SPI CORP Leverages Advanced 3D Printing Technology to Produce Near Production Quality Models for DARPA Program

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SPI CORP Leverages Advanced 3D Printing Technology to Produce Near Production Quality Models for DARPA Program,  Arlington, VA (SPI CORP) September 17, 2014

With access to SLA, SLS and PolyJet 3D printing technologies, SPI CORP is able to produce production quality prototypes for the DARPA TransApps CWO Program. SPI CORP is leading the DARPA team in not just sensor development and embedded electronics but also in critical mechanical engineering tasks. They are tasked with producing a series of functional prototypes that enable the team to visualize complex interface issues. “Its one thing to have a nice 3D solid model that you can turn measure and share on a computer screen” explains Randall Kolchins, Director SPI CORP “but virtual models can never replace the feeling of actually holding something in your hand and with the technology we have available to us we can produce stunning and accurate models that really speed up the development cycle.  Sometimes a few minutes holding one of our ultra quality models can express solutions to a complex man machine interface that a virtual model might not be able to articulate with even hours of study.”

3D printing is not a new technology but SPI CORP claims to have taken it to the next level by combining specific technologies into single model construction to produce the most cost effective and production quality parts possible. The company is passionate about the development of rugged solutions to support the US Warfighter and says they are proud to be serving the needs of DARPA in this exciting project.

SPI CORP: 3D Printing Technology a Logical & Cost Effective Step in Production

SPI CORP has been using 3D printing technology to produce models made specifically to enhance project life cycles, from inception to fruition; tangibility being the ultimate asset all the way through to product production.   With 3D printing, the possibilities are endless.  The 3D printing process is also largely a cost-effective means of producing prototypes, saving monetary resources for even more research & development for future endeavors in thermal imaging technology advancements.  SPI CORP plans to continue to implement 3D printing models in engineering operations going forward on projects that lie ahead to improve combat readiness & effectiveness for modernizing the American military.


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