Thermal Imaging System MTM-000-A12 NSN 7H-5855-015857095 Mini Thermal Monoculars

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The Department of The Navy has released a solicitation through NECO that was posted on the Fed Biz Ops website for QTY 16 thermal imaging systems. These units are identified in the solicitation as NSN 7H-5855-015857095 with a part number of MTM-000-A12. This is a specialized variant of the Insight MTM (mini thermal monocular) system. SPI can provide qualified bidders with a quote on this opportunity. SPI has a range of thermal monocular systems that are handheld, head mounted and even weapon mounted thermal monocular variants. Many systems can meet these requirements. We can provide a match or equal/ better in most instances. Contact us today for details.

Excerpt from Department of The Navy solicitation-

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NSN 7H-5855-015857095, TDP VER 002, REF NR MTM-000-A12, QTY 16 KT,DELIVERY FOB ORIGIN -SEE NOTES 9, 22, 26

Contracting Office Address:
and from NECO…
Statement of Work (SOW) 0001 TDP VERSION NUMBER 002
1.1 This contract/purchase order contains the requirements for manufacture and the contract quality requirements for the THERMAL IMAGING SYS , part of the ;AN/PAS-23, MINI THERMAL MONOCULAR; .
2.1 Applicable Documents – The document(s) listed below form a part of this contract/purchase order including modifications or exclusions.
2.1.1 “Document References” listed below must be obtained by the Contractor. Ordering information is included as an attachment to this contract/purchase order.
2.2 Order of Precedence – In the event of a conflict between the text of this contract/purchase order and the references and/or drawings cited herein, the text of this contract/purchase order shall take precedence. Nothing in this contract/purchase order,
however, shall supersede applicable laws and regulations unless a specific exemption has been obtained.
DOCUMENT REF DATA=MIL-STD-130 | | |M |051202|A| | |
DOCUMENT REF DATA=MIL-I-45208 | | |A |961001|A|2 | |
DOCUMENT REF DATA=ISO9001 | | | |010417|A| | |
DOCUMENT REF DATA=ISO9002 | | | |010417|A| | |
3.1 Cage Code/Reference Number Items – The THERMAL IMAGING SYS furnished under this
contract/purchase order shall be the design represented by Cage Code(s)
reference number(s). Cage _______ ref. no.
;0B107 MTM-000-A12 ;
3.2 Marking – This item shall be physically identified in accordance with MIL-STD-130.
3.3 Changes in Design, Material Servicing, or Part Number – Except for a Code 1 change, which shall be processed as provided in the code statement shown below, no substitution of items shall be made until the NAVICP-MECH Contracting Officer has notified and
approval has been given by issuance of a written change order. When any change in design, material, servicing or part number is made to replace or substitute any item to be furnished on this contract/purchase order, the Contractor shall furnish, for the
substituting/replacement item, a drawing and an explanation of the reason for the change, explaining the reason therefor. If finished detail drawings are not available, shop drawings in the form used by the manufacturer will be acceptable for Government
evaluation. When notifying the Procurement Contracting Officer of the reasons for making substitutions, the type of change shall be indicated by code number in accordance with one of the following statements:
Code 1: PART NUMBER CHANGE ONLY – If the Manufacturer’s Part Number indicated thereon has changed, but the parts are identical in all respects, supply the item and advise NAVICP-MECH immediately of the new part number.
Code 2: Assembly (or set or kit) not furnished – Used following detail parts.
Code 3: Part not furnished separately – Use assembly.
Code 4: Part redesigned – Old and new parts are completely interchangeable.
Code 5: Part redesigned – New part replaces old. Old part cannot replace new.
Code 6: Part redesigned – Parts not interchangeable.
4.1 Responsibility for Inspection – Unless otherwise specified in the contract/purchase order, the Contractor is responsible for the performance o

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