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Color Night Vision Camera Overcast Starlight Conditions

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Color Night Vision technology has been in development for decades. The ability to see color at night is a game changer. Human brains are designed to interpret the world in Color not in Monochrome. We have evolved to recognize and interpret the world around us based largely on the color of objects. Desaturated monochrome images rob our brains of these important quest and make visual interpretation much more difficult. Up until now, most color night vision systems have produced less than ideal results and none have equaled traditional image intensified night vision goggle technology. The barrier between color night vision and image intensified monochrome systems has always been the No Moon Overcast Starlight line (also sometimes called e-5). The level of darkness when there is no moon out is quite severe and robs instruments of the visual wavelengths needed to image proper color. If you add overcast conditions that block the stars then it is truly the worst conditions possible. Old fashioned image intensifier tubes can perform in these conditions by amplifying the very faint visible light 30,000 times. They are very good in these conditions but the photon amplification does not allow for color imaging. So, with night vision goggles you can see when its really dark, but what you see is a grainy green monochrome image (or greyscale with new white phosphor tubes). CMOS systems can show color but not at low light levels, until now.
Enter the Osprey X27 color night vision module. Years of research and development created the X27 module that can image full color in overcast starlight conditions. We have worked very hard to put together a system that is capable of producing brain friendly full color real time 60hz video and produce SN grain that meets or exceeds the latest generation image intensified night vision tube technology. The OSPREY is the world first CMOS full color night vision camera (1080P 60hz real time) that operates in overcast starlight. Sample videos have been flooding the internet on YouTube and the results are truly impressive. This sample video shows what color night vision is capable of doing.

The first Full Color Night Vision camera that operates in overcast starlight.Testing Lab

Color Night Vision Camera Availability

color night vision camera cos sensorThe above color night vision camera video is just a sample of the power that this device represents. Keep in mind that the video is taken at night in extremely low light levels using only ambient light to produce the real time full color video image. It is amazing that you can now see in the dark just like you would during the daytime. Brain friendly images greatly increase scene recognition and identification time. The Osprey x27 color night vision camera module is a game changing device that should help US Forces go back to owning the night instead of just renting it. The Osprey x27 color night vision camera is now available and in initial production. Orders are being accepted now. More color night vision information is available online at color night vision.