FLIR Systems Inc P40 Thermacam Infrared Camera Demonstration

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The FLIR ThermaCam P40 infrared camera from FLIR Systems Inc. (FSI) is one of the finest infrared cameras ever manufactured for predictive maintenance and energy audit applications. The P40 combines the power of microbolometer thermal imaging and accurate pinpoint radiometric temperature measurement into a versatile powerhouse imager. The thermal video from this IR camera is amazing. The P40 is robust and rugged for the most demanding maintenance applications in factories and other facilities. This is NOT a cheap toy looking infrared cameras like many of the newer models. This camera looks the part and means business. If you have a need for a heavy duty camera for your facility maintenance IR program the P40 ThermaCam is for you. If you have a service business providing thermal infrared scans this is a tool that will make you stand out above the competition. This is the camera that screams “I am a professional” and “this is a tool that you cannot afford”. The P40 will make you look good every step of the way from the first time the customer sees it and their eyes go wide with amazement until you deliver the final report with razor sharp images that take their breath away. The P40 delivers complete satisfaction. This is a USED P40 that we have for sale. This is a very unique opportunity to own the finest in thermal infrared cameras for predictive maintenance.

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