Color ultra Low Light true Night Vision imaging Camera module

X27 Osprey Reconnaissance Day/Night high Fidelity true real time low light/low lux color night vision Imaging Security / Multi Purpose camera system

x27 color low light night vision 5 million iso security cmos sensor camera


Color Night Vision Low Light Sensor Camera     X27 color low light night vision camera

x27 night vision color low light camera

The X27 utilizes newly advanced BSTFA (Broad Spectrum Thin Film Array) Technology.

The Honorable PA Gov Tom Ridge former US Secretary of Homeland Security w/X27 color night imager Rev2

In Development:

X28 HD 1600 Nm Real time imaging system,

full true COLOR day night imaging system with 1550 Nm IR Laser Detection response. The absolute most sensitive night imaging system available for next generation night vision applications.

Airborne UAv Aerial color night vision stabilized camera

Airborne X27 color night vision stabilized camera image

The digital X27 ColorVision (TMreconnaissance LLL (Low Light Level) true Color night vision VIS-NIR sensor is a technological breakthrough in night vision technology.
High performance, low noise, high sensitivity & an incredible 5000000 equivalent ISO rating are just a few features offered by the system.
The SWaP ColorVision sensor can be integrated into night vision sights, scopes, monoculars, binoculars, drivers aid, UAV, UAS, unmanned and a wide array of defense,
homeland security, border, ground, mobile, marine, airborne, military, wildlife, documentary, specialty combat camera photography, Astro/aerial/airborne/space remote imaging, aurora borealis, security and surveillance applications.
IR corrected lens optics for color low light night vision camera

The X27 utilizes the highest quality IR corrected, coated precision optics which provide a crisp robust image in day or night


The X27 ColorVision (TM) is Ideal for many uses other than security and surveillance, such as medical, bio-imaging,
TV, nature/wildlife, documentary & cinema footage, astrophotography, underwater imaging, forensics,
R&D, Scientific, and a wide array of commercial and industrial applications.
Color Low Light Night Vision Midnight Image Fused with thermal infrared FLIR Image

Color Low Light Night Vision Midnight Image blended with thermal infrared FLIR Image

Color night vision

color night vision camera true real time

THE X27 is available with thermal IR image fusion, thermal Flir technology blended with the high resolution, high sensitivity x27 image to produce the ultimate night vision scene!

Inside the x27 is Solid state advanced LLL sensor technology powerful DSP / Altera FPGA

x27 lll cmos sensor color cameraThe x27 Reconnaissance HD Day/Night vision security imager can be used standalone and
complimentary to FLIR thermal IR infrared imaging, MWIR, LWIR, SWIR, I2, CMOS,
CCD, NVG’s and all existing military/defense/space EOIR Imaging systems.


x27 color night vision

The video above shows the X27 filmed at midnight @ Vilano Beach, FL

The wide spectral range images from 390nm all the way into the 1200nm IR spectrum
and detects INFRARED LASERS, As seen in this video CLIP filmed at night at Valley
of Fire SP, Clark County USA.

X27 Video at night in the Nevada Desert of SUV and Infrared (IR) laser 

X27 video footage at midnight in the Utah Desert


X27 Night time video of Airport with lights in the scene

The x27 low light color security camera always images full 390-1200Nm, the user always gets the full broadband.


The x27 low light color sensor has extremely large pixel pitch cells for high light gathering
capabilities and is very sensitive in the IR spectra region. The high 5 Million equivalent ISO
system has outstanding low lux capabilities with a whopping 85,000x luminance gain.

True color low light night vision binoculars

X27 hand held true broadband color night vision binocular with eye safe laser range finder LRF

THE VIDEO BELOW illustrates the high-performance and robust vivid color capabilities of the X27 reconnaissance
day/night camera, This clip was taken in very dark starlight only night conditions, and shows the performance of the
X27 next to generation 3+ current military issue AN/PVS-14 night vision goggles. It has been a challenge for the
longest time to match or exceed the performance of generation 3+ I2 devices,  this is a very difficult task to achieve
even in a monochrome system,  Color lowlight imaging presents a far more difficult task for achieving peak performance.
This video clearly shows the outstanding real time performance of the x27 low light color night vision camera.
The X27 camera’s outstanding 5 Million equivalent ISO sensor is the absolute best performing color low light camera available anywhere.


Osprey image filmed at extreme low light conditions at 10;55 PM Jean, NV

Below are sample real color night vision imagery filmed at night by the x27 low lux color
security night vision imager. The system opens up many night time imaging applications
that require high detail in full fidelity color.

X27 real time fast frame color low light night vision camera

 High definition WUXGA sensor works in the daytime and incorporates high grade,
coated, IR corrected lenses. The X27 low light sensor produces HD color imagery
even at less than 1 millilux low light levels.


The X27 HD color low light security camera is the worlds first true full color
night vision low light, low lux color imaging sensor camera
that catered to military, documentary, security and
surveillance applications. The X27 color low light camera offers extreme ultra sensitivity
that’s comparable with the worlds best current low light technology, the image intensifier.
Image intensifier devices are the green military night vision that’s incorporated into goggles,
weapon sights, and military imaging systems.


