Palm IR 250-A Slightly Used Infrared Cameras

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Palm IR 250-A Slightly Used Infrared Cameras

Originally known as the Raytheon Palm IR 250 A then called the Thermal Eye IR 250 (after Raytheon Commercial Infrared was purchased by L3 Communications) the IR250 A camera is the longest running and most popular handheld surveillance thermal imager of all time. Noted for its extreme simplicity and reliability, the IR 250 is also a potent performer that outshines many of the latest cameras on the market. They just don’t make them like this anymore!
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Palm IR 250-A Slightly Used Infrared Cameras

These slightly used infrared cameras have had a service life of almost 15 years with little change. We have had units that are 10-15 years old that still operate just like they were brand new. The Palm IR 250A is a reliable and simple to operate camera system that far surpasses most other thermal camera systems even ones with the latest and greatest technologies. Current thermal camera systems have focused solely on size reduction producing surveillance cameras that are smaller and lighter than the 250A but not better in imaging performance. The IR 250A features the legendary BST thermal sensor technology that offers significant imaging advantages over today’s microbolometer sensors. The BST has an extremely wide dynamic range meaning that you can image extremely hot and cold objects at the same time. It is very similar to HDR photography in which images are produced showing a wide range of very bright to very dim parts of an image all in correct exposure. With newer cameras you can only image a narrow band of thermal range which often results in washed out areas or underexposed areas of the thermal image. These are areas that can miss important targets. With the 250 you see everything all the time. In addition, the 250A is completely immune to solar radiation. Many newer thermal cameras can be damaged or completely destroyed if they are pointed at the sun. The 250 has no such limitation. For the ultimate in long range handheld thermal imaging try the venerable 250A. We have a limited stock of 250A used thermal imagers available at outstanding prices. Call today to see whats available for sale or rental.

Packed with Premium Features

Unique Wide Dynamic Range BST sensor technology lets you image more with no risk of damaging the sensor from high intensity targets.

High resolution full real time thermal imaging with NTSC video output for documentation and viewing.

Select Black Hot or White Hot imaging mode to better discriminate targets and backgrounds based on your mission profile.

Fully articulating eyepiece arm allows you to position the eyepiece with a full range of motion to accommodate viewing angles in a variety of imaging scenarios.

Save battery life and gain instant turn on capability with the IR250 standby mode switch.

Easy to find camcorder style rechargeable batteries for extended viewing and less waste.

SPI CORP Pre-Owned IR-250 Kits

SPI Corp is uniquely qualified to provide sales and service for the Palm IR 250 slightly used infrared cameras. We always stock a large quantity of thermal-eye 250 cameras. All systems are listed on the site under their camera ID number so you can see exactly which infrared camera you are getting. Each system goes through a 10 point analysis and exhaustive quality assurance check by our trained technicians to insure you get the very finest imaging system possible. Systems are then graded as FAIR, GOOD OR EXCELLENT condition in each of 10 categories and a final grade is assigned. Pricing is based on condition so Excellent system are priced highest and offer you like new performance and appearance. Fair systems can represent a tremendous bargain where you can buy a thermal imager with excellent imaging quality but with some scratches on the housing. Whatever your needs SPI has you covered.


Product Specifications

Detector Type: Uncooled FPA >76,000 Pixels
Infrared Response: 7 – 14 microns
Video Update Rate: 30 Hz – real time
Focus Range: 3 feet minimum to infinity
Range to Detect a Person: 1000 ft.- 2 miles or more with optics
VCR Compatible Video Output: EIA RS-170 NTSC (RCA jack)
External Control: RS-232 serial communications port
Standard Display: Integrated viewfinder and Color TFT LCD Panel
Water Resistance: Splash-proof IEC pub. 529 IPX4
Dimensions: 9.5″L x 4″W x 4″H
Weight: 3 pounds dry
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 50°C
Operating Time per Charge: SPI-300 24hr NoCharge® package standard.