SPI Corp Announces Next Generation “Nano-Tech” Digital Video Recorder Released For Public Use in Thermal Imager Applications

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The “SPI-XDVR-XP NANO-TECH” the first all weather SPI DVR suitable for use with thermal imager and standard video sources.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) April 28, 2012

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) technology has not always been compatible with thermal imaging devices. There has been a strong need for a simple DVR device that would interface any thermal imageron the market. The need to record thermal video has become increasingly necessary by the typical user of these thermal imaging devices. This has ignited a race to produce the first fully thermal video compatible device. Due to the nature of the environment typical with law enforcement use of these DVR’s it was critical that they also be weather proof and easy to use in the dark. Utilizing new technology the SPI XDVR-XPNANO TECH claims to solve all the problems encountered with standard DVR products.

“Our latest DVR is a next generation evolution of the portable DVR concept” explained Randall Kolchins, Director SPI Corp. “By utilizing proprietary methods and leveraging critical relationships, we have been able to bring to our customers the future of portable,weatherproof DVR technology we have dubbed NANO-TECH”. Law Enforcement agents have expressed the need to back up in the field observations with evidentiary footage. In military and law enforcement scenarios there is often the need to perform the mission regardless of weather conditions and shelter for the officers. The SPI-XDVR looks to be a solution to these common problems.

“Most thermal imagers output thermal video in a subset of the NTSC protocol known as RS-170,” explained Darren Desoto, Technician SPI Corp. “This RS-170 format of thermal imagers has always caused problems in todays digital world. Most of the DVR’s out there just don’t like it.” The SPI-XDVR NANO-TECH counters this problem with compatibility for all formats of NTSC thermal imaging video.

“We improved on the basic design and continued to refine the system with our trusted OEM partners until we had it just right,” commented Mike Bailey. “Our relationship with HIROSE connectors was critical in getting the interface just right”. HIROSE manufactures interconnect cable connectors for aerospace, defense and industrial applications. “Their multi-pin push pull waterproof connectors where just the thing we needed to insure the environmental integrity of the DVR while still maintaining simple connect disconnect capability for our users,” Mike Bailey elaborated. “When its dark and lives are on the line it just has to be easy to use”.

SPI Corp has been in the business of manufacturing and distributing Thermal Imaging Solutions for well over a decade. Existing products include hand held thermal imagers, thermal rifle scopes, DVR’s and infrared cameras.

Potential customers interested in learning more about the all weather DVR for thermal imaging or for purchasing options including the entire line of thermal imaging solutions offered by SPI Corp can visit https://www.x20.org. Customers seeking immediate attention regarding these products should contact Jim Santana at 702-728-3511.

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