division TSE Tactical Site Exploitation TtF JIEDDO LOO: Train the Force TTPs tactics, techniques, and procedures UBE unknown bulk explosive UBIED Underbelly IED UHF ultra high frequency ULFA United Liberation Front of Assam USF-I U.S. Forces Iraq USFOR-A U.S. Forces-Afghanistan UVIED Under Vehicle IED VBIED Vehicle-Borne IED VOIED Victim-Operated IED (switch) VOSS Vehicle Optics Sensor System WBIED Water-Borne IED WIT Weapons Intelligence Teams WTI Weapons Technical Intelligence YPG Yuma Proving Ground

GAO Government Accountability Office GCTF Global Counter Terrorism Force GIRoA Government of the Islamic State of Afghanistan GWOT Global War on Terrorism HME homemade explosive HMDS Husky Mounted Detection System HMMWV Highly Mobile Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle HOA Horn of Africa HSTLs Home Station Training Lanes HUMINT Human Intelligence I2C IEDD Integration Cell IED Improvised Explosive Device IEDD IED Defeat IK Imirat Kaukaz IR Infra Red IRAM Improvised Rocket Assisted Mortar ISAF International Security Assistance Force ISF Iraqi Security Forces JAM Jaysh al Mahdi JATAC Joint Asymmetric Threat Awareness and C-IED JCAAMP Joint IED Defeat Capability Approval and Acquisition Management Process JCAST JIEDDO COIC Analytical Support Team JCB Joint Capabilities Board JCOE JIEDDO: Joint Center of Excellence JEMS JIEDDO Enterprise Management System JFCOM U.S. Joint Forces Command JIEDDF Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Fund JIEDDO Joint IED Defeat Organization JMRC Joint Multinational Readiness Center JOLLER Joint IED Neutralize Roller JROC Joint Requirements Oversight Council JROCM JROC Memorandum JTB JIEDDO Test Board JTCOIC Joint Training Center IED Operations Center JTF Joint Task Force LVBIED Large Vehicle-Borne IED LOO Line of Operation MCFI Multinational Coalition Forces-Iraq MCIT Mobile C-IED Interactive Trainer MILF Moro Islamic Liberation Front MNF-I Multi-National Forces Iraq MRAP Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (vehicle) NDA CLT Network Dynamic Analysis Comprehensive Look Team NORTHCOM U.S. Northern Command NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization NTC National Training Center OEF Operation Enduring Freedom OCO Overseas Contingency Operations OPFOR Opposing Forces PACOM U.S. Pacific Command