The x27 low light color security camera Outperforms any existing Color low light color technology like CMOS, Scmos, CCD, EMCCD, and traditional military grade intensified II technologies & unlike other low light technologies, the x27 unit is fully automatic and requires no user interaction for different light/scene environments, the camera automatically & instantly, precisely adjusts to give you the cleanest, sharpest image. The unit is a sealed rugged, heavy duty modular all weather design.


Traditional color night vision low light cameras and sensors image have presentable image quality when there is ample light sources available. True color low lux imagers require much more powerful passive sensors that can produce day like images in the darkest of nights such as moonless cloudy nights. The x27 real time high definition, high sensitivity color low light sensor offer day like bright defined images with very low noise. These parameters make the X27 ultra sensitive color low light sensor ideal for military night vision imaging, low light operations, digital night vision goggles, night vision color image fusion, digital weapons mounted, uav, uas, drone and a wide array of military imaging color low light applications.


The X27 color low light camera is purely digital and unlike analog i2 image intensifiers can be used 24/7 day or night uninterrupted, as well as sustaining no damage at all if brought into bright light sources. Nightvision image intensifiers work good at night, they are an old analog technology that has a lifespan and can get damaged severely if pointed at high light sources.

color low light sensor

The X27 color low light camera is new to the Family of SPI’s Low light digital night vision sensor suite, such as the X26 monochrome digital low light sensor

X27 integrated into multi sensor PTZ EO-IR camera system

X27 integrated into multi sensor PTZ EO-IR camera system

X27 color night vision imager gyro stabilized for use on Uav, drones, ugv, uas and suas

X27 color night vision imager gyro stabilized for use on Uav, drones, ugv, uas and suas

The PP X27 Module Performs on par IN FULL COLOR with the latest and best image intensifiers as seen in this video clip,


The footage above illustrates the X27’s daytime capabilities as well as the sensor being directly exposed to the sun.

The advantages of the x27’s sensor over traditional image intensified technologies is vast, while image intensifiers have very good low light capabilities, There are drawbacks such as burn ins or intensifier damage/degradation with the introduction of intense light sources. If the image intensifier stares at say a headlight of a car for a short amount of time, it gets ‘burned’ or ‘scarred’ forever, this phenomenon will leave the intensifier with a degraded black Spot on the surface which can never be fixed or removed and will always be present in the intensifier. Image intensifiers can not be used in the daytime, this will destroy an intensifier. And of course image intensifiers only produce black and white or green images and do not image over 1000 nanometers or 1 micron. The x27’s is a WUXGA fully digital HD solid state system where the image tube intensifier is an analog technology.

The x27 color low light security camera Can be used in the daytime, as seen in this video clip,

and can actually STARE DIRECTLY AT THE SUN with no adverse effects as seen in this video.


These are just few advantages that the x27’s low light color night vision sensor has over image intensified technology.

The SPI X27 Low Light Level TV LLLTV color night vision sensor will revolutionize military imaging systems and assist military commanders and war fighters in night time operations in hand held, mobile, marine and airborne platforms, the WUXGA HD low light color sensor will offer a distinct advantage over all currently existing night vision military technologies.

CMOS HD 4K color low light night vision security camera

The Solid-state x27 color low light night vision sensor utilizes specialty video processing on chip and on the filters, as well as advanced electronic vis-nir image enhancement algorithms that allow it to collect an incredible amount of light, and retain full sensitivity without loss of a brilliant color image, furthermore the x27’s BSTFA (Broad Spectrum Thin Film Array) high fidelity, large pixel pitch sensor architecture achieves incredible bright as day, true color imagery at real time full tv frame rates, without image lag and minimal image noise or grain.

The specialized x27 sensor sees well into the infrared region and can detect infrared IR lasers, pointers, markers and Illuminators while producing a nice real time- full frame rare, true brilliant color image allowing the user to see a full broadband extended dynamic range image that includes visible to infrared wavelengths. The x27 outperforms any Color low light technology in existence today within the visible to SWIR spectral region.

X27 Color Low Light Level Night Vision Camera System

The videos below were filmed at night with the x27 color HD low light security camera at night time. click on the videos below to play and see the actual image quality from real X27 color night vision camera output, RAW HD imagery from the sensor displays much better video quality due to high compression videos.



