Argus Law Enforcement Thermal Imager
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Argus Law Enforcement Thermal Camera

The Argus Law Enforcement Thermal Camera provides affordable, light-weight, rugged and portable thermal imaging for law enforcement officers & safety, security and outdoor professionals.
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The Argus Law Enforcement Thermal Camera

Black hot infrared image of a person from a law enforcement thermal camera

Black hot infrared image of a person

Argus Thermal cameras can produce clear and crisp images even in total darkness and can also allow users to find suspects, casualties or targets in adverse weather conditions, through smoke and through light foliage.

This simple to use thermal imaging camera can be purchased with a single or a set of bayonet fitting interchangeable lenses which can be chosen to suit a users differing application requirements.

Key Features

  • Portable
  • Light Weight
  • Rugged
  • Simple to Use
  • Digital Zoom: x2, x4 (x4 for 320 format sensor only)
  • Interchangeable lenses and adjustable focus
  • Power
    • Rechargeable, or
    • AA lithium FR6 Cells
  • Color mode
    • Gray scale White Hot & Black hot as standard
    • Optional application specific color mode packages (see rear of datasheet)
  • Diopter Adjustment +/- 3
  • Optional Image and Video Capture


  • 24-month warranty as standard (exclusions apply)

Argus Law Enforcement Thermal Camera Images

  • B&W thermal image of a parking lot
  • Green thermal image of a parking lot taken with the infrared camera
  • Iron infrared image of a parking lot
  • Rainbow infrared image of a parking lot

Argus Law Enforcement Thermal Camera Specifications


The Argus Law Enforcement camera can be supplied with a 160×120 or 320×240 format sensor.

  • PB160
  • PB320

The Argus Law Enforcement camera is compatible with each of the below attachable lens.
Note: Although the camera can be ordered without a lens, the camera will not operate without an appropriate lens affixed to the camera.
Lens Order Codes**
160 320 Range Performance***
(FOV) (FOV) (m)

  • PLens B 25.0° 50.0° 172
  • PLens C 12.5° 25.0° 361
  • PLens D 6.5° 13.0° 702
  • PLens E 5.0° 10.0° 914
  • PLens F 3.5° 7.0° 1307

** More than one lens may be ordered per camera
*** Typical detection distance of a man-sized target

Available Upgrade Packages & Accessories

  • Argus Specialist: Adds image and video capture capability to the thermal Camera
  • Argus ColourPal: Adds the enhanced Camera Color Palette
  • Argus PSoftCase: Custom shoulder bag for camera and accessories
  • Argus PHardCaseB: Black hard case with custom insert for camera and accessories
  • Argus Lanyard: Lanyard for the Argus P-Type

Extended Warranty

  • Argus Ext Warr3: Three year extended warranty

Detector: Uncooled Microbolometer, Amorphous Silicon (ASi), 160 x 120 or 320 x 240
Pixel Size: 25mm
Spectral Response: 8-14mm
MDTD: 70mK typical (Minimum Discernible Temperature Difference) [f/1.0 lens]

Focal Length Options… adjustable focus
Lens B: 8.6mm, f/1.0
Lens C: 19mm, f/1.3
Lens D: 35mm, f/1.17
Lens E: 46mm, f/1.0
Lens F: 65mm, f/1.3

* Detection of person sized object

Physical Dimensions
Weight: < 1kg [including battery(s), excluding lens] TBC
Size [LxWxH]: [260mm x 93mm x 73mm] TBC
Fixed Use: Standard Tripod Mount

Electrical Data
Start-up: < 5 seconds
Computer interface: USB2
Video Output: Composite video (10Hz Refresh Rate) NTSC 525 line 60Hz (EIA-170) 1V p-p 75W

Sealing: IP-67 (submersible to 1m)
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C
Vibration: BS-EN-60721-3-2 Class 2M3
Impact: Designed to withstand drop from 1m

Image Presentation/Storage
Built-In Viewfinder Display: Color micro display
Color Palettes: White Hot; Black Hot, Heat Finder
Image Optimization: Argus Enhanced Dynamic Scene Colorization
Image refresh rate: 30Hz (9Hz available for export controlled countries)
Image Capture: JPEG format & Raw format, (500 images on 2GB memory card)
Video Capture: MJPEG format, 10Hz (2.5 hours on 2GB memory card)

Battery Type: Run on standard Li-Ion FR6 AA batteries or Rechargeable Li-Ion 7.2V Cell (Duracell DR5 or Sony NP-550)
Battery Life: 5+ Hours Typical (TBC)
Charge time: 4 hours typical TBC
External Power Interface: Yes