Agema IR 600 Radiometer Infrared Camera
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Agema IR 600 Radiometer Infrared Camera

The IR 600 is an affordable infrared imaging radiometer. Clean color images and accurate spot temperature measurement are just a few of this cameras features.
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The IR 600 is a TV compatible multi-use real time infrared imaging radiometer that’s perfect for field, plant, and laboratory use. With the IR 600 you get a versatile imaging system at a very reasonable price.

The IR 600 offers you one of the fastest scan rates commercially available. The camera provides you with standard TV interface and a host of other equipment you already have in service including; video printing devices, VCR’s, and video monitors. Real time thermal images can now be stored on video tape, with hard copies supplied by video printers, 35mm or Polaroid cameras.

The IR 600 can be used with computer based thermal image processing software for real in depth analysis.

The IR 600 is the perfect radiometer for your budget.

IR-600 Infrared Camera Operating Modes

  • Area (AVG) finds the average temperature of a region enclosed in a moveable box
  • Image May be displayed in color or black and white with or without alphanumerics displayed. 4:1 Zoom enlarges image for a clearer view. Images can be recorded and played back for review and/or processing
  • Isotherm Brightened spots highlight and contour areas of equal temperatures; isotherm temperature is displayed (ISO)
  • Point Any point may be selected by moveable crosshairs; temperature at the intersection (CRS) is displayed in real time

The perfect solution for:

  • Product inspection
  • Building maintenance
  • Research and development (R&D)
  • Predictive and preventive maintenance of mechanical and electrical distribution systems
  • Perimeter surveillance

Product Specifications


  • FOV, 15 deg vertical x 20 deg horizontal
  • Detector Type, HgCdTe
  • Spatial Resolution, 1.8 mrad @ 50% slit contrast (8-12)
  • Zoom – electro optical continuously adjustable 4:1 range
  • Temperature Ranges 5,10,20,50,100,200 deg C
  • Extended Temp Ranges 50,100,200,500,1000 deg C


  • EIA RS-170 Video Standard and NTSC color or CCIR and PAL


  • Scanner Dimensions: 8.1″D x 4.9″W x 4.8″H

Standard Equipment

  • Camera and Lens
  • Standard Video Output
  • Lens care kit
  • Case