MWIR 3-5 Micron Um hand held ultra sensitive thermal imaging FLIR camera

FLIR Recon MilCam MV 3-5 Micron IR Thermal Camera

FLIR Recon MilCam MV 3-5 Micron IR Thermal Camera

Inframetrics (FLIR) Milcam-MV mid-wave thermal imagers. Rare used models in like new condition. Might be your only chance to own an ultra exotic high sensitivity military grade thermal imager at a reasonable price.
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INFRAMETRICS FLIR MILCAM Recon Thermal Imager Mid Wavelength Handheld Cooled Thermal Camera

The MilCam series of thermal infrared imaging system is far and away the leading handheld cooled thermal camera in use by US Armed Forces. These are not your standard handheld MicroBolometer based imagers that you see in sporting goods catalogs. The MILCAM is the type of thermal imager only issued to special forces and missions that have a critical need for the absolute maximum in sensitivity, range and durability. Essentially, the MILCAM is a scientific laboratory grade Mid-Wavelength thermal imager securely encased in a robust MIL-SPEC housing. This is one of the rare pieces of

Features of the MilCam MV 3-5 IR thermal camera

technology that combine precision and durability into a single easy to use package. The Cooled PtSi (Platinum Silicide) detector in the MILCAM is many times more sensitive to infrared energy than any common MicroBolometer sensor on the market today. With the increased sensitivity we can achieve greater range detection in a smaller package. In addition, the added sensitivity allows you to discriminate targets and objects that would be missed with lower end imagers. The Milcam also operates in a much shorter wavelength of 3-5 microns (3.4 to 5.1 microns). This shorter wavelength gives you a different perspective on the scene and is highly desirable by border security and scientific customers. For example, uncooled thermal imagers operate in the 7-14 or 8-12 micron wavelength which has zero penetration through glass. This means you can hide behind a window! The MILCAM with its 3-5 micron wavelength can penetrate glass sometimes enough to see if someone is behind the glass.

We have only 4 of these amazing imagers in stock. The units are used but in near perfect condition. Each system is fully tested and certified by our technicians before being shipped to make sure you are getting a quality product.


FLIR MilCam MV 3-5 IR Thermal Camera Images

Features of the MilCam MV 3-5 thermal camera

  • The complete MilCam MV 3-5 IR thermal camera kit

    The complete MilCam MV 3-5 IR thermal camera kit

  • A view of the controls for the MilCam MV 3-5 IR thermal camera

    A view of the controls for the MilCam MV 3-5 IR thermal camera

FLIR MilCam MV 3-5 IR Thermal Camera Product Specifications

Parameter Specification Discussion
Detector 256 x 256 pixel FPA PtSi > 65,000 discrete detector focal plane array (FPA)
Spectral band 3.4 to 5.1 µm
Fill Factor >88% The actual area of the array devoted to infrared sensitive material.
FPA operating temperature 75ºK nominal
FPA cooling Closed cycle Stirling The MilCAM™ uses the smallest cooler available today; designed, developed, and manufactured by Inframetrics
Cooldown time Less than 8 minutes from room temperature Immediate image from standby mode
Optics 50mm f/1.3 silicon std. f/4 available with XP series 12.5, 25, 100, 25 to 95-mm zoom lenses optional
Field of view (FOV) 8.0º horizontal x 7.0º vertical with 50mm lens
Focus Range 0.9 m (36″) to inf.
Instantaneous field of view (IFOV) 0.6 mrad The smaller the IFOV for a given field of view, the more detailed the image.
Sensitivity: Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) 0.07 ºC @ 23 ºC, 0.03 ° C@23 ° C (XP series) The NETD is a precise mathematical relation. It is defined as the temperature difference which produces a change in signal output equal to the system RMS noise.
Minimum Detectable Temperature Difference (MDT) 0.02 Cº @ 23 ºC The thermal resolution of the system as perceived by the human eye for large targets is called MDT. It is related to NETD by the eye persistence and the system frame rate
Dynamic Range 10 bits (1024 levels)
64 dB
Dynamic range is defined as the difference in the signal output of an instrument at its temperature viewing limits divided by the signal RMS noise. It can be thought of as the maximum number of steps that cover the full system response range.
Minimum Resolvable Temperature Difference (MRTD) 0.05 Cº @ 0.5 cycles/mrad with standard 50mm lens
0.025 ° C @ 0.5 cy/mrad for XP series with 50-mm lens
The MRTD is probably the most important measure of an infrared system’s ability to detect and identify a thermal anomaly or target. The MRTD of a system is determined by finding the temperature difference at which a 4-bar pattern can no longer be distinguished from the background by the imaging system. The MRTD is a function of both the spatial frequency of the bar pattern and the ambient temperature of the background. It also takes into account the visual acuity of the observer and the quality and settings of the display device.
Display 0.7″ CRT display The MilCAM™ utilizes an integral, sealed eyepiece with diopter adjustment. Connection to a monitor or VCR simultaneously
Video output Non-interlaced composite video compatible with VCR at 60 images/sec (50 images/sec optional) The rapid imaging rate of the MilCAM™ allows for a fast, flicker free TV rate image able to show the same scene dynamics as standard television.
Power requirements AC Power Adapter / Battery Charger
120/240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Battery life More than 2.5 hours with 6 volt camcorder battery
Dimensions 8.25″ x 3.75″ x 4.0″ Camera volume: 124 cu. in Complete unit with battery, integral viewfinder and 50-mm lens
Weight 4 lb. (1.82 kg.) total Complete unit
Environmental Operating ranges Operating: -32 ºC to 55 ºC, Storage: -46 to 71 ºC MIL-STD-810E, Parts I and II, Method 502.3 Procedures I and II. (Shock, vibration, immersion, dust per MIL-STD-810E)
Controls/Indicators Contrast, level, polarity, power on, standby, reticle on, low battery warning, field NUC. (Optional: reticle select, video overlay)
(Optional: remote control RS-232 interface)