Military Thermal Scopes Available for Weekend Warriors

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Company releases military thermal scopes as surplus inventory for weekend warriors and smaller law enforcement

Las Vegas,NV (PRWEB) May 05, 2012

SPI Corp is a leading provider of thermal scopes to military and law enforcement customers throughout the USA. These military grade thermal scopes are typically cost prohibitive for average citizens and smaller law enforcement agencies. Thermal scopes are usually mounted to rifles for 24hr surveillance and targeting capability. SPI Corp aims to make thermal scopes affordable to the agencies and individuals that need them.

“SPI Corp is really excited to be able to offer thermal scopes at price levels that make them truly affordable” exclaimed Randall Kolchins, Director SPI Corp. “We have struggled over the years with the inability to provide systems at low cost to police agencies that really need them”. The sensor in thermal scopes “sees” heat energy and not the typical light that our eyes see. Since it is unaffected by light, the technology is considered by most to be the pinnacle of night vision systems giving users the ability to see in total darkness.

“We have known for a long time that thermal scopes save the lives of officers and military personnel” Mr. Kolchins elaborated “so it really gave us great pain to see how many smaller agencies were unable to afford the technology. We really lost sleep over this.” Thermal scopes used by the military typically have a price tag of $15,000 to $25,000 and more making them out of reach for agencies with small to medium size budgets. SPI Corp is aiming to release low cost surplus military inventory at a small fraction of the typical price. “We are dedicated to making sure that small agencies and US citizens have the tools they need to defend life and property.”

Like New

“Some of these thermals are in like brand new condition” exclaimed Darren Desoto, Lead Technician SPI Corp. “Scopes like the T14 Thermal are awesome to work on and look brand new when they leave here. I tell everyone to get them while we have them”. The T14 thermal scope is what is known as a multi purpose devices enabling multiple mission profiles. The T14 can be used as either a handheld thermal imager, a head mounted thermal monocular or a weapon mounted thermal scope. The T14 systems have been widely used by military, law enforcement and nuclear security teams. The T14 is made in the USA.

“The T14 is a famous scope and I love working with it and selling it” shared Jim Santana, Sales Manager SPI Corp. “The T14 thermal scopes are very well regarded. Everyone likes the multiple use nature of the product. You can see awesome videos of the system all over Youtube and everyone that we talk to about it likes the videos”.

SPI Corp has been in the business of manufacturing and distributing Thermal Scopes for well over a decade. Existing products include hand held thermal imagers, thermal rifle scopes and infrared cameras.

Potential customers interested in learning more about the T14 low cost thermal scope or for purchasing options including the entire line of thermal imaging solutions offered by SPI Corp can visit Customers seeking immediate attention regarding these products should contact Jim Santana at 702-728-3511.

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