long range thermal camera

Long range LRF uncooled LWIR thermal binocular Arrow III

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Arrow 3 long range thermal binocular with laser rangefinder LRF, compass, gps, day zoom camera, image blending for multi sensor ISR a LWIR uncooled applications

Long range thermal binocular


Long range thermal binocular

Long range thermal binoculars

Multi-Sensor ISR ALL-IN-ONE Thermal Binoculars

From tactical superiority to the ultimate night vision experience, the Arrow III long range thermal binocular model packs flir imager, digital night vision, laser range finder, GPS and many useful functions all in one ergonomic device which is ideal for military, law-enforcement and security applications

Dual Vision, Dual Channel

Switch between Thermal mode and visible light mode (digital night vision) to detect your target either at highlighted or with details. Using as a duo channel device to survive during both day and night time.

HD Color CMOS Detector

1080P high resolution CMOS detector provides ultra-smooth vivid immersive night vision experience.

Built-in Laser Range Finder LRF

Precision laser range finder for measuring distances with simple one-click. SPI provides you customize laser range finder solution from 1km to 10km to detect animals, man-size targets, vehicles and buildings in any weather conditions.

Built-in GPS Module

High accuracy GPS system enable the device to recognize your location anywhere and anytime.

Built-in Digital Magnetic Compass DMC

Dynamic digital compass function enables you to know the exact direction heading

Aircraft-grade Aluminum Alloy Housing

Hard-anodized aluminum alloy housing without any plastic parts to ensure the best endurability.

Large Aperture F1.0 Germanium Lens

The Arrow III uncooled long range thermal IR binoculars are built with F1.0 aperture for the best result of transmissivity and overall optics system sensitivity. Our Optics are coated, hardened and sealed.

Military Standard 0.5 Inch HD OLED

High resolution military standard OLED display with high optical magnification makes Identification and recognition easier. The Arrow 3 long range LWIR thermal binocular is designed for an extreme temperature range of -40°C + 60°C.

Long range thermal cameras

Long range PTZ thermal imaging FLIR scope camera

Long range thermal cameras

Long range thermal binoculars


Picture in Picture

PIP allows you to see targets on top center of the screen, so you can keep an eye on what you’re aiming with digital magnification.

IP67 Rated

Genuine IP67 protection level with proved tests and certificate. The unit can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour.

High Frame Rate

High frame rate ensures vivid and flawless thermal image always displayed.

Picture & Video Recorder

Built-in picture and video recorder with 32G memory.

Hot Spot Tracking

Detect and track the hottest spot within the field of view in real-time.


Clip on thermal imaging scopes

Long range flir binocular


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