DARPA Transformative Apps (TransApps) Program Selects SPI CORP to Lead (CWO) Computational Weapon Optic Research

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DARPA Selects SPI CORP to Lead Weapon Optic Research, Arlington, VA (SPI CORP) August 19, 2014

DARPA enlists the help of SPI CORP to take the helm of new weapon optic research

DARPA enlists the help of SPI CORP to take the helm of new weapon optic research

SPI CORP heads to DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to join a team of high level scientists and engineers to spearhead development of a new computerized rifle scope technology.  SPI Corp was selected based on its unique experience with multi wavelength sensors and military imaging systems. “We have almost 20 years experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying complex imaging platforms to military forces,” explained Randall Kolchins, Director SPI CORP.  “Our unique experience combining thermal imaging and visual cameras into multi sensor platforms really gives us an edge. In addition, our thermal rifle scopes (including next generation clip on thermal sights) gave us a unique perspective into the challenges of the DARPA TransApps CWO program.”

The fast track DARPA project begins this month and is expected to last 6-8 months.  SPI CORP was chosen for its proven ability to produce complex systems in a short period of time and to a high degree of finish quality.  SPI CORP is excited to support the US Military and DARPA efforts and looks forward to leading the team to victory.

SPI CORP is a Perfect Fit to Lead DARPA Weapon Optic Research

Weapon optic research is just one of the ways SPI CORP continues its tradition of engineering high tech thermal imaging solutions.  With well over 15 years of experience in the thermal imaging industry manufacturing custom thermal rifle scopes & infrared camera systems, SPI CORP is proud to lead the way in new & exciting technologies to support the modern day warfighter.  SPI CORP products have been a trusted asset military to operators worldwide, making them an industry leader in thermal imaging solutions on the market today.


DARPA LogoDARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has been a vital shingle of the DOD for national security since its inception in 1958 under Represented Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Over the years, DARPA has been breaking the barriers of technology to ensure high level operations of our military in times of conflict, and expanding the horizons of science in times of peace.  The DARPA TransApps CWO program is yet another cutting-edge project to ensure maximum situational awareness and performance to support our military forces in combat operations, with aim at developing, “a diverse array of militarily-relevant software applications.”

You can read more about the TransApps program HERE.


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