What are Starlight Night Vision Scopes?

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An image of people using starlight night vision scopesWhat are Starlight night vision scopes, night vision goggles & binoculars?   Starlight night vision scopes are a light amplification technology. They are the most affordable way to see in the dark. The cost of owning your own top quality personal night vision system has become very reasonable. Today’s systems offer unprecedented image resolution, incredible gain control, and much brighter images than older technology. New technology has made today’s systems lighter and smaller than ever before (even pocket scope sized.) Night vision optical components, once only available to the military, now offer consumers unrivaled image clarity and super high magnification rates. Night Vision Rifle Scopes and photography scopes are light weight and offer stunning distortion free images. But the most exciting innovations in the night vision world are taking place in hands free goggles and night time driving / navigation aides. These night vision scope systems are becoming a reality at unheard of low prices. Complete driving systems (including: infrared headlight kit, goggles, and hand held infrared spot light) are available in the sub $1,000 range only from us. Take advantage of this high technology tonight and see what you’ve never seen before.

Sierra Pacific Innovations offers the highest quality Generation 1, 2+, and 3+ night vision gear at discount pricing.

Applications of Starlight Night Vision Scopes

Police / Investigations

  • Covert suspect stakeout
  • Night vision surveillance scopes
  • Hands Free goggles for low light and no light (with IR illumination) operations
  • Special Weapons And Tactics Unit
  • Night time illicit drug interdiction operations
  • Border patrol divisions
  • Prison perimeter surveillance ( 24 hours )
  • Private Investigators
  • Street Gang observation / Task Force **C.R.A.S.H.**
  • Hyper sensitive manufacturing and processing
  • Infra-Red source detection
  • Counter terrorism
  • Suspect pursuit and capture
  • Paratrooping
  • S.W.A.T. Maneuvers


  • Vessel piloting and navigation
  • High Seas vessel identification
  • Night time mooring
  • Sea navigation buoys from much greater distance
  • Man overboard search and rescue

Forestry / Wilderness

  • Wild fire spotting and control
  • Wilderness search and rescue efforts
  • Observe and control illegal poaching
  • Wild life night time photography
  • Hunting

Fire Fighting

  • Hot spot flame detection
  • Search and Rescue operations in low and no light scenarios
  • Freedom of movement in black out disaster situations
  • Paramedic / EMT


  • Night time perimeter observation
  • Perform nightly tasks without light in the event of electric service disruption
  • See them before they see you
  • Easily maneuver through wilderness undetected at night

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