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High resolution Military pan tilt zoom thermal infrared FLIR imaging camera
Now available, the new Pan & Tilt Zoom PTZ Thermal infrared FLIR camera! The IR360 pan tilt military flir thermal imager is ideal for mobile, security, perimeter monitoring, shoreline, border, nuclear facility & force protection

Our new www.militaryinfrared.com website has GSA thermal FLIR Infrared cameras imagers and night vision systems.

Affordable GSA pricing & versatility make the IR 360 sensor suite a fantastic choice. FLIR Thermal images are displayed in Black & white or color. The 360 is available in a wide range of COTS configurations including mobile, marine, pan-tilt-zoom and fixed mount scenarios . Coupled with available stabilized high resolution CCD live color camera, I2 Next generation 3+ Night Vision Intensified camera, long range Infrared MILITARY Laser IR illuminator and designator (target painter), and wireless components. The IR 360 an ideal platform for robust layered situational awareness & Quick deployment with absolutely no maintenance & ease of operation.

Currently deployed in Iraq by US Military armed forces & utilized in key strategic US Military installations, The Digital IR 360 remote multi channel sensing thermal imaging PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) FLIR payload represents the state of the art in rugged military grade WSTI (Wide) , SRTI (Short) , MRTI (Medium) & LRTI (Long) Range Thermal Imager and Remote Sensing solutions.

Robust Control panel & MIL STD CPU housing

  • The IR 360 full range remote surveillance infrared camera system uses only fully qualified mil-spec connectors and internal components. The solid construction of the unit extends from the power head to the control box. Features include:
  • Low Cost, high resolution, Military, rugged Thermal FLIR IR and stabilized CCD color imaging payload w/Robust all weather construction
  • Multiple stand alone, pan-tilt, stationary, mobile, marine options including continuous rotation
  • Meets TASS (US Armed forces) certification
  • Meets COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) requirements
  • Wide detection acquisition Ranges, Long Range and Short Range options
  • Multiple installation configurations with alerting for threat assessments
  • Includes Passive Rangefinder and NUDGE image stabilization feature set
  • Can be operated with hand controller, computer PC and a wide array of your existing protocol security suite

IR 360 Thermal Imager shown with long range Germanium FLIR optics, CCTV camera and Image intensified generation 3 night vision camera. The payload on the IR360 platform can be custom manufactured for your exact application.

Below is an Image Intensified video link to our new Military Generation 3+ Night Vision PTZ module which gives you enhanced capabilities along with our thermal FLIR and long range mobile zoom camera for a 24/7 complete sensor fusion day and night imaging package.

  • The Deluxe IR-360 hand controller gives you complete control over all system functions. The controller is designed to be operated with mission protective garments. Features include:
  • Pan / Tilt Joystick control / PC integrator level procurement gsa
  • Multiple user selectable speeds – night vision I2/ Thermal imager/ CCD sensor select Pan tile engage
  • User adjustable preset pan control
  • Black hot / White hot color / rangefinder toggle
  • Digital Zoom function / passive rangefinder and NUDGE image stabilization
  • Focus (for motor focus lens options)
  • Manual / Auto image mode toggle
  • Intrude detection and alarming auto seek – TASS
  • + / – Image gain control
  • + / – Image level control
  • Power on / off switch
  • Custom configuration upon request
  • YES! the IR 360 comes in a variety of colors including stealth black.

IR 360 TRI Sensor Thermal Infrared Imager / CCD system specifications


Department Of Defense (DOD) Compliance:
BISS-IMG-27553 A
Thermal infrared imaging camera sensor along with CCD live visual sensor (Tri sensor package) (daytime color ccd, nighttime low light sensor, nighttime no light thermal)
Operates on input voltage of 9-28 volts or 110v
Supports a 100% duty cycle.
Passive Rangefinder
NUDGE image stabilization
Operating temperature -32º C to + 49ºC
Dual control system – operates via hand controller or software-pc/laptop
Turn-key System
Sand color complies with MIL-C-46168-33301 Military Paint. White and black also available
Numerous Lens Options – upgradeable
All Cabling must be aprox 12 feet in length. Main system cable must be aprox. 20 feet in length.
All connectors must be Mil Spec (with exclusion of video cables and db-9 for computer hookup)
Fully wired or WIRELESS operating on Military frequency

DOD Thermal Imager Certified Chamber Testing:
MIL-C-46168 D
Extremely rugged double-wall housing / double O ring seals
Hardened carbon/diamond coated germanium window
O-ring sealed
On-board thermostatically controlled temperature – mechanical and camera enclosure
On-board dryers and humidity monitoring indicators that are designed to last the life of the product.
Designed such that any missing/loose enclosure hardware cannot compromise the environmental integrity of the enclosure.
Thermal Imager

· FPA hybrid un-cooled 320×240 digital detector electronics. Must have a digital sensor with 2x zoom feature set.

