MX5 Dual Channel PTZ marine Long Range FLIR EOIR Security Camera

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Long range thermal imaging cameras



Ultra rugged all weather Multi Sensor PTZ Pan Tilt Thermal imaging FLIR CCTV Digital camera system




The MX5 ptz marine /Border/ ugv robotic / coastal / fire detection thermal eoir camera has been designed to offer an extremely reliable, robust, and high-quality surveillance solution for security applications that demand the very best performance. Precision engineered to exacting standards, the marine ‘ UGV robotic camera offers the one of the most ruggedized dual optical/thermal image EOIR solution available on the market today. Operators can select either the visible video Zoom image or the thermal FLIR zoom video image. The Fully digital IP system also has microphone, audio input option capabilities.

Long range thermal cameras

The MX5 marine/ border / UGV PTZ Dual FLIR Thermal Sensor High-performance camera with both thermal/optical video output Image control and quality are integral aspects of any PTZ camera, and the MX5 marine / UGV thermal flir PTZ delivers. A high-quality, Ultra reliable day/night camera EO core with 455X total Zoom , and a high-performance, uncooled thermal imaging core sit side-by-side within the housing. The MX5 Marine / UGV Thermal FLIR PTZ has two video outputs – one for the optical camera…

marine ptz flir thermal camera

and one that is user-switchable between the optical camera and the thermal imager.
The optical camera provides auto imaging vivid color pictures with outstanding clarity and image detail, and incorporates Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
that dramatically improves the dynamic range by 128 times and results in clear image reproduction in extreme high-contrast environments.

m5x_long_range-thermal_imaging-camera m5x_ptz_flir

Camera appearance may vary for different configurations,
Custom configurations are available, please inquire.

Drone Uav flir

The MX5 Marine / Border / UGV Robotic Thermal PTZ FLIR is a fully universal Plug and Play system and allows for new installations or additions to an existing network. The unit extremely easy to install and operate.

Long Range thermal PTZ Pan Tilt HD FLIR imaging

M7 stabilized LWIR / MWIR Long Range pan tilt Thermal PTZ FLIR Imaging camera for Detection, Security & Surveillance

The M7 Long Range Thermal Imager is a complete multi-sensor PTZ flir Imaging system that offers crisp, robust long range infrared and HD ZOOM visual EOIR color / Low light … Continue reading M7 stabilized LWIR / MWIR Long Range pan tilt Thermal PTZ FLIR Imaging camera for Detection, Security & Surveillance

Long Range Pan Tilt Thermal Imaging FLIR camera PTZ

The x27 advanced color night vision channel option can be added to increase the MX5’s capabilities

Veyron thermal imager

High Resolution Thermal Imaging
The MX5 UGV Marine all weather gyro stabilized Thermal PTZ multi-sensor FLIR unit contains an uncooled micro bolometer thermal camera engine with an FPA (Focal Plane Array).
Many so called “low Cost” systems on the market contain low grade blurry and noisy thermal sensors.

long range thermal camera

Airport Runway Thermal Imaging FLIR Security surveillance Camera PTZ Pan Tilt

long range thermal imager

The MX5 Thermal Marine / Border / UGV PTZ FLIR / Zoom CCTV has improved resolution of these systems yet in most cases costs the same amount.

ptz flir

Everyone is looking to save money, but is resolution really the place to cut corners on a high performance imaging system? No way!

pan tilt ptz flir thermal

For more demanding application the MX5 can be fitted with High Definition thermal sensors, Optional gige available.

long range thermal imaging flir camera

Long Range FLIR PTZ Thermal imaging Pan Tilt Cameras

The M5X has a plethora of options like DVRs, keyboard, Gig-E, monitors, joysticks, ethernet, ip, Vis/nir/Ir illumination, network connectivity. The system is Ideal for MVSS and Scope Truck mast scanning applications.

Eoir Ptz flir


(Systems are custom built to your specification with optics, sensors, chassis and connectivity choices to meet mission requirements)
Visual CMOS/CCD EO camera: Integrated CCTV Zoom camera, analog, HD, HDMI, HD-SDI, 3G, 720P, 1080P, 4K, 8K available
Thermal imager: Uncooled microbolometer focal plane arrays
Power supply: DC12V±10% Iin±2.5A
Interface: RS485, Dual analog video output (NTSC). DC12V power supply, optional gig-e, Vis/nir illumination
Connectivity: Analog, Digital, IP, Ethernet, ONVIF, Pelco D, Pelco P, TASS, Fiber, Genetec
Audio: Remote High frequency Audio (optional microphone or analog/digital Audio feedback)
Outputs: Single, synchronized, dual and multi channel outputs (user selectable)
Misc: Image Gyro Stabilization, All weather, 100% Duty Cycle, high repeatability, zero backlash, ip66, ip67 all weather encapsulation

Technical Capabilities
Capability: Short / Medium Range, user selectable optics
Power consumption: ≤30W
weight: Variable dependent on payloads.
dimension: 17.25″x9.5″x9″
Working time: ≥80000 hours

