SPI CORP Develops New Computational Weapon Optic Camera Technology for DARPA TransApps CWO Program

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SPI CORP Develops New Computational Weapon Optic Camera Technology for DARPA TransApps CWO Program,  Las Vegas, NV (SPI CORP) October 15, 2014

SPI CORP has been tasked with developing a novel high mega pixel camera system for use in the CWO (computational weapon optic) system. The new camera system is based on cutting edge CMOS imaging sensors.  The goal is for SPI CORP to develop a compact camera system that offers the soldier increased range and optical zoom capability while at the same time radically reducing size, weight and power (SWaP).  They will tap their vast experience with multi sensor systems, FPGA development and DSP technologies to produce a new imaging platform that has never been used in a rifle scope before. “Our unique design will enable us to reach out farther with much smaller optics than ever before” stated Shlomo Ben Efraim, President SPI CORP.  “We are not only reducing the camera size but also eliminating moving parts from the optical train making this one of the most compact and reliable imaging systems ever.”

Camera research and design will be conducted at SPI CORP’s imaging excellence lab located in Las Vegas, NV.  Testing of sensor models and initial design concepts are to begin immediately.  This effort is in conjunction with other multi wavelength imaging systems development at SPI CORP.

The Goal of the Computational Weapon Optic

SPI CORP is engineering a computational weapon optic system for the DARPA TransApps CWO Program that will revolutionize modern warfare by providing highly advanced thermal imaging & night vision capabilities as well as maximum situational & orientational awareness for the modern military operator.  The system is slated to be ultra rugged and shock resistant, waterproof and have long range capabilities beyond the current thermal imaging technologies available on the market today.  The program is on track to literally “change the scope of modern warfare” with SPI’s innovative leadership combined with DARPA resources and will undoubtedly pave the way for further enhancements down the line to support our Armed Forces nobly.

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