M5 Long Range Thermal Security Camera for Border Patrol

Thermal Imagers for Border Patrol & Security

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Thermal imagers for border patrol security & surveillance are fast becoming a necessity in America, namely PTZ (pan tilt zoom) infrared cameras for drones & boom mounting, as well as hand held surveillance from ATVs and covert tactical positions. Since thermal imaging cameras and scopes can detect a human targets’ heat signature at night at far distances up to several kilometers away, they are major tools of the trade for US Border Patrol and Homeland Security.

Thermal imaging cameras offer a huge advantage over regular surveillance methods, in that they do not need light to operate. And with a great majority of drug smugglers and illegals crossing the border at nighttime, its the absolute perfect technology. By detecting the infrared energy objects emit also offers a better view in inclement weather and dusty situations. Even in full daylight when someone may be wearing camouflage, thermal imagers will spot the bad guys.

The M1-D &  M5 Fully Mountable Families of Pan Tilt Zoom Thermal Imagers for Border Patrol

M1-D PTZ Marine thermal imagers border patrol security

M1-D PTZ Marine thermal imagers for border patrol security

The M1-D and M5 Thermal Imaging Cameras offer full pan tilt zoom capability with CCTV daylight cameras integrated with thermal imaging cameras.  With many of our homeland security needs being forced to go mobile, these cameras step up to the task.  Land, sea or air; these cameras are fully mountable, available with image stabilization, and are perfect for anything from Coast Guard operations, prison security surveillance or maintaining border control.  The M5 series comes equipped with wiper blades for inclement conditions, making it a superb tool for any environment.  And don’t let the small size of the M1-D fool you. These rugged little infrared cameras have extra tough housing and are made to withstand the abuse of water or being flown mounted on a UAV drone.  So no matter which of these infrared imaging solutions you choose, you are going to get the most for your investment.

Handheld Thermal Imagers for Border Patrol

x400 TacScope thermal imagers for border patrol

x400 TacScope thermal imagers for border patrol

X400 TacScope

There are several types of handheld thermal imagers for border patrol we have to offer. Our newest infrared imaging product, the X400 TacScope, for instance, weighs in at less than 1lb and is small enough to fit in your pocket. (Less than 7 inches in length). It features a 4x zoom with a 60hz real time refresh rate and a high definition display. It can run for up to 15 continuous hours, so you’ll never miss a minute of evidence.

Palm IR250

These are some of the best infrared cameras ever made with a BST thermal core. We carry a stock of them slightly used, and they come kin full kits.  Read more.

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