-Security / Surveillance / Reconnaissance


-Law Enforcement





-Astronomy / Astrophotography

-Research and Development

-Nature / Wildlife

-Underwater Footage

-UAV / Drone / UGV / VTOL / UAS / sUAS / Unmanned Vehicles


-Medical Imaging

-Gimbal / PTZ camera

-Electro-optical image blending with complimentary sensors

-Bio Sensing

-Bio Fluorescence

-DNA Sequencing

-IR Detection


Low zoom Power X27 Close up US $5 Currency dark-room analysis imaging

Preliminary Technical Specifications:

-Sensor & Parameters: Maintenance free, no moving parts, Solid State non intensified BSTFA Extreme low light color FPA w/column amplification

   – Large Format, large pixel pitch architecture w/5,000,000 equivalent ISO

   – Backside Illuminated for light utilization efficiency

   – Extremely High Dynamic Range, Photoconductive & photoresponse gain

   – Very high ISO w/Extremely Low read Noise

   – Auto Black Level Calibration

   – Auto Exposure w/excellent color fidelity

   – Excellent image uniformity

   – Auto hot pixel correction

-Frame Rate: 60 FPS / optional 120 FPS

-Day Night Mode: Auto Imaging/Auto Switching

-Bright light/Blooming compensation: Automatic

-Photodetector Array Size: WUXGA

-Temperature Range: -30C to +80C

-Output: HD

-Output Type: HD-SDI / HDMI

-Wavelength: 390-1220 Um broadband Extreme High Sensitivity

-IR Response: Yes 

-Power: 12V

-Lens: 32 mm Standard (included) / 22mm, 37mm, 60mm, 88mm, 152mm ~ smaller and Larger mixed Aperture Focal Lengths in development

-Housing: Sealed / All weather

-Image Stabilization: Optional 3 stage

CLICK HERE for additional color and monochrome digital night vision movies

the videos below were all filmed at NIGHT TIME



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Low light color camera X27-low-light-color-night-vision-camera-imager-1024x768 X27-Low-light-Color_night-Vision_sensor-camera-1-1024x768

ultra low light color night vision

X27 color low light camera image at night time, Starlight – overcast with color charts, camo, human facial ID & airsoft rifle at overcast night conditions

Modern day advanced CMOS sensors are increasingly being used in today’s cameras, allowing users to shoot 1080p video and apply complex imaging effects with ease. Traditionally, Ccd sensors have been thought to produce better-looking images with less visual noise and distortion, but they draw more power and provide slower data-throughput speed. The shift to CMOS helps to explain how this technology has evolved dramatically throughout the years…in recent years, attracting the growing number of consumers who want high performance low light on the go. Specialty low light level LLL Cmos is another arena of this technology that is evolving. Large pixel pitch sizes allow the chip to collect ultra extreme amounts of light and translate them photons into a clear clean bright image in very dark night scenes. The x27’s low light color technology utilizes specialty algorithms that allow the sensor to see in extreme low light environments traditionally unseen before. The x27 night vision camera displays true high fidelity color imagery at fast frame rates and in very challenging conditions. Sensor speed by itself may not be something that people can see the great value in, but sensor speed together with specialty processing power allows the x27’s CMOS sensor to realize features that you likely couldn’t do with even the best CCDs the fpa can capture light at very high rates of speed while delivering a real time usable image for many defense/security and surveillance applications. For the most part, CMOS’s comparative benefits lie outside the realm of image quality altogether. Traditionally CMOS chips have been associated with theoretically cheaper manufacturing costs, greater energy efficiency, faster data-throughput speeds, and the fact that the on-sensor circuitry handles some processing tasks before the data comes off each pixel and the sensor itself. Of course, a camera’s image processor also has a lot to do with the final image, and those are becoming more and more powerful, too. Back side illumination of chip technology is another area that allows the chip to output higher performance in low light, the x27’s color night vision detectors bsi backside illumination is yet another aspect that makes it desirable for Imaging at never before seen extreme low light conditions. The x27 ultra extreme low light color night vision complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) integrated circuit (IC) is a vital proven technology. SPI applies its imaging and IC expertise to achieve incredible low light imaging performance to its x27 camera. The x27 is an all solid state alternative to conventional image intensifiers. The x27’s specialty sensor will integrate a low-light CMOS imager with advanced video processing capabilities for image enhancement. This powerful, compact wide dynamic range, very high Light gathering (5 million ISO equivalent) sensor has the capability to achieve unprecedented performance in low-light conditions for night vision and ground-based, space & airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance applications—as well as in life science, microscopy, medical imaging, bio-sensing, astronomy, astrophotography, biofluorescence, and DNA sequencing. Groundbreaking Ultra Extremely sensitive wdr color cameras are changing the low light imaging space, one of the original systems to come out is the Canon ME20F-SH


Exploring Additional X27 Bio Imaging / life science applications which include:

・Protein-protein interaction
・Calcium waves in cell networks and intracellular ion flux
・Real time spinning disk confocal microscopy
・Single molecule imaging with TIRF microscopy
・Fluorescence in-vivo blood cell microscopy
・Gene expression imaging using luminescence

Low light level imaging at night in extreme dark conditions with a un-intensified CMOS sensor requires proper selection and optimization of imager design features. Backside illumination with relatively thick silicon is desireable to collect the photons over the visible and near-infrared spectrum, a large pixel size is desireable for light gathering. The X27 Color low light night vision sensor pays close attention to key factors in imaging such as optics design considerations, maintaining full color fidelity at real time tv refresh rates, readout temporal noise, tight noise distribution, Low Dark shot noise, high modulation transfer function (MTF), fixed pattern noise (FPN) reduction, anti glare, distortion and blooming, rapid imager recovery in complex scenes and extended dynamic range.

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Low light color night vision camera

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