X26 Hyper Fidelity CMOS Low Light Sensor HFIS

X26 HFIS utilizing Broad spectrum Thin Film Array BsTFA Digital extreme ultra high sensitivity sensor SWaP Low Light Level Digital HD Day/Night Vision real time imaging camera

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The X26 Hyper Fidelity Intensified Sensor (HFIS) Is a state of the art, cutting edge digital HD High Definition Camera that utilizes Advanced BsTFA (Broad spectrum Thin Film Array). The X26 Low Light Imaging Camera works in day or night. Its stellar night time capabilities are where the X26 really performs. The ultra sensitive chip outperforms currently fielded and widely used military issue Image Intensified night vision systems which are analog, The X26 is fully digital and images to 1200 nanometers, at this range the X26 low light night vision CMOS is able to see battlefield 1064NM lasers and all IR sources up to 1200 NM. The X26 is a tiny (1″ Cube) extremely efficient, low power consuming, no maintenance true digital image intensified night vision sensor which offers incredible High Resolution image quality never seen before in any low light level night vision or CMOS imaging technology.

X26 Low Lux light Hyper Intensified CMOS night vision camera

X26 Hyper Fidelity Intensified Sensor BsTFA Camera Engine Cube



The X26 Is also available in hand held viewer configuration with high resolution 1280 OLED micro-display. The unit has ultra extreme high QE at 1Um

The X26 Broad Spectrum Thin Film Array is a high performance low light digital imaging military grade night vision solution. Its total capabilities represent a significant advantage over SWIR, SCmos, CNV, EMCCD, EBAPS, E2V, Nocturn and all other current CCD/CMOS chip / intensified cameras, and low lux light sensor technologies which are also extremely expensive & power hungry. The Reliable, Robust Broad Spectrum Thin Film Array works 24/7/365 continuously with no maintenance.

X26_HFIS_Tubeless_Night_VisionThe X26 low light imager is an affordable solution for many day/night missions and is ideal for commercial, industrial, law enforcement and military security, surveillance applications. The Sensor offers very high QE & images at full TV frame rate of 60HZ, ultra wide dynamic range imaging capability with Very low noise @ Full TV frame rates. in harsh, inclement Environments.

Llltv low light level CMOS digital night vision sensor camera eI2 electronic digital image intensifier goggle

The X26 HFIS BsTFA Camera is also ideal for scientific Research and Development applications, Full Spectrum Wavelength makes it ideal for applications with hyper sensitive Micron imaging applications, The intense sensitivity of the X26 BsTFA camera opens up imaging solutions previously unimaginable.


the X26 camera can be outfitted with short, medium, long and extreme long distance zoom telephoto lenses for detection ranges beyond 10 km.

The X26 HFIS BsTFA Camera is a true starlight night vision/low light, ultra low lux sensor that offers high definition/high sensitivity day like image quality in the darkest of nights. For Decades there has been attempts to create a quality low light sensor that works as good or better than image intensified night vision I2 technology, this endeavor has been put to-the challenge for many years with little to no achievement in performance compared to generation 3 latest omnibus night vision devices. The ability to create a digital true day night sensor is finally here with the advent of the X26 HFIS BsTFA. Now a single camera can image in full daylight, into the darkest of nights uninterrupted. Being dully digital the X26 sensor open up a wide array of compatibility with others sensors and systems. The X26 performs its best in dark night environments without the sensor slowing down to lagging slow frame rates in order to compensate for dark scenes, the X26 continues to operate at full TV frame rate in the darkest of nights offering HD image quality that is a true enhancement to SWIR, LWIR, MWIR, FLIR Thermal Imaging as well as I2 Image intensified systems.

X26_HFIS_low light level Cmos Camera Engine for Day or night Vision SCMOS SWIR

X26 Broad Spectrum Thin Film Array Camera accepts standard lenses and is fully universal

X26 HFIS technology outperforms SWIR, EBAPS, SCMOS, Image Intensifiers and all traditional low light level technologies

Small size, low cost and low power are just a few advantages of the X26 HFIS BsTFA camera engine

-> Just Introduced, the X27 low light color night vision camera system. The X27 is theworlds most sensitive color low light / low lux sensor, Click here for more details

X27 color low light night vision camera

CMOS Low-light-color-night-vision-camera-cmos-sensor

X26 Broad spectrum Thin Film Array Video of Day and Night Scenes.
Unlike other low light technologies, the x26 DOES NOT slow down its frame rate to compensate for darker scenes, and retains full frame

rate imaging, this is another area where the HFIS BsTFA excels dramatically over any other low light night / low lux technology available ANYWHERE.


Generation 3 traditional Green I2 Night vision image in Starlight (no Moon)


Generation 3 Night Vision White Phosphor I2 image in Starlight (no Moon)

X26_HFI_Sensor_Starlight image

X26 BsTFA HFIS Image in Starlight (no Moon) with 25mm lens F/1.4 (1x) / CLICK ON IMAGE FOR HIGH RESOLUTION

CLICK HERE —- x27 COLOR TUBELESS LOW LIGHT NIGHT VISION Sensor, with full color day/night imaging capabilities, the video shown above was filmed at night with 1/4 moon conditions. Color Night vision Imaging performance and sensitivity has never been available until now.