Environment indicators
Working Temperature: -10°F ~ +140°F
Storage Temperature: ~40°F ~ +185°F
Anti-vibration: 150m/s 2 11ms
Salt-fog Spray: continuously spray fog for 48 hours under PH6.5-7.2

CCTV Camera
Scanning method: Scanning / CMOS global shutter real time 60hz sensor
Zoom: 42 X optical power zoom (autofocus), 14 X digital zoom
Imaging chip: 1″ cmos bsi CCTV
Valid pixel: 1024 (H) X768 (V)  / optional HD 2-10 megapixel sensors
Focus:automatic, one push, manual, unlimited
Focal length: f=1.3 / up to 2000 mm
Signal-to-noise: ≥50db
Video output: VBS:1.0Vp-p (simultaneous negative), Y/C output, pal/ntsc SD or HD
Lowest illumination: 0.0.1Lx
Electronic shutter: 1/1~1/10,000s
Simultaneous system: Simultaneous inside or outside
White balance: Auto, ATW, indoor, Outdoor, One-push, Manual
Back light compensation: ON / OFF

Pan Tilt Positioner
Tilt speed: 0~60°/s
Pan speed: 0~80°/s
Pre-setting points: 128 Maximum
Scan speed: 0.5~30v/s
Cruising function: 6 cruising paths
Track self-inspection: <40s

Thermal Imager
Sensor Technology: LWIR Uncooled infrared focal plane array microbolometer
Ge Optical Thermal Lenses: F1 ~ F1.2 (Fixed and Continuous zoom thermal imaging lenses)
Digital Zoom: Yes
Wave length: 7~14µm
Detection distance: 1500+ Meter (human detection range)

The MX5-V Version variant MFG for mobile command vehicles and Marine applications with Image Stabilization 

Thermal Imaging Camera
Sensor Type Uncooled maintenance free FPA
Spectral range 7μm~14μm Ge Lens with Dual AR Coated Sealed with Germanium Window
Resolutions (A) 640×512 (B) 1280×1024 (C) 1920×1200
Spectral band 7000-14000nm
NETD(300K) ≤30mk
FOV Effective 25mm to 175 mm continuous optical zoom available with 25-355mm continuous optical zoom custom focal lengths available, contact us
Detection Range 1-15 KM
IR illuminator 550 meter to 1100 meter Bore-sighted to NIR visible camera, ideal for jungle or positive ID applications
Slip ring Full 360 degree, Anti corrosion
Video Display Black Hot / White Hot
Digital Zoom 1X – 10X
Daylight Imaging Camera
Video Sensor 2.5 MPX BSI CMOS CCTV LLL / 400-1100nm HD (vis-nir)
Signal System (NET) 1080P/30, 1080P/25, 720P/60, 720P/50, 720P/30, 720P/25
Signal System (SDI) 1080P30, 1080I60, 720P60, 720P30, 1080P25, 1080I 50, 720P50, 720P25
Zoom 400X
Lens Dual AR Coated Sealed with Bk7 Window
View Angle 57.3° (H) ~ 1.8° (V)
Min Illumination Color: 0.0013Lux; Mono: 0.0008Lux
WB Auto
Focus Auto/Manual
S/N Ratio 50 dB
BLC On/Off
Image Stabilization On/Off
DNR 1-5 Steps/Off
Day / Night Auto/Manual
Pan Range 360°Continuous with Image Stabilization
Pan Speed Control speed: 0.04° ~ 100°/s, adjustable; Preset speed: 100°/s
Tilt Range -15°~90°(Auto Flip)
Tilt Speed Control speed: 0.04° ~ 90°/s, adjustable; Preset speed: 90°/s
Type Titanium
Preset Precision ±0.2°
Gyro Stabilization Yes
Image Resolution 1920 * 1080@30fps
Image Compression H.264
Audio Compression AAC
Live View Up to 10
Dual Stream Yes
Ethernet Interface 10 / 100M
Audio Interface 1 LINE IN
Control Interface RS-485
Address 0~255
Comm Protocol PELCO-P / PELCO-D (Self-Adaptive)
Baud Rate 2400bps, 4800bps, 9600bps, 19200bps (Self-Adaptive)
Voltage DC 10.8 ~ 28V
Power 35W / 50W (Heater On)
Working Temp. -35°C ~ +60°C
IP Index IP67+
Dimension 190mm Wide x 275mm Tall
Weight 19.8 Lbs.(depending on Sensors chosen)



Ir laser illuminator, LRF laser range finders and optical continuous zoom thermal optics available, System appearance subject to change based on sensor/optics selection

Contact for additional information or call 702-499-9551



Ugv thermal imaging flir Eoir night vision stabilized camera

Thermal imaging

A new tool for seeing in total darkness, and in extreme weather conditions, is thermal imaging. Thermal imaging is the use of a thermal imaging camera to “see” thermal energy emitted from an object. Thermal imaging cameras produce images of invisible infrared or “heat” radiation. Based on temperature differences between objects, thermal imaging produces a crisp image on which the smallest of details can be seen. They work both during daytime and nighttime.

