Pan tilt Flir

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Pan Tilt FLIR

EOIR All weather weapon grade pan tilt zoom gimbal

Pan tilt Flir

Our pan tilt FLIR camera systems are installed in facilities around the world that require rugged explosion proof rugged bulletproof ptz pt Flir security solutions …The heart of any multi sensor pan tilt is the FLIR camera. The Forward Looking Infrared Camera is also known as a thermal camera. FLIR is the technology the sees heat instead of light. Therefore, a FLIR Camera is the ultimate night vision while other technologies pale in comparison. Our multi sensor system combines a pan tilt flir camera visual camera and SOCOM requested sbir true color night vision gimbal turret camera.

Multiple exotic sensors can be integrated within our custom pt pan tilt flir units

Long range pan tilt ptz flir thermal imaging Eo-Ir gimbal cameras are required for high level security and surveillance application in multiple application areas, ports, shorelines, coastal waterways, borders, airports need 27/7/365 visual imaging protection in day and night. SPI pan tilt flir thermal imaging/HD CCTV platforms offer long range panoramic imaging payloads gimbals that Perform flawlessly with multiple sensors for ISR needs. Our all weather MWIR midwave cooled and LWIR longwave uncooled sensor packages provide the ultimate in asset and soldier protection. Plug and play open architecture systems are simple to use, learn and install on fixed, mobile, marine and airborne platforms.

Long range thermal imaging cameras


long range cooled MWIR thermal camera with laser range finder-SPI

SPI long range cooled MWIR thermal camera with laser range finder-SPI

True Low light color night vision


True color night vision image at 1/2 moon

True color night vision image at 1/2 moon

As a result, this is true 24 hour surveillance.

long range marine boat ptz flir

The New Pan Tilt FLIR Camera

Motion Control
Our pan tilt FLIR camera units feature a new precise motion control system. The motion control surpasses the accuracy, speed and repeatability of any prior systems. “With an innovative drive system that is free of gears, chains and belts we have eliminated the inner system wear that consequently degrades system accuracy over time.”


This pan tilt flir camera uses a new brushless motor design. The motion control motors are placed directly on the drive axis. The design, as a result, has several advantages over old style pan tilt units (PTU). By coupling the motion control motor to the drive shaft the pan tilt flir camera can rotate and stop very quickly. Gears and chains cannot manage this over time. The result is an accurate system that stays accurate. The motor control can not only react faster but is more accurate in position control. Finally, we also have the ability to mechanically stabilize the pan tilt FLIR camera. Stabilization requires no additional modules or drive components. In conclusion, the unit is inherently stable.

xga FLIR thermal imaging camera core engine 1024x768

XGA FLIR thermal Image ar 1024 x 768 resolution

Long Range Pan Tilt FLIR Camera

Long Range Thermal Camera
Our PT motion control positioner systems can handle EoIr payloads consisting of Flir thermal infrared Ir imaging night vision zoom cameras, HD cameras, LRF laser rangefinders, SWIR and color night vision sensors from micro sized (400g) all the way to the ultra long range gimbal turret zoom systems that weigh 200 pounds or more. A long range FLIR camera can see and detect targets as far away as 50km. Our multi sensor units combine the Pan Tilt Motion Control unit with a PT FLIR Camera, Long Range continuous zoom optics, Day / Night color night vision camera, laser range finder and radar integration.

Long range Lrf laser range finder-SPI

Long range Lrf laser range finder-SPI

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Pt thermal Flir imaging camera

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