Palm IR 250 infrared cameras on sale

Slightly Used Palm IR 250 Infrared Cameras on Sale Now!

Sierra Pacific low cost infrared cameras, used/refurbished, sale

They just don’t make infrared cameras like this anymore, folks.

We’re releasing a huge stock of refurbished and like-new Palm IR 250 and Palm IR 250D thermal imaging cameras, and they’re all ready to ship in complete kits including a hard case. I’m going as far as to say they are the best thermal imaging cameras ever made. And once they are gone, they are gone, so you should take this opportunity to buy the best infrared cameras on sale that were ever made.

Q: And just what makes them so special?

A: The BST thermal sensor.

The BST thermal sensor was the best thermal sensor made with an incredibly wide dynamic range. They are pretty much immune to anything, and can go from looking at the sun to looking at an ice cube without harming your image quality whatsoever. You can stare directly into the sun and you just cannot overload them. The reason they are not making these infrared cameras anymore comes down to size. Now they’re making microbolometers because they are smaller to fit inside more compact cameras, but there are huge drawbacks to these types of thermal sensors. Most notably, they are extremely sensitive to high temperature and can even be destroyed by looking at the sun. So they sacrificed ability for size.

But good news!  We have a huge cache of these infrared cameras on sale priced so affordable, it will fit any department budget or is perfect for education or DIY folks.

The Palm IR 250 infrared cameras are available in two models: IR 250 and IR 250 D. Both infrared camera systems are compact handheld thermal imagers with video output, but the 250D features digital zoom and image processing ability.  Call us for discount pricing today! (702) 369-3966 or (800) 403-2983.

Check out the video about the Palm IR 250D Infrared Cameras on Sale Below

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