Most FLIR IR infrared thermal imaging cameras contain an uncooled Vanadium Oxide detector. Not only does this produce excellent quality thermal images, since it is not containing any moving parts, it needs virtually no maintenance. Thermal imaging technology requires no additional lighting or illumination and has no regular maintenance costs. Not all thermal sensors are the same, in the ever-changing environment and weather, Our calibrated and carefully programmed Sensors offer the best image quality in the coldest and hottest days even when thermal clutter, haze, fog, smoke and Rain is present.

SPI has been Customizing, manufacturing and installing Pan Tilt Zoom PTZ Thermal IR FLIR imaging multi sensor systems for over 2 decades,
we have the science down and can offer you custom rugged solutions with fast delivery and competitive pricing. Our system are installed
in the United States and Worldwide in areas such as Coastal, port, runway, border, frontier, oilfield, high value areas, forward Observation bases, perimeter, forest fire detection
and a host of commercial, industrial and military applications. 

(a) Exterior Housing – Usually composed of an aluminum bell shaped cover, The housing can be of all shapes and sizes from plastic to military grade hardened coated all weather NBC Nuclear Biological Chemical compliant
(b) IR FPA LWIR/MWIR/SWIR/CMOS Camera module
This is where the image FLIR, MWIR, LWIR, SWIR, night vision, intensified, cmos, long wave, short wave, mid wave cooled and uncooled detector and sensors reside, CCD sensor, optical zoom germanium DFOV, TFOV, Fixed and CZ continuous zoom lenses, and the motors that control Zoom and Focus are located.
(c) PTZ Pan Tilt control board
The PT control board processes RS485 data that converts it into mechanical movements. Some are Pelco, Pelco Extended and are available in a wide array of protocols supporting VMS, GUI, ONVIF, IP, ETHERNET, FIBER, MICROWAVE, ANALOG, DIGITAL and WIRELESS
(d) PTZ motors – are the small motors that allow the thermal FLIR and CCTV HD camera to perform up, down, left and right functions. Marked by the arrows are two step motors; the one to the top controls up and down movements and the one at the bottom controls left and right movements, some systems have no motors and other methods of moving the cameras PTZ, some use brushless motors. Direct Drive Titanium components offer zero backlash especially when zoomed in telephoto for rock steady imagery.

The  Pan Tilt MX5 Thermal Imaging FLIR camera is installed in worldwide critical facility environments for;

  • Port Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Coastal Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Border Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Perimeter Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Shoreline Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Long Range Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Airport Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Runway Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Maritime Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Marine Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Critical Infrastructure Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Vehicle mounted Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Multi Sensor Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Dual Sensor Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Panoramic scanning Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Drone, UAV, UAS, SUAS Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Range Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Covert / Special operations tactical Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicle UGV Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • EO-IR Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • ISR Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR

Also available,

Multi sensor ruggedized PTZ ISR Rapid Deployment tactical Gimbal Self contained remote/local controllable Mid-Long range day/ night EO/IR imaging system

PDF Long range drop deployable brochure

M4 RApid Drop deplorable PTZ thermal imaging FLIR camera

TheM4/ ISR-RD from SPI is an advanced, rugged all weather high resolution/high sensitivity complete self-contained, Short to Long Range ISR surveillance/security system that can be rapidly deployed and fully local / remote controllable.
The M4/ISR-RD Rapid Deployment Kit supports A wide array of zoom LWIR or MWIR IR camera systems, A Low light zoom EO VIS/NIR camera is also integrated for day/dusk and low light scenarios. Integrated battery power allows for constant remote / local control for up to 6-hours. The integrated battery system is based upon the in-service NATO 5590 batteries and supports up to four at a time. These batteries can be hot- swapped without system down time through integration of two separate (parallel) power circuits.
The M4/ISR-RD is available with a Rugged C2 Tablet Controller that allows for complete command and control of the system.
▪ Multiple IR Lens options for Short/mid or long range applications.
▪ High Resolution Long range real time EO/IR video for 24/7 operation in harsh
▪ Deployable within 10-minutes.
▪ Rugged full 360 degree PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom gimbal platform
▪ Deep sleep mode with GSM Remote Power On.
▪ Up to 8-hours continuous uses with hot-swappable batteries.
▪ Integration with various IP Mesh Radio systems (Silvus, Persistent
Systems, TrellisWare etc.
▪ Integration with third party ground sensors for OP protection.
▪ External connections on RDK Peli Case for Camera, Controller, Antennas, AC
Target Acquisition and Tracking ▪ Ground Sensor Package ▪ IP Mesh Radios ▪
Charging Input
▪ Total weight less than 19KG.
▪ Gimbal mountable to hardcase.
Specifications / images may be subject to change without notice / Export controlled
6620 S Tenaya Way, Building #200
Las Vegas NV 89113 / / (702)-499-9551


We can Customize your Pan Tilt Zoom Thermal, CCTV and other exotic sensor system to cater to your exact application,
We have facilities that can satisfy any requirement in a rapid response timeframe. We offer the worlds best weapons grade all weather hardened PTZ EOIR
imaging systems. Contact us for additional information and pricing or call 702-499-9551