Long range MWIR cooled and LWIR uncooled ptz Flir thermal imaging cameras

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Long range thermal IR infrared imaging PTZ cameras are a valuable asset to many military, law enforcement, industrial and commercial professionals. These exotic imaging systems are typically referred to as …

M9-X Long Range Thermal IR Imaging PTZ FLIR MWIR Cooled Camera

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M9 Long Range Detection PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera The M9 Is the Pinnacle of Super Ultra Heavy Duty, Image Stabilized Extreme long range cooled MWIR Thermal …

MX5 Dual Channel PTZ marine Long Range FLIR EOIR Security Camera

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Marine Long Range PTZ pan tilt thermal imaging FLIR camera

Dual Eye WUXGA micro Display binocular 3d Viewer

Eagle Eye-X AMOLED 1920×1200 dual-eye color OLED micro display viewer WUXGA / QXGA

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  The Eagle Eye X is a high fidelity hd 1080p Color very high resolution dual Eye OLED binocular system catered to OEM or standalone high intensity viewing. The system …

long range FLIR PTZ thermal imaging camera


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PTZ FLIR PTZ FLIR are a combo Pan Tilt Zoom FLIR Thermal imaging systems that can be used in ground, air, mast, radar, marine and fixed installations. The Steerable FLIR …

5 million ISO color low light CMOS night vision Hd 4K security camera

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  5 million ISO color camera CLICK HERE FOR THE X-27_Color_low_light_night_vision_brochure The X27 is the worlds most sensitive highest performing color low light CMOS camera.  This revolutionary new high performance …

Long range MWIR thermal imaging flir camera

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Defender series MWIR cooled continuous zoom mid wave infrared FLIR Thermal Imaging IR cameras   The defender series of MWIR 3-5 um micron thermal imaging flir infrared cameras are affordable, …

UGV UAS Uav flir thermal eoir gimbal

M2-D Stabilized EO-IR FLIR UAV Drone unmanned thermal Camera Gimbal

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M2-D HD Mini drone thermal camera Gyro Stabilized EO/IR Multicopter UAV UAS UGV rugged Ultra Light SUAS FLIR zoom turret payload ball gimbal M2-D Gyro stabilized ISR digital EOIR laser …