SPI Uncovers Cache of Surplus Thermal Weapon Sights Destined For Public Consumption

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Surplus thermal weapon sights are finally approved for distribution to US citizens under the current administration at SPI Corp.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) April 17, 2012

SPI has been monitoring thermal weapon sight activity in this country for many years. The company is at the forefront of thermal sight intelligence in design having provided systems to military and law enforcement agents. Professional thermal weapon sights have traditionally been cost prohibitive for consumer use. This recently uncovered cache of surplus scopes will be made available under a new stimulus plan to all US Citizens regardless of partisan affiliation.

“Republican and Democratic supporters should meet in the middle and agree that a low cost thermal weapon sight is a good thing for consumers that need them” explained Randall Kolchins Director, SPI Corp. “I think both sides would agree that providing low cost products that are made in the USA is good for both the people and the economy, regardless of which side of the aisle you sit on”. Thermal weapon sight technology has been around for many years. Initially developed for military applications, it has also been used by law enforcement and other agencies. The thermal scope allows the user to see clearly in low light or no light situations because the technology sees heat energy and not visible light. “This is really hot stuff” explained Darren Desoto, Lead Technician, SPI Corp. “This is the ultimate night vision because it is not affected by normal light sources”.

The thermal weapon sight has become very useful as a tool in the war on predatory and non-native invasive species such as wild hogs. “I have so many customers in Texas, Georgia and Michigan that have been overrun by wild hogs” said Jim Santana, Sales Manager. “They have been begging me for an affordable solution to help them save their land and property from the evil beasts”. The hog infestation threatens human and livestock populations throughout much of the southern United States. “A conservative estimate of the cost of wild pig damage to agriculture and the environment in the United States currently stands at $1.5 billion annually” as reported on the Mississippi State University Wild Pig Info website.

“Now that we have these surplus low cost thermal weapon sights, I can really help people defend themselves” beamed Jim Santana. “I believe that every American has the right to defend themselves against hog threats both foreign and domestic”.

SPI Corp has been in the business of manufacturing and distributing Thermal Imaging Solutions for well over a decade. Existing products include hand held thermal imagers, thermal rifle scopes and infrared cameras.

Potential customers interested in learning more about the Low Cost Thermal Weapon Sight or for purchasing options including the entire line of thermal imaging solutions offered by SPI Corp can visit https://www.x20.org. Customers seeking immediate attention regarding these products should contact Jim Santana at 702-728-3511.

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