X26 HFIS BsTFA Image in Starlight (No Moon) of Human at 285 Meters shown with 25mm Lens F/1.4 (1x) / CLICK ON IMAGE FOR HIGH RESOLUTION

1064 laser detection by X26 Night Vision Sensor

X26 sensor Detection of 1064nm UAV Laser at night time / CLICK ON IMAGE FOR HIGHER RESOLUTION


X26 HFIS BsTFA Image of a human holding a cigarette with no moon night scene 25mm Lens F/1.3 (1x)

low light CMOS

X26 HFIS BsTFA Image of indoor Extreme Low Light Level Scenario 25mm Lens F/1.2 CLICK ON IMAGE FOR HIGHER RESOLUTION

day night CMOS

X26 Image at night time, the HD Sensor offers exceptional facial recognition capabilities in starlight, low light, daytime and moonlight conditions 75mm Lens F/2.8

X26 Image outperformds EBAPS, SWIR, SCMOS, EMCCD and other low light camera cmos and intensified technologies


X26 HFIS sensor outperforms all cmos and intensified night vision technologies including SWIR, EBAPS, EMCCD and I2 MX10160 and MX10130 image tubes

X26 HFIS DAYTIME image with 85mm Lens F/2-8

  • The x26 camera utilizing Broad Spectrum Thin Film Array can be integrated into a wide variety of systems such as:
  • Unmanned UAV/UAS /UGV imaging systems
  • Hands free head/helmet mounted soldier solutions
  • Remote sensing applications
  • Hyper spectral/multi spectral imaging
  • Persistant surveillance
  • Photovoltaics, inspection of Damaged PV modules
  • 300-1200 Nm Full Spectrum inspections, analysis and imaging
  • Manned/remote fire control systems
  • Weapons sights / rifle scope systems
  • NIR Scientific inspections
  • R&D
  • Firefighting
  • Search and rescue
  • Public safety
  • Drivers enhancement / navigation systems
  • Land/marine/aerial platforms
  • IR laser spotting/designating systems
  • Short/medium/long and extreme long range security & surveillance imaging systems

    hand held NIR 1 micro camera

    X26 man portable night vision low light imager

    The X26 Is available in man portable hand held configuration with High resolution 1280 OLED HD Viewfinder

X26 HFIS sensor


CMOS night vision
CMOS night vision camera
Low light CMOS night vision sensor

Next generation night vision systems will use Digital HD Sensors to produce multi-spectral imagery for both local and remote viewing by soldiers, firefighters, commercial / industrial users and search and rescue teams to name a few. Currently the gold standard for VNIR sensors is the GENIII night vision tube. Although these tubes achieve a very high level of performance with minimal power dissipation, they cannot be used in elaborate night vision systems because they do not produce digital data. Several different VNIR sensor technologies are being actively investigated to remedy this problem. Although the most popular technologies are electronic image intensified sensors, low light CCDs, emccd, CMOS, and SWIR’s, The X26 HFIS BsTFA Sensor Camera offer many advantages for this application. Some of these advantages include: Affordable, high MTF, high reliability, small size, low weight, low-cost system on chip integration, day night single sensor imaging, and imaging out to 1.1 µm. Moreover, the spectral range the X26 allows for the use of covert illumination outside the range of standard GaAs photo-cathodes, and imaging of 1.06 µm illumination sources. The Sensor is used for a wide variety of scientific and R&D analysis application, such as photovoltaics, inspection of Damaged PV modules.

Image sensor

The BsTFA ( Broad Spectrum Thin-Film Array ) detector has very unique properties for extreme photon gathering capabilities, the sensor collects light even in the darkest of nights and transforms the faintest of starlight into a day like picture for the user, therefore producing a crisp bright high definition image.

X26_OEM_ModuleCustom OEM modules available for integration, SPI can custom configure the x26 OEM camera core engine module with your specific firmware, camera features to meet your requirements. Contact us if you need custom imaging OEM features for standalone camera needs or full product integration into your own program. Custom optics are available for short, medium and long range applications.

X26 HFIS Low Light Level Sensor

Email Mike For additional Information

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    Additional improvements are being implemented by SPI CORP to the x26 HFIS sight night vision Broad Spectrum Thin Film Array (BsTFA) sensor. SPi is working on increasing the sensitivity of the BsTFA digital night vision capabilities of the x26 camera, as well as increasing its dynamic range and sensitivity in low light, low lux environments. The x26 digital night vision BsTFA camera already provides incredible never seen before performance from a CMOS night vision sensor, additional backend tweeting of the low light CMOS are being implemented to crank up its night vision intensity, and improving the sensors overall ability to image flawlessly uninterrupted in day and night modes. A suite of fast precision optics are being designed for the x26 BsTFA digital night vision camera that image in short, medium, long and very long ranges. Specialty coatings are being added Into the x26 HFIS digital BsTFA night vision sensors optics to further allow enhanced imaging and improve image quality in the harshest, darkest of nights.

    The x26 Broad Spectrum Thin Film Array digital night vision sensor will prove to be the new standard for low light night vision applications for military, law enforcement, and consumer needs. The x26’s exotic CMOS sensor is extremely small, low power and robust allowing it to be integrated into many imaging systems that currently use outdated and inferior low light technologies as well as new emerging electro-optical platforms.

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      Just got some great footage from the x26 HFIS camera with our UAV quad copter along side our 1024 x 768 resolution FLIR Camera Out in the Nevada desert. The technology behind the x26 camera is amazing, the BsTFA (Broad Spectrum Thin-Film Array) detector gathers light in super low lux nights and produces a bright High Definition image, I will post videos and pics soon.

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    The X26 is now available in hand held man portable configuration. The unit incorporated HD ultra high resolution OLED Electronic Viewfinder Micro Display with adjustable diopter setting for variable eyesights

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