drone uav CSuas detection classification countermeasure and defeat eo-ir systems

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anti drone uav interdiction thermal camera

  • Powerful Optic Based UAV Detection
  • 24/7/365 detection/classification and defeat capabilities
  • Passive System
  • Detection, Classification and Tracking
  • Over 1Km Detection Range
  • Powerful Video Analytics
  • Easily Expandable
  • Integration with Drone Elimination Systems

The Polaris helps your to detect, classify and track drones. Passive ultra high definition optic sensors constantly monitor pre-defined airspace whilst our powerful video analytics engine detects and classifies potential drone threats. Multiple drones are simultaneously detected regardless of trajectory or background noise. The operator is continuously updated and alerted to drone activity and presented with information about the type of drone and corresponding flight path. Our extensive advanced analytics library contains numerous drone optic signatures, and these are used to both classify the drone, together with the potential for harmful payload detection. Moving background objects such as birds, vehicles and people are filtered out to allow an operator to focus only on potential threats by minimizing false alarms. All video and analytics derived meta data is stored for evidence gathering. The option of integrating thermal cameras with Sky Patriot ensures that the detection and classification of drones is as reliable at night or day.

drone defense system anti uav detection over san fransisco in thermal


Core Type VGA or XGA Thermal
Spectral Band 7.5 – 13.5um
Performance <50mK @f/1.0
Frame Rate 9/25/30 fps (PAL/NTSC)*
Pixel Pitch 17μ
Lens 150mm or longer range


Image Sensor Progressive Scan RGB CMOS BSI HD
Lens 65 to 1 degree FOV
Day / Night Automatically 
Illumination Color low light
Shutter Time 1/10,000s to 1s
Zoom 40x Optical


Video Compression Uncompressed, H.264, Motion JPEG
Resolutions 3840 x 2160 UHD
1920×1080 HDTV 1080p +
Frame Rate Up to 50/60 fps
Streaming Multiple H.264 streams


Dimensions 520mm x 260mm
Weight 5kg
Enclosure IP rated
Casing All weather
PTZ/Mast/Mount 4″ Diameter

Detect / classify / defeat / countermeasure UAV UAS Suas Drones and unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Detection Range 22.5° FOV, 500mm UAV, ~ 1 km
2.8° FOV, 500mm UAV, ~ 8km
Simultaneous Detection 1-10+ Drones
Drone Detection Size 5cm +
Drone Classification Types DJI, 3DR, Parrot, others on request
Detection Speed Up to 25m/s
Drone Detection Time 90 frames / 3.6 seconds
Background Masking None/Partial/Full Custom Masking
Video/Data Logging Full
System Initialization Time 2 seconds
Azimuth/Altitude Error ±0.02° (base on 22.5° FOV)



  • High probability of interception
  • Early detection and classification
  • Multiple tracking capability
  • Powerful analysis tools
  • Single user interface
  • Local and/or remote operation
  • Modular and scalable
  • Service pack updates

The detection of Radio Frequency (RF) signals associated with the control of a UAV, associated data links and other signals of interest can provide vital early detection, geolocation and tracking of the UAV and the controlling device.

Electro-Optical (EO) systems can provide detection of UAV’s, once airborne, and can provide identification, location and tracking of the UAV.

Combining RF and EO sensors within one systems delivers a cost effective UAV / drone / UAS / SUAS detection solution that provides early warning, queuing of other sensors, queuing of counter-UAV capabilities and forensic data that may be used by the operator.


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