SPI Corp Purchases FLIR Systems Inc. T-60 Clip On High Resolution Thermal Weapon Sights

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SPI CORP announces an agreement for all T-60 Clip On High Resolution Thermal Weapon Sights with FLIR Systems Inc.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) April 05, 2012

SPI Corp has provided thermal weapon sight solutions to military, law enforcement and civilian customers for many years. The addition of the T60 High Resolution Thermal Weapon Sight was a natural fit for their existing customer base. Now, in addition to offering their standard thermal rifle scopes, SPI Corp will have the ability to provide High Resolution Thermal Rifle Scopes to customers nationwide.

“SPI Corp’s decision to enter into this arrangement with FLIR Systems Inc. was driven by our customers. They demanded a clip on thermal weapon sight solution with higher resolution that was waterproof and built to military standards,” stated Randall Kolchins, Director with SPI Corp. “SPI Corp is thrilled to be able to offer a high resolution weapon mountable thermal solution and feedback from our customers has been very positive.” Clip On Thermal Weapon Sight technology is a recent advancement that enables the user to mount a thermal scope in front of their existing daytime optic converting that scope into a thermal scope.

“With the new clip on technology I can go from a fully sighted in daytime scope to a fully sighted in night time scope in seconds,” explained Darren Desoto, lead technician from SPI CORP. “The advantage to operators in the field is that they no longer need to have two separate rifles for day and night operations so this really is a game changer for shooting professionals”.

“SPI Corp is very excited to be associated with a company like FLIR Systems Inc. which is widely recognized as the worldwide leader in thermal imaging technology,” shared Jim Santana, Sales Manager SPI CORP. “People hear the name FLIR and they know we are talking quality.” The T-60 Clip On High Resolution Thermal Weapon Sight was developed through a partnership between FLIR Systems Inc. (worldwide leader in thermal technology) and Trijicon Inc. (a leading supplier of optical weapon sights to the US Military).

“Having heavy weight names like FLIR Systems Inc. and Trijicon Inc. on this scope gave me high hopes in its capabilities,” said Paul Peters, former USMC Reconnaissance Scout Sniper. “I have been disappointed by so many recent thermal scopes made by off brand fly by night companies so when I had an opportunity to use the T-60 from FLIR I was excited to see what a real scope could do. I was not disappointed. The clip on technology maintains tight groupings and the high resolution image is outstanding. Its waterproof so I can dive with it and it seems so rugged I think I could drive a truck over it.”

SPI Corp has been in the business of manufacturing and distributing Thermal Imaging Solutions for well over a decade. Existing products include hand held thermal imagers, thermal rifle scopes and infrared cameras.

Potential customers interested in learning more about the T-60 Clip On Thermal Weapon Sight or for purchasing options including the entire line of thermal imaging solutions offered by SPI Corp can visithttps://www.x20.org. Customers seeking immediate attention regarding these products should contact Jim Santana at 702-728-3511.

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