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There are many thermal weapon sights on the market today. These devices also known as thermal rifle scopes or just thermal scopes, attach to your rifle and let you aim in total darkness. They are video systems in that the image you are shooting at is on a small LCD screen that is magnified by an eyepiece. The crosshair or reticle that you use to aim is embedded in the video image and not on the glass of the scope like in an optical rifle scope. There is generally a menu on screen that lets you move the crosshair to adjust for windage an elevation.

The following is a basic review of the thermal weapon sights available. These include both civilian and military thermal scope models. For in depth information on availability and pricing of thermal rifle scopes call us today for a consultation at (702) 369-3966 in Las Vegas, or toll free (800) 403-2983.

The IRWS1000 thermal sight Offers strong performance at low cost in all weather/battlefield conditions, day or night. Operates in the longwave, 8-12 Um, infrared waveband, providing increased performance. Lightweight, compact size and designed for use with a variety of weapon systems like the M16,M60 machine gun, stinger missile, or as a hand-held observer’s scope. The 1000 Has a self-contained gunner’s eyepiece display and a separate connector for remote display or video recording. The Thermal 1000 sighting camera uses a standard Army battery which provides over nine hours of continuous use. (Battery cassettes for off-the-shelf standard commercial batteries are available for lower operating costs; an auxiliary power connector for most DC sources is provided) The system provides detection and recognition of a person up to 690 meters with a standard 15o lens, and up to 1,000 meters with the optional 9o lens Weighing just 3.1 lb with the standard 15 degree lens and 3.4 lb with the optional 9 degree lens.
When configured with the standard 15 degree lens, the system can detect man-sized targets at a range of 690 m, which makes it ideal for individual weapons such as the M16, M4, and M203. The optional 9 degree lens increases the range to 1,100 m, making it ideal for weapons such as the M240, M249, and M24 sniper.

Field-proven uncooled detector array makes the IRWS1000 highly reliable and allows it to use power efficiently. The sight has the unique ability to be powered from several sources, including military batteries, rechargeable batteries, vehicle power (12-40 Vdc), and commercial batteries such as AA and 9V.

The IRWS1000 Portable Weapons Sight is a lightweight thermal sight designed for hand-held use or as the primary sighting device for individual or squad automatic weapons. It enhances mission performance by spotting targets at increased ranges over typical image intensifiers and works equally well in daylight or darkness. Because it is a thermal system, it can readily separate people and other objects from cluttered background foliage, and can see through dust, smoke, and other obscurants.

The 1000 portable weapons sight not only enhances mission performance but, by helping to spot personnel and equipment at greater ranges, adds a critical margin to survivability.

The 1000 portable weapons sight works in full daylight or in the darkest of night, separating people and other objects from cluttered backgrounds and foliage, greatly assisting continuous operations.

The 1000 portable weapons sight cuts through dust, smoke, haze and other battlefield obscurants. It is very difficult to feel by camouflage, and because it emits no light or RF energy, its use cannot be detected.

The 1000 portable weapons sight features high reliability with only one moving part, so you can depend on it when you need it. It is also easily used when wearing chemical-protective over garments or arctic mittens.

Spectral band: 7.5-13.5 µm
Engine(Detector/Sensor): BST-uncooled ferroelectric
Wavelength: LWIR Longwave
Depth of field: 32 ft (10 m) to infinity
Field of view: 15o x 11.25oV
Lens focus: manual
Image polarity, switchable: black-hot/white-hot
Contrast/brightness: automatic/manual
Video output: EIA RS-170/NTSC compatible
Video update rate: 30 Hz
Physical Description
Size: 3.8″Wx4.3″Hx12.9″L
Weight: 3.1 lb.
Human detection distance: 2260 ft (690 m) typical
Start up time typ @ ambient:Environmental
Operating temperature: -25o to 120o F (-32o to 49o C)

Operating voltage, nominal: 4-9 VDC Battery
Operating voltage, range: 8 VDC – 40 VDC External
Power consumption, typical: Power consumption, max:
1000 with 9 deg. FOV


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