· Detector must comply with image blemish standards of 0-zone1 1-zone2 2-zone3, This specs both covers FPA blemish and uncorrected pixels. Detector must have auto imaging or manual settings (user selectable)

· All electronics are to be fully contained and sealed within 2 modules (camera and electronics) with double housing O rings. No external electronics other than these modules will be permitted due to stray voltage failure, thus all electronics must be chassis grounded.

· Long-wave 8-12 microns

· Conforms to standards: EIA RS-170-57, EIA RS-232 E, EIA-RS-422-A-78, EIA-STD-485

CCD Video-Camera

· IR360CCD Integrated dual day/night color high-resolution ccd video camera attachment mounted onto the thermal imager with user selectable outputs.
.001 lux, minimum 480 tv lines std NTSC rs170. CCd camera must have capable optical zoom capability non distorted/bloom digital zoom & Internal Sensor switching between both TI/CCD via controller/monitor platform. Integrated modular option. Fully waterproof,
Chemical Agent resistant

· Housing of the ccd sensor complies with the specs of the thermal imager housing

Thermal image of suspect vehicles at total darkness

CCD TV Stabilized Zoom Camera Specifications

Image Pickup Device

¼ type 2:1 interlace Super HAD CCD

Number of Effective Pixels

NTSC: 380,000 pixels [768(H) x 494(V)] PAL: 440,000 pixels [752(H) x 582(V)]

Scanning Frequency

NTSC: 15.734 KHz (H)/59.94 Hz (V)
PAL: 15.625 KHz (H)/50 Hz (V)

Sync System

Internal / External (VD pulse lock)

Focal Length

(optical 25x)

Digital Zoom

12x Total 300X / Image stabilized with NUDGE super long range image controls


F/1.6 Fast coated low light optics

Focusing Range

1.0 meter to Infinity ¥

Angle of View

51.8°~2.2° (H) 39.1°~1.6° (V)

Video Output

VBS : 1.0Vp-p (75W), Y/C

Horizontal Resolution

NTSC : 470 TV Line (H) / PAL : 450 TV Line (H) Minimum

Min. Illumination

1.0 lux (30IRE) : Day/Night mode Off (color)

On 0.1 lux (30IRE) : Day/Night mode (B/W)

0.01 lux : W/equipped FI

S/N Ratio


Electronic Shutter

Auto/Off (1/50:PAL, 1/60:NTSC)/Manual (1/50:PAL, 1/60:NTSC~1/10,000 28 steps)

Back Light Compensation

On / Off / Auto

AGC Control

High / Medium / Low / Auto

White Balance

ATW / AWC / Indoor / Outdoor / MWB

Remote Control*

RS232C / RS422 / RS485 (TTL is available)

Input Power

DC12V ± 2V / Fully wired & sealed to work in conjunction with IR 360 protocol joystick and/or software

Power Consumption

Max:7.5 (Motor active) / Max:4.5W (Motor stop)

Operating Temperature

-40ºF ~ +140ºF

Storage Temperature

0ºF ~ +140ºF

External Environment integrity

Water Proof to 3’
Chemical Agent Resistance / Military Standard MIL-C-46168D
Electromagnetic Interference / Military Standard Mil-std-461E
Deicing; radiant heated thermostatically controlled and humidity monitored

· Color TFT active matrix flat screen display with dual sensor controller. Brackets for 2 ¼-20 mounting.

