HandHeld FLIR thermal imaging monocular pocketscope with weapons mounts, head and helmet mounts

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HTMI v2.0 Mini Thermal Monocular FLIR scope


HTMI v2.0 Mini long range Thermal Monocular – FLIR LWIR Thermal Scope

The new & improved HTMI v2.0 gives you all of the features the original HTMI mini thermal monocular but has even MORE power in a smaller, more versatile housing. Weighing in at only 8.5 oz, this mini wonder is about half the size of its predecessor but boasts a plethora of new advanced features.

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The HTMI V2 is A long range, rugged, all weather high-resolution ultra micro mini credit card sized thermal imaging multipurpose, Multi sensor system which can be hand held, head and helmet mounted and weapons mounted with a plethora of accessories for a wide array of modularity and functionality,  A single system can play multiple roles eliminating the need to purchase several bulky thermal imaging systems.

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The HTMI v2 is the smallest. Lightest, highest performing, most rugged,
reliable multi purpose SWAP thermal imaging monocular system.

Full IP67, rugged, all weather system.

The HTMI v2.0 is nearly half the size of the MTM AN/PAS-23 but can be configured for up to 4x the magnification for an incredible 8x digital zoom.

The HTMI v2.0 is nearly half the size of the MTM AN/PAS-23 but can be configured for up to 4x the magnification for an incredible 8x digital zoom.

The new HTMI v2.0 mini thermal monocular picks up where the original HTMI mini scope (AN/PAS-23/MTM) left off with improvements including size, versatility and function. This durable, waterproof IR scope readily meets MIL-STD-810(G) requirements and you’ll be amazed at how small it is yet how powerful it performs; making it the perfect choice for the warfighter in combat operations. The HTMI V2 is the smallest full featured hand held FLIR Thermal imaging monocular pocketscope thats fully ruggedized, offers high resolution, long range with 8x zoom. System features include DMC Digital Magnetic Compass, inclinometer (displays heading and tilt), and a wide array of thermal functions that are easily accessible through the intuative menus inside the V2 FLIR. The System also has weapons mounting capability with sightable crosshairs and selectable reticle patterns as well as head and helmet mounting provisions. An integrated built in visible or IR eye-safe laser enhances the V2 FLIR’s capabilities

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HTMI v2.0 Mini Thermal Monocular Features
The HTMI v2.0 maximizes form and function, making it a unique surveillance scope that fits both in the palm of your hand and in your pocket. It can be equipped with a laser pointer for pinpointing  targets in combat operations and has two integrated rail mounts that allow you to switch the unit from your helmet to your rifle in seconds without having to remove either mount. This mini mounting system is a truly valuable feature, allowing you to affix the HTMI v2.0 mini thermal monocular to head or helmet mounts, DVR systems and rifles using the optional Picatinny quick release rail systems (MIL-STD 1913).

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In addition, the rail system is so small that it provides an ergonomic fit within any operator’s hands whether using gloves or not. The unit also comes equipped with an internal digital compass & inclinometer maintaining maximum situational awareness by providing accurate distance measurements & target orientation.
HTMI v2.0 FLIR thermal image
The HTMI v2.0 mini thermal monocular also comes with integrated software that allows the operator to configure the unit to perform to preferred specifications. With the easy press of a button, you can configure the display’s brightness/contrast, change palettes, reticles and color, electronic zoom and manual non-uniformity correction (NUC). Additional settings such as boresighting, rifle caliber profiles, reticles & even factory reset can all be stored & changed within the menu options as well. The unit will also continue to prove its worth even as technologies evolve, thanks to wireless & Bluetooth remote capability, making it an excellent reliable investment to add to your kit.

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Less is Definitely MORE! HTMI v2.0 vs the MTM

Functionality matters and so does size. Not only does the HTMI v2.0 have superior functionality to the MTM, it’s also nearly HALF THE SIZE. Take a look at some of the ways the FLIR HTMI v2 long range thermal scope beats the MTM and you’ll see what small can do for your special operations and reconnaissance missions.


  • Weighs 16 oz
  • Size is 5.2″x2.8″2.2″
  • Only 2x digital zoom
  • Takes (2) two 123A batteries
  • Head OR rifle mount
  • No wireless/Bluetooth capability
Ultra compact scope for combat operations

Ultra compact scope for combat operations

See the enemy before he sees you!

See the enemy before he sees you!

Thermal surveillance mission

Thermal surveillance mission

A Mini Thermal Monocular for Every Application

  • MIL-810G standard (rugged glass fiber reinforced housing, waterproof)
  • 640 thermal imaging engine (hand selected detectors offer the absolute best image quality,  The system has the highest sensitivity and best picture quality or any 640 thermal available!)
  • Germanium lens
  • HD OLED display
  • Onscreen menus (drop down & icon)
  • Simple, tactile 3 button controls
  • Black or white + color polarity switch
  • Color & monochrome palettes
  • Up to 8x digital zoom
  • Wireless/Bluetooth capability
  • includes rifle mount rails and helmet mount adapter
  • Includes external power cable and external video output cable
  • Integrated laser pointer
  • Compass, duo zoom, and advance special operations features
  • Five our battery life includes batteries and charger
  • Can be used as a clip on Thermal Scope or as a dedicated by itself Thermal Scope
  • Software enhancement & controls
  • Digital inclinometer

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HTMI v2.0 Mini Thermal Monocular System Specifications

Refresh Rate 60 Hz
FPA Only available in high grade 640×512 LWIR uFPA
Spectral range
7-14 microns
Display 1280×1024 SXGA OLED
Power on
3 seconds
Video format
Lens Germanium
FOV 15°

x8 Zoom

Battery type
CR123 Lithium 3 V (one each)
Battery life
> 3 hours (6 hours with 18650)
Dimensions 3.93″x2.45″x1.56″
Weight 7.8 oz


The HTMI v2.0 mini thermal monocular mounted on a rifle

The HTMI v2.0 mini thermal monocular mounted on a rifle with internal reticlesLong range MWIR thermal FLIR PTZ camera human detection


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