HD long range thermal imaging

HD PTZ Thermal camera M1D v4

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M1D v4 Multi sensor HD IP flir PTZ gyrostabilized  thermal IR imaging camera / EO-IR gimbal   The M1D v4 HD is an advanced IP network high speed PTZ multi …


Pan tilt Flir

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Pan Tilt FLIR Our pan tilt FLIR camera systems are installed in facilities around the world that require rugged explosion proof rugged bulletproof ptz pt Flir security solutions …The heart …

Ultra long Range cooled Mwir thermal imaging camera

Pan Tilt FLIR

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Coastal / Border surveillance Pan Tilt FLIR thermal imaging Radar camera systems Advanced long range Multi sensor pan tilt unit for coastal and border security / Surveillance The new SPI …

MX5 Dual Channel PTZ marine Long Range FLIR EOIR Security Camera

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Marine Long Range PTZ pan tilt thermal imaging FLIR camera