Thermal Imager Optics

F1.0 Germanium – Std. 50mm / Optional long range and extended range available
IR360 Must utilize Diamond coated hardened carbon Germanium window. Window must be O-ring sealed with threaded retainer for field replacement of window.
Meets Spec BISS-IMG-27551 A
Minimum resolvable temperature difference (MRTD) 1.0 cycles per milliradian at 65º Celsius.
Excellent resolution in adverse conditions (i.e. fog, rain and snow).
The range of thermal imager target performance meets specification BISS-IMG-7552.
Upright man recognition at 500 meters Optical (750 meters w/DZ) w/50 mm lens.
-Longer and extended range is available
optional 25 micron pitch FPA uncooled 320×240 pixel or 640×480 pixel detectors available for ultra high sensitive & long range remote sensing and targeting acquisition applications
Small vehicle recognition of 1000 meters (1500 meters w/DZ) w/50 mm lens.
-Longer and extended range is available
available total wireless operation
available long range I2 night vision Gen3+ sensor camera
available max range optics for vehicle detection of 10000 Meters

Pan Tilt System

Compliant with the performance specification PRF BISS-IMG-27553
For use on military Deployable Fixed Security Thermal Imaging
Compliant with TASS Tactical Automated Security Systems & TMTI Tactical Mobile Thermal Imager Specs PRF-BIS-img-27552
Position accuracy Pan and tilt in the elevation and azimuth axis shall be within .5 degrees repeatable command angular position
Must be for use on and compliant with Military High Mobility Multi-Wheeled vehicle (HMMWV-M 1116) and upper armored (HMMWV/UA-HMMWV)
Compliant with HMMV mount drawing #2389836-2389837-2389838
The PT must be compatible with auxiliary component use of the AN/USQ-139
Stainless steel gears and chains in the P&T System
Zero back lash single worm gear drive
Prohibits mechanical movement of the camera head under rough terrain
1 to 1 tilt gear ratio and 30,000 pounds rated sealed yoke bearing
Eliminates use of plastic bushings assures for the continued reliable use for extended periods of time
Allows for exact control without unwanted camera movement while in transit
Stationary mobile mounts and magnetic quick on/off mounts.
Software Control/Imaging Features

Utilizes both black/white and color thermal imaging. The 256 color capability of the IR360 aids in target discrimination.
On screen display (OSD)
High resolution encoders resolve a continued minimally1º accuracy of pointing position and displays this in the image
Picatinny rail-mount for position pointer and illuminator for target designation to friendly night vision scopes (optional).
Portable hand controller (see below for functions)
Can interface with our standard software and/or hand controllers or alternative pan & tilt system. Comes standard with software controller and portable joystick controller.
Can operate with various other controllers and switchers with the use of X20 interface translators
Interfaces with IntrudeDetect Alert plug-in module. The operator can expand control capabilities to multiple set and stare points, motion alarming, thermal change alarming with selectable regions of interest with in the image, and system alarm target tracking
Fiber-Optically Linked Control System with Multi Camera Control.

Portable Hand Controller Features;
Optical Focus, Digital Zoom, B/W or multi-color thermal imagery, reverse image polarity, pan left/right, tilt up/down via a joystick controller, variable pan speed, selectable zero point, selectable auto-pan regions, manual/auto image gain and level, on-screen position display with repeatable position accuracy to .5 degrees.

Portable Multi Camera Hand Controller Features;
The same features described above with Multiple Camera Hook-Up

midnight 4 mile Thermal surveillance image of boats in Lake Powell US National Park / Glen Canyon

4 mile distance Color thermal image of boats at pitch darkness in the majestic Lake Powell US National Park

Competitive Advantages of the IR 360 Systems

C Camera Systems

The SPI-IR 360C Thermal Camera System is one of the basic building blocks of our rugged military grade family of environmentally hardened double enclosure thermal surveillance designs. The enclosure is the same one that is used in our mobile and fixed mount pan tilt systems (minus the pan tilt of course) and can be mounted in a variety of fixed positions. The IR 360 double enclosure has several distinct advantages over competing models.

The enclosure features sealed hardware mounting so that there are no bolt holes that extend from the outer environment into the thermal sensor / lens cavity. Due to this engineered design the unit is able to maintain its environmental hardness even with loose or completely missing bolts. Competing units that use through bolts with backing nuts will loose complete environmental integrity if just one bolt becomes loose or is missing.

The IR 360 environmental housing comes standard with a carbon hardened germanium window. Competing brands may offer low-grade non-hardened germanium or inferior silicone type windows in an effort to cut costs. We have found that non-hardened germanium windows are completely unsuited to military grade applications and systems installed with this technology will notice a steady decline in image quality as the window becomes scratched and pitted from ordinary environmental stresses. This is especially critical in mobile applications where we have seen systems with non-hardened windows become completely unusable in a matter of months. Additionally, low cost silicone windows have lower transmission values and durability than premium carbon hardened germanium pieces and are never used in the IR-360 line of thermal infrared camera systems.

