X39 high grade Digital HD combo clip on / dedicated thermal imaging flir rifle scope / sniper sight

X39 clip on FLIR thermal scope



X39 Clip On FLIR Thermal Imaging Rifle Sight

Look no further, the x39 is the absolute best tactical sniper thermal sight available. Long range target acquisition, military aircraft aluminum constriction make it the scope of choice for high grade precision targeting in military, defense or commercial applications.

 There are many thermal imaging rifle scopes to choose from today getting one that offers you reliability, robustness, extended long range, precision accuracy, ultra FPA sensitivity and ballistic features are hard to find in a single all weather unit, the X39 offers you all of these advanced useful features normally found with units costing double.

The X39 clip on FLIR scope is a Military grade IR rifle sight that easily clips on your rail in conjunction with your day optics to provide increased zoom and turn any standard day scope into a night vision scope.
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About the X39 Clip On FLIR Thermal Imaging Rifle Sight

X39 Clip On FLIR Thermal Imaging Rifle Sight

X39 Clip On FLIR Thermal Imaging Rifle Sight

The X39 clip on FLIR thermal scope adds increased zoom night vision capability to your day scope, providing excellent situational awareness in any conditions; complete darkness, fog or smoke. The system also has some new and unique features not found in other popular clip on FLIR thermal scopes on the market today, making it a desirable battlefield tool in modern combat that gives you the extra edge over the enemy you’ve been looking for.

A Military Style Clip on Thermal Scope

The X39 is compliant with MIL-STD-810 standards, ensuring seamless operation. The unit is waterproof in 20 meters of water for up to 2 hours and is shock/recoil resistant to even heavy hitters like the .50 BMG. Included is a built in Geo compass, multiple on screen / use selectable profiles crosshairs, pallets, environmental enhancement features, accusight precision windage and elevation ballistic sighting function. LRF  laser rangefinder and other components are available and fully compatible with the X 39 thermal scope.

A Modern Clip On Thermal Scope

The X39 is Bluetooth® capable, which means it will open the door to a wide array of applications when interfacing with smart phones. It also means that the scope will stay up to date as current technologies evolve, it won’t become that relic you have to unload on ebay because you want the latest and greatest in clip on thermal scope technology. The X39 is already there.

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Convenient Power Options

The X39 utilizes an innovative dual-option battery feature, which allows you to choose between running 3.0VDC 123A batteries or 1.5VDC AA batteries, 4 each, all preloaded in a unique cartridge for deployment in an instant. The batteries also also all facing the same direction to avoid confusion when reloading your power source. That’s right, the X39 takes all the nuisance out of your operation to cut down on wasted time and optimize your performance.


X39 Clip On FLIR Thermal Imaging Rifle Sight Features

  • MIL-STD-810 compliant, rugged construction
  • Utilizes either 123A or AA batteries
  • Quick release mount for ease of application/removal
  • 100% Germanium lens
  • Maintenance free thermal FPA
  • 880×640 OLED Display
  • Internal digital Compass & inclinometer
  • Onscreen battery life indicator
  • User selectable reticles, polarity & color palettes (white/black hot polarity, sepia & various color options)
  • Internal imaging filters
  • Wireless remote control with 5 easy-press buttons
  • Bluetooth® capability
  • Made in the USA
Thermal image of a shooter

Thermal image of a shooter

X39 Clip On FLIR Thermal Imaging Rifle Sight Specifications


Lens Type long range coated hardened Germanium athermal f1.0
Magnification 8x
FPA 640×512 Real time
Display AMOLED SVGA 880×640
Battery Type
123A 3.0VDC or AA 1.5VDC (4 each) (Optional Extended Battery Pack with rechargeable batteries – up to 8 hours)
External Power
6 VDC/ 1А external power source
Dimensions 7.8″x2.9″x2.8″ all weather aircraft aluminum construction / ultem
Weight 1.2 lbs


Spot nefarious activity unnoticed on the dark

Spot nefarious activity unnoticed on the dark

Thermal law enforcement sting operations

Thermal law enforcement sting operations

Covert surveillance footage

Covert surveillance footage

Mwir thermal security camera thermal flir image

X39 Clip On FLIR Thermal Imaging Rifle Sight mounted on a rifle. Shown with Night vision goggles and TMSLS laser rail system (not included).

X39 Clip On FLIR Thermal Imaging Rifle Sight mounted on a rifle. Shown with Night vision goggles and TMSLS laser rail system (not included).


xga FLIR thermal imaging camera core engine 1024x768

xga thermal imaging

x39 clip on FLIR scope with remote

x39 clip on FLIR scope with batteries

The X39 Thermal Imaging Weapon sniper Sight features an uncooled LWIR WEAPONS GRADE thermal imaging sensor for 24/7 operation, including viewing through a variety of environmental obscurants. The SVGA 880 x 640 color all weather OLED display provides clear crisp viewing, while a variety of reticle colors and patterns allow for accurate target acquisition. The x39 thermal scope is designed, assembled and Made in the USA.
880×640 OLED color microdisplay with athermalized allweather germanium F1 objective lens and 8 discretely adjustable brightness levels for clear vivid images
8x tracking zoom
Long eye relief offers comfortable viewing
15 Um pixel pitch thermal sensor offers 24/7 operation, including viewing though environmental obscurants such as smoke, dust, haze and fog
6 digitally controlled ballistic and quick-acquisition reticles, including dot 4 MOA, line dot, cross center dot, cross, crosshair and no reticle, as well as 4 selectable reticle colors
Selectable palettes include white hot, black hot, sepia, OEM custom and other color variants
Imaging filter algorithms include Active Contrast Enhancement, Second Generation Digital Detail Enhancement, Smart Scene Optimization, Information Based Histogram Equalization, Linear Automatic Gain Control and Silent Shutterless Nonuniformity Correction
Digital compass and inclinometer for fine range estimation and target orientation
20/50 standard allows the scope to withstand 20 m of immersion for 2 hours and is engineered for routine use with 0.50 BMG weapon shock and recoil
Still picture and video recording capability with optional mounted DVR (sold separately)
Bluetooth® compatibility allows direct interfacing with most smartphones for geotagging, coordinate display on a mobile device or the FOV of a scope and weather data acquisition on select Android devices
Quick-release locking weapon mount for Picatinny, MIL-STD-1913 and Weaver rails
Includes a wireless 5-button remote with a Picatinny adapter and a battery set; operates on 4 CR123A 3V lithium (included) or 4 AA 1.5V batteries
MIL-STD-810 compliant
Made in USA