What are Thermal Scopes?

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Thermal scopes have revolutionized modern warfare

Thermal scopes have revolutionized modern warfare

What are Thermal Scopes? Thermal rifle scopes or FLIR sights as they are commonly known have played a major role in military operations. Traditionally having the advantage to see and target at night or pitch darkness has always been desired and advantageous to the military. Thermal rifle scopes and sights have been a luxury item to military divisions in the past, while the early generation FLIR thermal rifles scopes were effective, they were quite large and heavy utilizing stirling cooling which over time can have maintenance issues. Today’s thermal rifle scopes are all solid state, the rifle sights look very similar to night vision scopes, they run on regular COTS Commercial Off The Shelf batteries and are quite effective.

Clip On Thermal Scopes

A great new leap in thermal rifle scopes in the new clip-on style. This optical phenomenon allows the user to simply clip on the thermal rifle scope in front of any existing daytime scope and the day scope which is already sighted in will capture the thermal image, so in essence your daytime scope is now your thermal rifle scope. This scenario is ideal for fast operation without having to re-zero the scope, simply attach the clip on thermal rifle scope directly in front and within seconds you have thermal night vision targeting capabilities utilizing the crosshairs from your day sight. A great example of military grade high end clip on thermal rifle scopes is the unmatched FLIR ATWS Thermosight T60 thermal rifle scope. This system offers ultra high resolution imagery with scan modes and acquisition mode.

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