Internal thermostatically controlled heating elements provide you with maximum usability in the widest range of environmental extremes. Many companies offer a variety of systems to claim extreme weather readiness including wipers, heat sinks and simple insulation. We have found that wipers are a neat item to look at but in the real world they offer little if no usable benefit to icing problems. In addition wipers are a costly item (in terms of initial system design and maintenance) that must be regularly replaced. In a fixed pole or building mount scenario this would require man power to climb the pole and either replace the wiper at the top of the pole or un-mount the entire camera assembly and bring it to the ground for repair. Neither solution lends to maximum uptime for the unit. Heat sink devices and insulation solutions can only offer a limited amount of time until they become overwhelmed by the constant stress of environmental extremes. The only reliable long-term solution we have found is our rock solid thermostatically controlled heater elements. The heater element will provide you with continuous operation of internal thermal imaging electronics and maintain a consistent lens temperature that is critical to accurate thermal imager performance.

The IR 360 line of thermal camera systems has completely sealed thermal sensor and lens packages. This might seem like a no-brainer but it is in fact not an industry standard. Competing systems in effort to cut costs have left the lens exposed to the elements or at least the front face of the lens. Some may even claim that it is a carbon hardened germanium lens and it sealed around the side for protection from the elements. This design strategy has several glaring flaws in it. First and foremost a thermal infrared lens system (especially long range versions) are very costly and generally make up a good portion of the cost to acquire the system. Even carbon hardened germanium optics will wear out eventually when exposed to the elements. When this happens it is time to scrape the most expensive single piece of the system and replace it. Next we have the issue of the lens and detector being in two different environments and possibly a wide range of temperature extremes. This type of scenario does not lend it self to accurate imaging performance. The IR 360 never comes with an exposed lens surface and it is our opinion that you should not even consider such a design for any military grade applications.

The PT series

The SPI-IR 360PTF and SPI-IRPTM thermal camera systems combine the benefits of the rugged C camera and housing with an equally robust integrated Pan Tilt unit. The Pan Tilt unit is environmentally hardened and suited for a wide range of military and civilian applications. Our PT offers the following distinct advantages

Internal stainless steel gears and chains offer long-term stability and resist breakage under hard loading such as in a mobile mounted scenario. Other models can employ belt drives, aluminum or even plastic internal components that we feel will fail under military loading conditions. If a drive belt slips or plastic gears crack while the unit is mounted on an HMMWV (High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle) then the system would become useless until it was disassembled and repaired. We feel that a steel drive train offers the user the most durable rock solid solution to high demand thermal imaging applications.

TASS (Tactical Automated Security System) sometimes referred to as Tactical Automated Sensor System means that the IR 360 has meet or exceeded certain parameters set for by the US Air Force TASS program. In other words the IR 360 thermal sensors “play” well with other intrusion and surveillance sensor systems and can be easily tied into a new or existing security system for full time network centric security.

Network Centric capability allows the IR 360 systems to be tied into other systems via analog, digital or Ethernet configurations allowing for a free flow of security information among battlefield and security systems. The systems can easily integrate into C4ISR system architecture providing the sensor in sensor to shooter configurations. Our Pan Tilt FLIR sensors can provide invaluable information to troops involved in MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) situations were airborne sensor data (even from low flying UAV’s) may not be able to show the soldier crucial elements of his surroundings. Our pan tilt systems allow direct access of sensor to shooter during military operations in urban terrain. The easy integration of our vehicle mounted pan tilt thermal systems allows the information gathered on the ground to be passed up the system of systems architecture to enhance the overall aerial picture of a complex urban battlefield. The IR 360 pan tilt thermal camera is the ideal sensor package for all Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance applications.

The IR360 is specified with this RFQ and No alternates to the above specifications that describe the IR360 are acceptable and the obligation of compliance must be detailed within your submittal of any non pre-approved alternate offerings. The IR360 is a turn-key system able to be assembled and fully operated upon it’s delivery without the requirement of additional components.

Midnight thermal FLIR image in IRON color of aircraft carrier and boat. The IR360 is ideal for port, coastal and critical facility security applications in low light or no light conditions with custom configurations from short to very long ranges.

IR 360 with Mid range optics
Thermal Infrared IR image of Human intruder attempting facility break-in at pitch dark

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