Long range MWIR thermal imaging flir camera

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Defender series MWIR cooled continuous zoom mid wave infrared FLIR Thermal Imaging IR cameras


M6 Long Range FLIR Infrared Camera

The defender series of MWIR 3-5 um micron thermal imaging flir infrared cameras are affordable, low cost very high performance, high sensitivity, ultra long range rugged all weather cameras. These systems can be used as standalone camera or integrated into imaging systems. The units provide 24/7 security and surveillance imagery in the most demanding environments.



Monochrome white hot FLIR image of the heat from the barrel of a rifle at a shooting range
Uav uas multi copter thermal image
Color FLIR infrared image of a soldier using a thermal scope from SPI

Highly precise optical mechanism provide smooth, clean continuous zoom lenses coupled with military grade MWIR detectors engines. The defender series of cameras come in a wide selection of long range lens choices. These cameras are easy to integrate and very simple to use. The defender thermal imaging cameras provide healthy detection ranges from 5 kilometers up to 35 kilometers.

The defender MWIR thermal infrared cameras offer outstanding image quality in day or night and can see through environmental clutter. Low power, small form factor, high performance and weather resistant are a few key features of the defender series of cooled IR cameras.

long range mwir thermal flir imaging camera zoom lens
MWIR cooled zoom camera


15-330 mm MWIR

30-660 mm MWIR

35-710 mm MWIR

40-825 mm MWIR

80-1400 mm MWIR

20-300 mm MWIR

48-575 mm MWIR

95-1200 mm MWIR

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